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“I'm not real big on repentance ... I like revenge better.”

– Laurell Kaye Hamilton


xxxxxAter Awakened and walked the Path of the Mighty well before the majority of Fallcoast's townships were born, even before their ancestors colonized the Americas. Despite his literal age, he's very much the young man anyone could expect of someone that hasn't cracked 21. He's brash, rude, selfish, and so sure of himself that nothing he do could lead to failure. He has a single focus, but this new world is equal parts surprising as it is infuriating. As of now he clings close to two Mages specifically, and is distrustful of every other Willworker he meets.

  • Only speaks Iroquoi.
  • Is older than your grandparents.
  • Is scared of the Astral Plane.
  • Lives in the Shadow of the Cannery.
  • Help Shakti and Eclipse.
  • Help bind Name-Eater.
  • Put the remaining ghosts of his family to rest.
Run By: Saulot
Real Name: Unknown
Date of Birth: 20 April
Apparent Age: Late Teens - Early Twenties
Occupation: None, Formerly Hunter
Virtue: Condemnatory
Vice: Arrogance

Path: Obrimos
Order: Something Akin to the Adamantine Arrow & Mysterium
Legacy: Tamers of Blood
Cabal: Lost and Found

'[1]' Borislav Slavov - Sing for Me

Come to me, the night is dark.
Come to me, the night is long.
Sing for me, I'll sing along.
Sing for me, oh sing for me.
Sway with me, we'll make them scream.
Dance with me, we'll make them bleed.
Sing for me, I'll sing along.
Sing for me, oh sing for me.
  • (2020.09.28)
Into the Shadow