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that which was...

xxxxxWhen the only things you get from your parents are life and a name, well, it doesn't exactly start you off on the right foot. But even growing up bouncing through the foster care system Blaise ended up alright. Maybe a little detached and hard to get to know, but alright. He even served his country in the Army once he was grown and on his own, unlike a lot of the kids he grew up with. After all, he only had two choices be a criminal or join the military, and he chose the later.

xxxxxA few years of service and a discharge due to a combat injury he wasn't supposed to recover from, and his life was once more on the fast track to no where. Somehow he did recover. Well, his body did anyway, as he spent the next few years aimlessly wandering the country. Until he came to Fallcoast, something about the town made him want to settle down and actually begin his life for himself. What he sees in this city is anyone's guess.

hooks and potential
  • Ward of the State
    Maine is home as much as any place was for him. He grew up in the state's foster system, bouncing from home to home.
  • Sin Eater
    He died somewhere along the way. He's not overly sharing about the episode, but he's not likely to turn a cold shoulder to others that share that fate.
  • Ex-Military
    Army for five years, 2009-2015.
  • Police Academy
    He recently joined the Fallcoast Police Academy.

the traitor in red
Blaise Geist.jpg

xxxxxThe Traitor in Red was once a British Soldier during the American Revolution. But during his time in the rebelling colonies, he began to sympathize with the fledgling nation and turned traitor. He began to pass on information and intelligence about British army plans and movements to the colonial forces. Eventually, his fellow Red Coats caught on to what he was doing and lured him out into a field, where they doused him in tar, tied a rope around his neck, and hoisted him into a tree. He spent his last moments gasping for air as the tar burned away at his flesh, until the blinding agony granted him death.

xxxxxHe appears as a British soldier of the late 18th century. His red coat is torn, singed, and stained black in places. He would almost be handsome if not for the patches of still smoldering flesh that fleck his form and the faint smell of hot tar that lingers about him. When he speaks it's with a coarse rasp.

xxxxxA soldier in death as he was in life, he seeks out those who have taken oaths of service to bind himself to. Especially those who have lost faith in said oaths, even more so if the oaths resulted in their death. Soldiers are his preferred partners, but police officers, fire fighters, and civil servants are all candidates to the Traitor in Red.

those that matter
Tales from the 13th Precinct.png
Academy mate, former marine, seems like a good guy all around.
Tales from the 13th Precinct.png
Anna May
Academy mate, haven't heard an accent that strong since Texas.
Tales from the 13th Precinct.png
Note to self... don't cross Detective Torres.
Good to have a friend not in uniform.

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vital statistics
Full Name: Michael Blaise
Birthdate: September 19, 1991
Apparent Age: Mid 20's
Occupation: Officer in Training
Virtue: Stoicism
Vice: Pride
Sphere: Geist
Threshold: The Silent
Archetype: Gatekeeper
Geist: The Traitor in Red
xxxxx“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
-Norman Cousins
notable stats
Dexterity ••••
Stamina ••••
Firearms ••••
xxxxx“Life ... is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”
-William Shakespeare, Macbeth
Athletics Running
Firearms Assault Rifle
Occult Ghosts
xxxxx“Real magic can never be made by offering someone else's liver. You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back.”
-Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

The Dear Hunter - Go Get Your Gun

And to those who die
Please try to understand
That for those who die
We tried the best we can
With our one foot in the grave
While the other one's kickin' its way
Right down to hell

Barns Courtney - Fire

Oh, a thousand faces staring at me
Thousand times I've fallen
Thousand voices dead at my feet
Now I'm gone, now I'm gone, now I'm gone
And my mother told me son let it be
Sold my soul to the calling
Sold my soul to a sweet melody
Now I'm gone, now I'm gone, now I'm gone