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The Old Man by the Sea

Frank Gordon, or Badger as they call him now, lives in a tug boat by the marina and works as a Harbor Patrol Officer for the FCPD. He can spend full weekends at sea just fishing, and hopefully with his pack of friends and family, the Salty Dogs. He's getting old and the splendor of his younger, more violent days are passed. He'd shine his wisdom on all those who need it but to be honest, he'd just like to sit down for a while and maybe have a drink.

RP Hooks
  • Boat. - He loves the sea. He was born on a boat. If it wasn't for the fact that he's a Gordon, people would mistake him for a Wagner. In fact, people do.
  • Cop. - Badger works with Harbor Patrol, and even though he's getting to old for this he's still protecting and serving... right after this coffee.
  • Pack. - He is a proud member of the pack Salty Dogs, and it's the best pack in the world. You're saying it's not? Say it to his face, I dare you.
  • Home. - Fallcoast, born and raised. It's possible to live your whole life in this city and never meet another him, but you might as well have met him sometime.
  • Trisha .. Full of energy, this one. It's refreshing to see.
  • Cabe .. Clever, wise, competent. He's a good cop, and a good friend.
  • Hawker .. Nice toy, squirt. You compensating for something?

Badger2.png Badger3.png Badger4.png Badger6.jpg Badger7.png Werewolf the forsaken2.png Tribe storm lords.png Auspice elodoth.png

Full Name: Frank Gordon
Played By: Jeff Bridges
Appears As: Badger
Date of Birth: 04 Dec 1962
Apparent Age: 50's
Occupation: Harbor Patrol Officer
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Sloth
Spheres: Werewolf, Law
Other Info
Auspice Elodoth
Tribe Storm Lords
Pack Salty Dogs
Deed Name Badger
Police Force Maritime Patrol

Drunken Sailor – Irish Rover

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