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Bedlam Bella

“I hate to advocate drugs
       or insanity to anyone

but they've always worked for me.”

xxxxx- Hunter S. Thompson

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Name: Bella Boone
Date of Birth: Take a guess
Age: Estimate based on your previous guess
Occupation: Outlaw Entrepreneur
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed
Roleplay Hooks
Bel03.jpg Mortal.png Boone

Bella is a Boone, a long-standing family of inveterate criminals and general shit kickers that have been in Fallcoast for generations and are largely only known for their typically shitty, criminal behavior. Bella's no different, really. She's just better at it than most. Want to have had dealings with them in the past? Want to app a Boone? Just toss me a page!

Mortal.png Local Nuisance, Born and Bred

Born and raised in Hanging Hills to a longstanding family of many less-than-proud, largely criminal traditions, Bella's lived in Fallcoast most of her life -- save for her stint abroad in the military. She's also staked a name for herself separate from her kin, though hardly in a good way. She's a known criminal element to natives of Fallcoast -- but man, does she make it look fun. (Flaw: Infamous) Want to have grown up knowing Bella, or some friendly or not-so-friendly rivalry? I'd be happy to set something up with you!

Mortal.png Smooth Criminal

Bella has a long and sordid criminal history, including most notably a string of bank robberies several years ago. If it's somehow against the law, odds are pretty good Bella's dabbled. Even jaywalking. Especially jaywalking. The horror!

Mortal.png Jailbird

Hand in hand with this, Bella's served a bit of time in jail for a few minor charges; drug possession and assault and battery. She made any number of great friends during this time. Want to be one??

Mortal.png Pyromania

Bella earned her nickname of Bedlam Bella for her penchant for setting off explosives in cars or abandoned buildings halfway across town to serve as distractions during bank robberies. She's something of an expert when it comes to demolitions. She just really, really likes to blow things up.

Mortal.png We Want YOU

Bella enlisted in the military as soon as she was old enough and immediately found it chafed with basically her entire nature. Nevertheless, she served for a tour in Afghanistan in the Kandahar region, where she was suspected for being involved in smuggling heroin from the Afghanistan poppy fields into the States, but never caught. Want to have served with her? Maybe investigated her during? Let me know!

Mortal.png Rebel Without a Cause

Bella's championed many, many different causes in her time, and spins some pretty convincing rhetoric when she decides to take up the flag for something, but her fealty is always ultimately towards money and getting more and more for herself. Still, she sure does love to preach!

Possessed.png We All Have Our Demons

Some perhaps more literal than others. Bella is freshly possessed by the demon Az, and currently looking for others like her. Be her friend! She's got a great personality!


Mystic palm, gem and tarot
A few escape your magic arrow
I saw you reel them in for miles
Each captivated crooked smile

When I am king, you will be first against the wall
With your opinion which is of no consequence at all
What's that?
What's that?

Simple as this I'm in love with the risk
I know what I've done, but tell me what did I miss
So, please don't save something
Waste not, save nothing
Lose the halo, No need to resist
A lick of the lips and my grip on your hips

I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don't care about clever I don't care about funny
I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them

I don't wanna feel down
'cause my name is gettin' around
I said the whole world is lettin’ me down now
'cause I don't know where I'm bound

It was the struggle of the century
And all the grown men came to see
The girl who could tame the tiger, yeah, yeah
The heart of the Southern lovebirds,
They found her under the sea
She said she came from cell block 3

The world's always amazed at how much cash you made
But not at how you made it, it's just strange
It sounded kind of cool over the phone
It killed your neighbors and their dog and crushed their bones


Top Treasures


Precious Possessions

Emily - Too proud to take pride.

Assorted Acquisitions