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“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you."
Friedrich Nietzsche
This man stands at around five foot ten, while he has a lissome and a somewhat muscular build to his form, and also skin which is dusky in tone. The male has smooth hair which comes towards his chin, the color which is like midnight and sable, although metallic-like tones, have been fashioned within that roguishly unkempt mane. He has eyes much like a brightened golden amber which shine with emotions. He has a holographic, and black tattoo of a rose, upon his full back while he wears a pair of engineering goggles, that settle upon the fancy scarf with his main hand being replaced with a mechanical prosthetic. It looks to be just like his other hand, except it has subtle lines, with a black-orange hue.

He can often be seen in black attire from the cargo pants with a sleek leather belt and silver buckle, to the fine linen shirt he has on often covered with a jacket. He has two polished black boots with silver buckles as well as leather gloves that he can often be seen wearing. About the neck he has on scarves, as well as a pair of sunglasses to accentuate his features. He has a PDA holster.

He will often be seen with a smooth, black scarf, no matter what attire he has on, which is made with linen, that has rose-like patterns upon it, with golden tones that seem to have a holographic shimmer to them, that is soft and subtle the piece seeming to be quite personal to the one which is wearing it while it seems to be cared for as well, clean with a nice scent much like a rose.
RP Hooks
Merek Black is known to most as a local man that sells books as well as crafted items at his estate in Fallcoast, making various equipment as well. He seems to frequent nightclubs as well as bars that serve alcohol, often when he is not busy elseplace. There are those that speak about his position in High Society. It seems he is from old money, but not locally. Some people say that he can be found in places where suspect dealings might happen, but not much is known about that.
He is an experienced hacker that is known as 'Knight' and' in some circles. Those that wish to find information can come to him for assistance. While he is generally considered to be neutral when it comes to his abilities, he is willing to assist those that are on both sides of the coin, as long as it does not conflict with his morals. He is known to believe that information should be freely accessible to all, so long as they are willing to make an equivalent exchange for it.
Merek Black is known for his family name from Eastern Europe, and some Romani descent. It seems that the Blacks have a fortune that was made when they travelled to America. He can be seen with the finest in services, whether it be from cars, planes, and boats, to hotels, as well as all that Fallcoast has to offer. He does not seem to flaunt it much, besides his favorite car, the Lamborghini Tron Aventador, which he uses as a car when he can.
Known as a Curator for the Mysterium, he has the shadowname Knight, although he is known to use his surname with the local Consilium and Orders. He is known to be one of Fallcoast's Masters of the Prime and Forces Arcana. He can often be seen at the Consilium Library, and he is quite intelligent, but also a wild card about his personality. It seems he is kind and compassionate, but mostly to friends. He is known to be a member of the Skunk Works cabal, where his main focus is as the Lorekeeper. He is also the Councilor of the Mysterium for the Granite Coast Consilium.
Merek Black is taking courses at St. John's University, in both Computer Science and Law, having recently had his transfer papers from another Academy transferred, as well as having been a student there before. He took some of the classes that he still required for his degree, and now has his degree in Computer Science and Criminal Law, as well as having taken some classes for Chemistry also. It seems he has been a student since he graduated High School.

Complete: Computer Science 101, Computer Science 102, Computer Science 103, Computer Science 104, Computer Science 201, Computer Science 202, Computer Science 203, Computer Science 204, Computer Science 301, Computer Science 302, Criminal Law 101, Criminal Law 102, Criminal Law 201, Criminal Law 202, Criminal Law 203, Criminal Law 204, Criminal Law 301, Criminal Law 302 Criminal Law 303, Criminal Law 304, Criminal Law 305. Chemistry 101, Chemistry 102, Chemistry 103, Chemistry 201, Chemistry 202, Chemistry 203, Chemistry 204, Chemistry 205, Chemistry 206.

Current: Vacation.
Black has come from a pedigreed family, that has earned titles in the French community. It shows that his socialite status, it is more than just new money, hard work, and some practice, it also shows that he has a lineage that can be traced back. It is enough to draw attention from the more eccentric of Fallcoast residence, especially in higher circles, and his skills as a metalsmith along with his developments for the technology industries has made for him a name that has been heard about in a regional manner.



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  • Phoenix - I think you are different, but I think you wonderful too. Quite the mystery, I admit.
  • Alice - I think you one of the nice people I have met in my life. You know a lot. Thank you.
  • Iofiel - I think you a bit different, like some I have met, but you seem to mean well enough.
Shadowname: Black (Knight)
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium
Faction: Archivists
Legacy: Tellurians
Cabal: Skunk Works
Cult: N/A
Consilium Status: ● ● ● ● ● - Councilor
Mysterium Status: ● ● ● ○ ○ - Curator
University Status: ● ● ○ ○ ○ - Grad Student
Taoist Status: ● ○ ○ ○ ○ - Alchemist
High Society: ● ● ○ ○ ○ - Socialite
Mystery Cult: ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ - N/A
Regional Fame: ● ● ○ - Nobility
Feral Mien: ● ● ● - Cat-Like
Striking Looks: ● ● - Handsome
Striking Voice: ● ● - Charisma
Date of Birth: December 15th, 1992
Virtue: Compassion
Occupation: Metalsmith/Bookseller
Song Name by XYZ