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xxxxxAshton Murphy recently moved here to take a job as a high school teacher and check up on his sister. He teaches at the high school. During summer he handles the civics class and during the regular school year he teaches history and geography as well as oversees the debate club. He has been known to be rather intense when he is teaching history, but in a way that tends to get the students very interested. He's known as 'The weird one with the suits and the strange voice,' mostly because he still has a bit of English in his voice and phrasing.

xxxxxHe has a rather monotonous tone to his voice most of the time, as if inflicting emotion isn't worth the trouble. However, he can be quite animated vocally when teaching something he is passionate about or while DJing. [Sample of how he sounds, but also an excuse to make you watch a clip of a great show.]



xxxxxAshton was Taken by The Lady Of Mist, an ethereal creature that liked to wage war for entertainment.

She would often scour battlefields looking for someone who survived, someone that nobody would miss because they could have been overlooked in the slaughtered masses left behind. He spent his time perfecting his skills as a spy. Skills that gave him the chance for his escape.

xxxxxAshton was born in 1921, the second son of the family and first child of his father's second wife. He needed an heir and a spare and with Ashton he had the spare he wanted so badly. He doesn't talk much about his life and is even vague about where in England it was. If he hadn't had the accent, he may have not even admitted that much to people and he acts as if he is ashamed of his family for some reason. But like most people in the world, his life drastically changed on September 1, 1939.

xxxxxWar is hell. Ashton learned this front and center. He refused to make friends because he knew he may see them dead in front of his eyes. He was aloof. He was quiet. Because of that and also because of his father, it was decided he would make a good scout. The kind that also delved into spywork to give them an advantage. He came back from one such scouting mission to find the remains of a battle and not a single survivor. He stumbled through the fog and piles of bodies blindly in a haze of shell-shock. Until the mist became heavier and he came out of it in the realm of The Lady of Mist.

xxxxxHis Durance was like his life. Playing in war games that had consequences that he didn't want to think about. Taken as a spy, The Lady would send him to the enemy's camp. He was caught every single time. Caught and tortured to the point of near death, then the whole thing would reset and he would do it all over again. For decades. The time she was distracted, he used everything he had learned and escaped capture, then escaped her realm.

xxxxxHe found himself back in the real world, but he recognized nothing. It had changed in his years gone. But that's okay, he had changed too. He left England not long after to head to America, a place he had been infatuated with since childhood. It was there that he met and married his wife Rebecca, and even though she has been gone for decades, he still wears his wedding ring. Mariella was the only person who could console him as they had become so close they would refer to each other as family. She was the sister he had always wanted and he is fiercely protective of her. So when she called him to come help with some issues at her new Freehold, he dropped everything to go to her. And so here he is.



Dot black.png High School: Mr. Murphy teachers summer school civics, regular school year history and geography. Also oversees the debate team.

Dot black.png Eidetic Memory: He saw it so he has it memorized.

Dot black.png Enchanting Performance: Storyteller like no other.

Dot black.png Unapologetically a Brit: Accent's mostly gone but still tints his words.

Dot black.png So very, very Lost: Winter Darkling with a thing for spy movies and new age music.

Dot black.png Lord Echo: High level member of The Eternal Echoes

Dot black.png The Man With The Voice: The first rule of RFF is that we don't talk about RFF. But if we did, someone could likely mention that DJ with terrible taste in music and a deep British accent that goes by DJ Ötztal.



xxxxxIt seems that most of the time, the tall ones are rather lanky and he is no different. There's a certain hint of gauntness to his paleness, and though he's not overly thin, it's almost as if the universe expects him to be. When his mop of dark curls isn't tamed, it hangs down just past his jaws in a length that is not long enough to be cool or short enough to be practical. Somehow it seems to go with his wardrobe that veers between boho weird and tweed stuffiness with a dash of avant-garde thrown in for fun, but always present is the simple silver band on his left hand ring finger. He usually has a dark shadow of stubble as if he hasn't shaved in a couple of days, and he has the loose-limbed movement of someone who just doesn't give AF. He's often distracted and aloof, as if he is a mere observer of the world than a true part of it. He speaks in a rather monotone sort of way.


xxxxxImagine a gritty graphic novel's artwork, all heavily drawn lines and careful shading with de-saturated colors. This is the closest way to describe Ashton. He's a lanky tall man with dark curls, pale skin and eyes of a deep endless black depth. There is an aura of sadness and quiet to him and his very speech seems aloof and distant as if he can only spare half his attention on the world. It is likely a good thing though, for his full attention is saved for his duties as an Echo and the weight of his full attention is a discomfort most would never wish to experience.
xxxxxHe often sports a pair of thin wireframe glasses that rest atop a nose that has become sharp and thin. His ears are slightly long and slightly pointed, going from the pale of his skin to dark black at the tips. His eyes are pure black, showing no emotion.
xxxxxHis wardrobe veers between boho weird and tweed stuffiness with a dash of avant-garde thrown in for fun, but always present is the simple thin silver band on his left hand ring finger. He's often distracted and aloof, as if he is a mere observer of the world than a true part of it.



BritishFlagIcon.png Mariella - Marigold. Bambi. Now and always, [family].

BritishFlagIcon.png Saga - Hey neighbor, can I borrow a cup of [WTF just happened?]

BritishFlagIcon.png NAME - Space For Rent. Inquire Within.



Willy Finlayson And The Hurters - On The Air Tonight

On the edge of tomorrow,
But tomorrow never knows,
No matter where you are or what you do,
Nothing will ever change but you.

Aztec Camera - Good Morning, Britain

The past is steeped in shame,
But tomorrow's fair game,
For a life that's fit for living
Good morning Britain.



Full Name:
Ashton Murphy
Appears As:
Apparent Age:
May 21, 1921
High School Teacher

The Eternal Echoes
None Yet.