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"Medicine, the only profession that labors incessantly to destroy the reason for its own existence."
- James Bryce
Dr. Anya M. Joshi


One day Anya is in a promising medical career, dutifully fulfilling her familial expectations, when she stumbles in the OR onto a medical impossibility or two. The next day someone's trying to kill her for asking too many questions. The day after that she's being recruited by a secretive government agency, proving her right all along. Her promising medical career may have taken a slight detour, but she's seen and dissected the most improbable anatomical specimens and she's patched up fellow agents with wholly new forms of injury that don't show up in any manuals. Different strokes for different folks. Or maybe it's just her way of trying to assert some order and sanity in a world that's obviously gone mad.


RP Hooks:

  • Task Force Valkyrie: Anya is a member of Task Force Valkyrie. She does surveillance and research, but she can tag along as a medic on heavier operations. PCs have no reason to worry though. She's an investigator, and she can be pretty oblivious to PCs. The paperwork alone is a strong deterrent.
  • Hospital: Anya has recently taken a position as a surgeon at St. John's. She can be involved in all sorts of medical activities, and is often called in to the ER.
  • Hobbies: Other than reading medical literature? Anya can be found around cars, guns, bars, art galleries, organic vegetables and cat pictures.
  • Old Acquaintances: Anya's lived most of her life between Baltimore and Washington DC. Maybe they went to school together? She even went to Johns Hopkins for med school. Alternatively, her father's from the furthest, least Washington-y rural reaches of Virginia.


  • Aislinn: That was - we didn't really think that through, did we?
  • ...
  • ...

Personnel Data:
Name: Anya Michelle Joshi
Date of Birth: December 20 1983
Marital Status: Married to Aislinn
Cover: Surgeon at St. John's
Operational: Field Researcher / Medic
Conspiracy: Task Force Valkyrie
Element: LOKI
Psych Assessment:
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Intelligence: ●●●●
Resolve: ●●●
Composure: ●●●
Emotional Detachment
Conspiracy task force valkyrie.png