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I sometimes think that a moment of touching is the difference between complete utter despair and the ability to endure." -- Eleanor Cameron
How it Came to Be
The world is a vast, dark, and beautiful place.

It drew her in like a siren's song, and spun its lies around her.

Soon she found herself as a working girl, working dark rooms with sparkling lights,

and exposing herself to the dead dreamers of a blue working class.

Shameful, and yet, it was the intoxicating money that kept her returning, night after night.

It wasn't until that dream shattered, that it became a war of choices, between light and dark.'
Rp Hooks
~ Her Nature Laid Bare

Performer - Webshow Entertainer, NSFW

Vocal Artist - Striking Voice 2. Fame 3.

Uragarum - Wolfblood, and Wolfish things

University - Junior Class 2018 - Major: Bio-Chem and Mathematics

Album Release May 2016 - Fallcoast Times News - "A new album by a fresh new artist has broken today to positive press. Ashley Firestone's debut album is called Celestial and rather than another pop album, it's an eclectic mix of styles. The headlining single, sharing the albums name, is an upbeat ballad that is certainly given weight by her angelic voice. It contrasts well with Star-Crossed, a mournful love song that brings things back down to Earth. But it's not just ups and downs, the sultry number Ooh La La sure to leave listeners heated, with a hint of modern pop stylings that are elevated by the sultry range of her voice. And the most enigmatic of the notable list, When it Comes. At the same time it seems inspirational and very carpe diem, yet one can't deny the flirtatious hints that make the song intriguing. It's a strong start for a promising new artist and the sales charts have shown plenty of people are intrigued by her style."

Album Release May 2017 - Fallcoast Times News - "After achieving international fame, Ashley Firestone has once done it again. Her newest album release is entitled, 'Starry Night.' A smash hit with the dance club scenes. And also rising up on the charts with a sneak peak release is 'World on Fire.' And it is smoking hot! The Firestone Tour will begin Summer of 2017 and tickets are selling out fast. The expectation is that our newest Fire Diva is going to leave us with excitement and anticipation to hear what she will be doing next."</font>
Sentinels of the Dawn

Kyrie - Gift of Luna's Courage - Alpha

Chris - Gift of Luna's Might - Beta

Jermaine - Gift of Luna's Guardian

Jameson - Gift of Luna's Path

Jack - Gift of Luna's Faith

Heather - Sister Uragarum

MacKenzie - Sister Uragarum

Linette - Ally to the Pack

Lark - Ally to the Pack

Hawker - Tag A Long - Ally

Other Contacts
~ Her Ties to the World

Viktor - The Doctor.

Elon - Her Agent.

Harrison - Friend of the Family.

Matteo - Her Bella Boss.

Thomas - The Best Kept Secret - 'Tomley'

  • (2015.12.29)
Main Event: Free vs Roman
  • (2015.12.30)
Ashley Moves Into the Lodge
  • (2015.12.31)
Midnight Serenade
  • (2015.12.31)
New Year's Eve 2015 - The Celebration
  • (2016.01.06)
Fimbulvetr Bloodletting
  • (2016.01.08)
Border Wars: The Party Crashers
  • (2016.01.09)
Back Alley Pack Brawl
  • (2016.01.10)
Hospitality or Rudeness?
  • (2016.01.15)
Mid-Winter Festival
  • (2016.01.16)
A Nightmarish Marriage - Surprise!
  • (2016.01.23)
A Nightmarish Marriage - Cornered!
  • (2016.01.27)
Ride of the Valkyrie
  • (2016.02.20)
Opening Night
  • (2016.06.18)
Border Wars After Party BBQ
  • (2016.07.11)
The Funeral of Huginn
  • (2016.09.30)
Autumn Seasonal Rite - 2016
  • (2017.04.17)
Something Stirs - Spreading Information
  • (2017.04.27)
Something Stirs - The Same Page
  • (2017.05.02)
A wolf with honor
  • (2017.05.20)
The Sentinels Defend pt. 1
  • (2018.02.08)
Wolfblooded Wake
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