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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

– Anne Frank


xxxxxAnita is a slightly more than average sort of girl. On the pretty side, but not spectacularly so. A little tall, but not overly so. Smart, but not genius level brilliant. About the only thing that Anita does not do by half is give. She is a natural born altruist, always seeking to make others happy and always putting out more than she ever receives in return. It is only through some early investing on her parents' part that she even has money to spend (well, that and she does actually make a decent amount of money at her business, but she won't brag about that!) Anita is about as Thorpe as a Thorpe can be and she would not have it any other way.

RP Hooks
  • Family! - She's a Thorpe and somewhat like the matriarch as she cares for everyone in her family, including dragging food to her family members who don't bother to take care of themselves (Evan!)
  • Sweet Dreams Hostel - She runs a hostel for the weary travelers and those with not so much cash. The rooms are nice, very tidy, and she makes good food (though not spectacular) - her cookies are awesome, though, and there are almost always cookies. Need a place to crash for a few days?
  • Sweet Dreams Bed & Breakfast - This B'n'B is run out of the same building as the Hostel but the rooms are larger, more private, and Anita provides a bit more for them than she would for the hostel customers.
  • Sweet Dreams Shelter - This is a lesser known aspect, but part of Anita's business is that she keeps a guest room. This room is usually used for her family members who need a place to crash, but it is also used as a shelter for people who need to lay low for a while. Homeless vagrants who need a break, victims of domestic abuse, runaway teens - all can find a place here if they know to ask. The FCPD would know about this offer of safe-haven.
  • FCPD - The Fallcoast PD is no stranger to Anita and she to it. Anita brings cookies to the police department at least once a week (and probably muffins, too, more often than the cookies). Both of her brothers and her pseudo-sister (who is truly her cousin) are on the force and her uncle used to be, too.
  • German - She speaks it! Maybe she hears you speaking it and jumps into the conversation. Or you hear her and do the same!
  • Bavaria - She spent time in Bavaria in 2010-11.
  • Peace Corps - She was in the Peace Corps from 2007 - 2011, doing all kinds of ... things. Did we meet then?
  • Accounting - She can do it. She's not great at it, but she can do it. She probably does her family's taxes. Are you a family friend who needs your taxes done?
  • Allheart's Philanthropy - She did some work here in '07. Maybe we met there? She still drops in to volunteer when she has time. Not much anymore, but when she has time.


  • Mind Reading - She reads minds. She doesn't brag about it, but she does! She might've caught one of your thoughts as she was wondering downtown, she might have looked more deeply into yours just to make sure you were OK. If you want to use this as a hook, be my guest but let me know!
  • Aura Reading - She does this as a matter of course, frequently checking on auras - especially of her guests. She wants to make sure people are good people, that people are doing well. And she's trying to create a journal of what she sees so she can categorize what they all mean and compare them to the psychic phenomenon she reads about in her book.
  • A Little Knowledge - She knows Weird Things are out there and she wants to know more about them!
  • Sin Eater - She's a sin-eater. Not the kind with the ghost in the head telling her what to do (she doesn't even know about those kind of Sin Eaters), but the kind that know how to absorb another person's sin. This is not a talent she has broadcast - but it could come up. Somehow. Maybe. This is mostly here to let you know the potential she offers.
<3 Ohana Means Family <3
  • Brodie - Hey! You're back! Awesome. Can you fix this for me?
  • Jenny - More like a sis than a cousin.
  • Evan - Don't forget to take care of yourself, kiddo!
  • Sam - Black sheep. Don't get caught. :(
  • Uncle Wes -
  • Butters -

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Anita Thorpe
Date of Birth: None
Apparent Age: 20s
Occupation: Business Owner: Sweet Dreams Hostel and B'n'B
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Parsimony
Otherness? Mortal+ Psychic

  • (2015.07.19)
Thorpe Sunday Dinner