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I can't even give you a hug? What if you need a hug? A hug can turn your day around. - Averil Goode-Knight

xxxxx Averil Goode-Knight is Fallcoast born and raised and had a pretty mundane middle class life until, without warning, her mother had a breakdown and committed suicide. Determined to discover the cause of such sudden behaviour shifts and to ensure that no one else would have to suffer, she devoted herself to becoming a psychiatrist.

xxxxx After four years at Tufts Medical School in Boston and three years residency at the Portland Medical Clinic, she did her last year in Afghanistan assisting with soldiers preparing to return home. One of them, however, went on a shooting spree that killed two soldiers and left Averil with a shattered thigh. She still has nightmares about it...and the shadowy creatures that she thinks she saw hounding the man to his actions.

xxxxx Back in Fallcoast and, thanks to physiotherapy, barely with a limp, she has recently taken up a position at the Hearthstone Clinic.

RP Hooks
  • Psychiatrist - Averil has her license and is now a qualified psychiatrist who specializes in addiction and youth issues.
  • Hearthstone Clinic - Along with her wife Dorthy, Averil has recently taken up employment at the Hearthstone Therapy Clinic. It occupies the grounds of what was once Hearthstone Insanitorium - a place with a not very ethical history.
  • Military Nightmares - Averil did her last year of residency in Afghanistan helping soldiers return home. Unfortunately she was shot by one who went berserk and she may have also seen the real cause - shadowy creatures that haunted the darkness.
  • Inquisitive - Averil has a natural curiosity and willingness to learn which may lead her into trouble.
  • Psych Reports - Averil is happy to help with reports for the police - whether to help define the kind of person they are looking for or to evaluate them after capture.

Dorthy - You're not alone Who knew that loving you forever was actually a legitimate option. It'll take some getting used to but I'm not giving up.

Jalal - Fallcoast Paranormal Society operative - is that the right word? Seemed shy but he's come out of his shell a lot lately.

Kairi - Leslie's new girlfriend - she lost the last one in Hell or something. Seems nice.

Leslie - Dorthy's boss at the Fallcoast Paranormal Society. She seems nice but I'm not sure how much she knows. We should show Leslie around the clinic sometime.

Shyla - Bouncy operative of the Fallcoast Paranormal Society. Also does a radio show...which I haven't heard.



Tomoko Yamana


Colby - Fellow doctor, though she works more with the body than the mind, and fellow veteran of Afghanistan. We both went through a lot there. Disappeared one day.



Averil Goode-Knight
In game as: Averil
Date of Birth: January 20th, 1987
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Height: 5'2"
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust
Striking Looks: ** Fae
Striking Voice: ** Soothing
Hypnotic Voice: ****
Professional Training: ***** Doctor
Played By: Anna Friel

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