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John "Angry" Nordstrom is not really an angry man. It is, as many other strange names that floats about out there, merely a nickname.
Angry is a Bounty Hunter, working for the Whitewash Bail-bond firm that operates all over the State of Maine. His work takes him all over the state as a result and, sometimes, further still.
Angry is also a Mortal that is Aware of the supernatural world around him. This awareness has brought him into the fold of a Hunter Conspiracy called the Knights of St Adrian. As a Knight, he has been granted special powers, given to the Knights by an Arch Angel. Through blessed tattoos, the Knights - Angry among them - can impact the world around them more forcefully. They can also become a stronger force to be reckoned with when fighting their primary antagonist, the Demon.

  • Notorius! - The man has a face that was once used as the face of murderers after his mercenary company was involved in the killing of Civilians in Iraq.
  • Hunter - Angry is a Hunter and is a member of the Knights of St. Adrian.
  • Bounty Hunter - He works as a Bounty Hunter and lives for the thrill of chasing down bail-jumpers
  • Mortal - No powers, save for those granted to him by the Orders compact with an Angel.

Angry is unfortunate. He has a face that comes with some notoriety. Due to some .. circumstances .. he was never allowed to serve in the US military, but he always wanted to do his bid for his country. This lead him into the arms of the mercenary companies. In this case, one of those firms that holds such likeness to the formerly named Black Water company. While providing security for contractors in Iraq, his company ran into some issues which resulted in a large amount of ordinance being dropped on a building. Unfortunately for them, the house held a family of five. All civilians. When it hit the press, the company was disgraced and lost most of its defence contracts in the middle east. Angry's face became a public one, used by the media as the face of evil. Most of that has since died down, but now and then it crops up.
While it is true that Angry did indeed fire upon the house and, perhaps, had a hand in a civilian being killed, the truth is as always a lot more complicated.

He has since returned to the States where he sought out any procession that would let him use his skills he learned while in the Mercenary business. The only thing he found he could do, however, was to become a Bounty Hunter. Through the Bounty Hunter trade, Angry met up with Jolene, mostly called "Jo" by those that know her. Through her, he met a colourful group of Bounty Hunters and borderline criminals. It was only once he had run into this group that weird things started to happen. Before he knew it, he was staring face to face with a fallen Angel, a Demon. It nearly became the end of him were it not for one of Jo's friends saving his life. Through this, things only escalated. A crisis of his own beliefs lead him closer to God and .. in the end .. a meeting with the Old Man. He has since been Inked up and called to service to do Gods work. He has now become a member of the Knights of St. Adrian.

  • Jo - Partner (in-non-crime)
  • Sadie - You drink too much.
  • Liam - You leave my L.A.T alone!

John "Angry" Nordstrom

Date of Birth: This is not a socialist state.
Apparent Age: 30+
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Virtue: Justice for All
Vice: Wrath of Khan

Conspiracy: Knights of St. Adrian
Cell: None yet

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