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Full Name: Ashley Moriarti
Appears As: Moriarti
Shadowname: Smolder
Played By: Robbie Amell
Date of Birth: February 8 1995
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Varied
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Wrath
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrows
Cabal: None yet.

"Lighting a fire needs kindling and heat. You be the kindling. I'll bring the heat." - Chandra Nalaar

Mage the awakening.pngPath obrimos.pngOrder adamantine arrow.png


xxxxxAshley Moriarti (who usually introduces himself as 'Ash') moved out to Fallcoast from the Midwest to begin at St. John's University in the Spring 2016 Semester. While we has on campus he was usually the stoic silent type, going out his studies and little else. Off campus he's really the same way, although some people swear that they've seen him crack a smile and actually be sighted in the presence of pleasant female company.

xxxxxAll those things were true and more; Ash is just the type that's slow to trust, but makes for a fierce and loyal friend once that friendship has been earned, and an even fiercer enemy if that friendship is betrayed.

xxxxxThose that are bored and playing with Google will find some reports out of Michigan referring to an Ashley M, high school student who remains otherwise unidentified, being put through the preliminary motions of a trial for the murder of a dozen men who had in turn murdered Ashley M's unidentified girlfriend about two years ago. But aside from that this occurred in northern Michigan and involved a high school student with a suspiciously similar name, there's nothing concrete linking Ashley Moriarti to the reports. But it's enough to maybe put some juicy rumors on campus.

xxxxxTo the Awakened of Fallcoast he's known as Smolder, an Adamantine Arrow who was, at one point, in line to stand as a Sentinel for the Consilium.

xxxxxIn the summer of 2016, Smolder announced to the local Arrows and the Consilium that he had personal matters to take care of back in Michigan, and disappeared from Fallcoast for several months, returning briefly in 2018. He then disappeared from the city once again, this time traveling the world on Arrow-related business with a partner he picked up in Fallcoast.

xxxxxAnd now he's back...

RP Hooks
  • Awakened ~ Ashley is an Awakened, being known to the Consilium of the Granite Coast as Smolder, an Obrimos Talon of the Adamantine Arrows. May also be known as the Arrow who ditched town with little notice, giving up a spot as Sentinel.
  • College Graduate ~ In between everything else, Ashley managed to pick up a two-year degree from St. Johns before taking off from town for another several months in 2018
  • Tragic Backstory! ~ Click here for said Tragic Backstory! Or don't, it's entirely up to you.

xxxxxBack in L'Anse, Michigan, Ashley was on track to have a rather idyllic little life going for him. He wasn't the star quarterback dating the head cheerleader, but he had impressed enough people that he had a football scholarship for the University of Michigan and he had impressed one of the other members of the cheerleader squad enough that he had a steady, serious relationship for most of his high school career. But this is the World of Darkness, and good things never last. Christmas Eve after the couple graduated high school, Ashley and his high school sweetheart Annabelle were driving to his parents house for dinner when they were forced off the road by the antics of a van full of drunken revelers; your typical country redneck. Annabelle begged Ashley to just start the truck and go, but his teenage pride was wounded and he had no idea that a dozen drunken yahoos were waiting for just this sort of confrontation.

xxxxxAshley ignored the pleas of his girlfriend and instead got out of the truck, intent on yelling at what he thought was a single asshole who didn't know better. Instead he found himself confronting a dozen drunks, all of which were eager to kick the ever-loving-shit out of anyone who got in their way. What they encountered was a young buck and his rather impressive girlfriend, and the ideas of just beating the shit out of someone were soon replaced with more horrific ideas. What followed next is sketchy in the official reports, and Ashley has vowed to take the truth of it to his grave.

xxxxxHe couldn't hope to defend himself against a dozen, and really couldn't. He ended up pinned in the dirt on the side of the road while Annabelle was dragged out of the truck and pawed at. What Ashley told the cops was that she resisted, and the thoughts of rape turned to rage, the rednecks proceeding to beat Annabelle first, to smack the fight out of her. The story given to the cops was that Ashley snapped at this point, and found it in himself to fight off all twelve of the drunks, to fight and kill the entire mob. This is a story that the cops mostly believed, chalking it up to youth and adrenaline, the primal need to protect one's mate, even if Ashley wasn't able to do so before Annabelle was beaten to death.

xxxxxThis is close to the truth. For Annabelle did resist, but she did so through the use of her abilities and knowledge of a member of the Awakened Nation; either she had already Awoken at some point in the past and had hidden this from Ashley (who was at the time still a Sleeper), or the stress of the attack is what caused her to wake up. She managed to kill one of her attackers before Paradox kicked in and caused her abilities to fail spectaularly; this is when the beating commenced, and when Ashley snapped. The stress of the situation being what caused Ashley to momentarily flee into the Kingdom of the Celestial Spheres, to find the Watchtower of the Golden Key and carve his name there in the hope of saving his love. A signature scrawled in the dirt on the side of the road sealed the deal, and Ashley Awoke.

xxxxxTo this day he's still not one-hundred-percent clear as to what occurred after he Awoke; this isn't exactly a memory he likes to revisit, even if it haunts him still. But the rednecks were dead, burnt or beaten, Ashley's arm was broken in multiple places, and Annabelle was dying in the cold winter night. Like the song went, she died in his arms that night, and something of Ashley died with her.

xxxxxThe small-town scandal that followed was never picked up in any of the big pictures; L'Anse being a small enough community where they felt the need to keep this as much a personal matter as possible. The families of the drunks had pressed for action to be taken against Ashley, even going as far as getting charges filed and a hearing scheduled, but their drive petered out once the facts of the situation came out; including toxicology reports that pegged the men with blood-alcohol levels several times over the legal limit, and the coroner's examination of Annabelle confirming that she was beaten to death by the rednecks. The charges were dropped, and Ashley applied to colleges across the US, having lost the scholarship at the first hint of trouble. He was accepted to St. John's in Fallcoast, and here we are.

xxxxxNone of this is something he'll discuss with just anyone, but this event has understandably affected him. To those few that he gives his loyalty to, he'll kill to protect; he runs with the Arrows to protect even more people. But it is rare that he allows anyone to get too close, even those that have gotten his loyalty.

  • Abe Butters .. Before he left town the first time, Ash had been seen in the company of the grumpiest Butters there is.
  • Aleka Thorpe .. Ash took Aleka under his wing once it was discovered that she was a sleepwalker, teaching her what she needed to know about Awakened life.
  • NAME .. Stuff goes here.

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