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Reasons and Excuses
  • Nobody Special - Bit by bit, he's erasing himself from the world. He can help you disappear too, it just takes time... and money. Want a do-over? On the run? Basi can help.
  • Connected Cousins - Basile is a lesser known member of the Scaccia Family, not advertising and wisely keeping his hands clean. He mighta held a gun once or twice before.
  • Not So Lone Wolf - After spending six years as a Ghost Wolf, Basi has recently joined the Iron Masters. An enthusiastic spirit guide of sorts with a growing familiarity among urban spirit courts.
  • ADHD Occultist - Basi dabbles in some weird shit. Picking up and discarding intense fascinations with obscure oddities almost weekly. Hear some crazy shit lately?
  • On That Grift - Identity theft. Credit scams. Good old fashioned con jobs. Word is he's getting pretty good at making a decent passport or ID.
  • Brutal Busking - Open guitar case, street corner and folksy renditions of 80's death metal. It's an easy way to be found or meet new people.
  • Nose for Adventure - It's as if he's being led about the city by a fate guided laser pointer. Which isn't too far from the truth. He turns up all over.
Accomplices and Cohorts

Friends and Foes

  • Bestie - You wanna do karate in the garage?
His Good Side

Basi1.jpeg Basi2.jpeg Basi3.jpeg

Full Name: Basile Scaccia
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Occupation: Occasionally
Virtue: Dreamer
Vice: Impetuousness
Template: Werewolf
Tribe: Iron Masters
Auspice: Ithaeur
Lodge: Bricks
Pack: None
Family: Scaccia

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