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Where there is young people and vitality, you're going to find punk rock. - Henry Rollins

Angelika Rossovich was born in Fallcoast to Belorussian parents. Lower middle class and regularly blamed for her parent's frustrations, she turned to her talent with music to escape. A full-bloodied teenage rebellion had her living on the streets, playing at seedy bars and honing her performance skills. Her music may be too angry to make the big time but she could still use it to change the world.

RP Hooks

Musician - Electric guitar mainly, because it is angry, but she can play quite a few instruments.

Looking for a band to call her own - Anyone want to change the world?

Native - Born and raised in Fallcoast.

Belorussian - She has Belorussian parents. There are rumors her father is a minor criminal in the Russian mafia.

The Philosophy of Anger - Her music is angry, anarchic and political. She thinks she has something to say.


Claire - Voice of an angel. We'll try writing together.

Dove - Singer. Offered to help me record some songs but haven't seen her since.

Polk - Old guy...but I guess he's okay.

Rictus - Punk rocker. Once an aspiration but he looks to have sold out.

Reunion Concert One Day


Angelika Rossovich
In game as: Anguish
Date of Birth: August 22 1998
Apparent Age: Late teens
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: People's Poet
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Striking Looks: ** Moody
Striking Voice: ** Rocker's Rasp
Professional Training: **** Artist
Played By: Dua Lipa

Sweet - Someone Else Will

Dua Lipa - IDGAF

  • (2018.01.19)
Open Mic Night
  • (2018.01.20)
Fight The Cold
  • (2018.02.17)