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Aurora Astrid Halldis

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RP Hooks
  • Teachers Assistant at Fallcoast Uni.
  • Costume Design.
  • Medieval Reenactment.
  • Icelandic.
  • Wolfblooded.

Aurora Astrid Halldis was born in Reykjavik, Iceland on September 22nd of 1986 to a couple that were not prepared for her at all. The family moved to America not long after her birth. Living in Fallcoast for most of her childhood and college years. She was a quiet child. Most thought that there was something wrong with her. But there wasn't. She was just waiting...waiting to be able to put her mind to good use. Astrid didn't play with the other kids. Mainly because she was too engrossed in her studies. Learning. She loved to learn. History was a love of hers since she was a child. Her parents were members of the SCA and she and her siblings were immersed in it at a young age. It was a good childhood.

High school was a lonely time for Astrid. She was the loner. The geek with her head in a book. The librarian's favorite face. But she also had a bright future. She was on honor roll as a constant and she tutored other children as well throughout her high school and college years. She went to college to study Art and History. She thought it would help with her love of costuming and medieval history as well. She was a pretty girl. Nothing stunning by any means. But she always put work before relationships and socializing.

When Astrid was young she found out that she was a Wolfblooded. A strong one, but not a terribly strong one. She's had to deal with the Spirits growing up as well as her brothers. She has two older. Both have went through their First Changes. One being a Cahalith and the other a Rahu, both of the Blood Talon Tribe like their father. He's an Elodoth though. She doesn't have a mate or a pack. She works at the University in their theater department and owns her own little shop. She does good business around Halloween and when people need custom work done for SCA events or for other things.

  • Kharn - Middle brother. Big angry ginger!
  • Abel - A sweet man that I had missed. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

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