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“Tigers, except when wounded or when man-eaters, are on the whole very good-tempered.”

– Jim Corbett


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RP Hooks
  • Doctor - He's a doc at Fallcoast's VA hospital (not Saint John's).
  • Veteran - Someone spent a good long while in the US Navy. He had a few shipboard deployments, but most had him on dry land as part of Fleet Marine Medicine, in some of the uglier parts of the world. Are you one of his sailors or Marines? Or even soldiers - he's treated Army folk, too.
  • Charity work - He volunteers at one of those clinics that provides free health care, so he's earning something of a reputation among Fallcoast's poorer citizens.
  • Russian - He's deeply involved in what Russian community there is in the city, helping other immigrants.


  • Spring Court - All about the healing in a magical sense.
  • Hedge Gardener - He's fascinated by Hedge fruit, their cultivation and uses. While dubious of the wilder Hedge, he's content to spend hours puttering around a Hollow fussing with them.
  • Hunter - Only in the Lost sense. Sometimes you gotta put on the cat suit and go hunt some rats. Or something bigger, if you're wandering around as a tiger.
  • WW II Vet - He didn't just serve in the War on Terror; a couple generations ago, before being Taken, he was a medic on the Eastern Front. He spent some time in Berlin, in the days after V-E Day.
  • Lord Sage - Curiosity doesn't just kill the cat. It makes him investigate all the other flavors of weirdness out there; this is the Entitlement for those who are fascinated by the other supernatural races. Wanna be the subject of research? Wanna have a mad scientist cat monster babble at you about the monograph he's writing about the social structure of wizard groups? Geeking, it can happen. His particular focus, perhaps unsurprisingly for someone who turns into cats of various sizes, are the other shapeshifters, both wolves and not. More at home with the mammals, for the moment, though he's working on turning into a bird.

xxxxxHe's got the sort of face that looks like it was hacked out of granite by a sculptor with more enthusiasm than skill. It's all heavy brows, harsh cheekbones, square jaw, and broad nose. His eyes are a startlingly pale blue. And in his mien, that nose flattens out into the suggestion of a muzzle, from whence ivory fangs gleam when he talks. The lisp they cause can be excused by his apparent lack of mastery when it comes to English - his Russian accent and tendency to drop articles when not thinking hard about them bear out this thesis. To human eyes, his hair's cropped almost too short to be seemly in any man who's neither prisoner nor prizefighter, and is a pale gray that doesn't match the apparent age of the lines on his face. To his fellow Lost, it's a snowy white with pencilled lines of black: tiger stripes.

xxxxxHis body's equally big, though not outsize. He moves with a ponderous grace, but his hands seems unwontedly clumsy - nails screech on the porcelain of teacups, tear paper, puncture the silk of unfortunate umbrellas. And again, to the Lost, it's obvious why: filing and trimming don't entirely dispense with the claws whose tips peek from his fingers.

xxxxxDisturbingly, his hands are stained a bloody crimson, from the tips of said fingers almost to his elbows. As if he couldn't ever entirely wash off the signs of all the wounded bodies he'd touched.

xxxxxGenerally, he's clad simply in t-shirt and jeans, when he's not wearing the scrubs his profession demands.The edge of his sleeves expose faded, blurred tattoos, inked in blue - no images, but patterns of words in a surprisingly graceful script. <Hey, if you ICly read Russian, page me>

xxxxx His Mantle is subtle, but generally present - the scent of new fir needles and the breath of earth warming after a long frost.

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Arkady Ivanov
Date of Birth: October 25, 1917
Apparent Age: Late forties
Occupation: Doctor
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Sloth

Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart/Chirurgeon
Court: Spring
Entitlement: Lord Sage of the Unknown Reaches
Keeper: Baba Yaga/Ded' Moroz
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