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“The future lies buried within our past. If we ever hope to accomplish anything or bring about any measure of change, we must first understand where we have come from and correct the mistakes of those who have come before us.”

– Angela's views on the current state of the world


xxxxxAngela Sleep never met a mystery she didn't want to investigate. Even when looking into her ex-husband's suspicious and secretive behavior earned her a shovel to the back of the cranium and a rather uncomfortable death, of course she just came back again. Bit of a terrible surprise for him, but that's just fate for you. She's a serious, driven, and intellectual woman with little time for nonsense or humor making her one of the more stick-in-the-mud founders of the Society of Crows. Yet what she lacks in personality, she more than makes up for in knowledge. If there is one thing Angela loves more than a good mystery, it is mentoring other Sin-Eaters on their journey and sharing with them the little morsels and tidbits she has learned upon the way.

  • Discover the mysteries of the Principalities.
  • Protect Fallcoast and Hanging Hills.
  • Act as a living record to the Society.
Angela Sleep
Run By: Epiphany or Geist Staff
Date of Birth: September 29, 1978
Date of Death: 1999ish
Apparent Age: Mid 50's
Occupation: Professor of Anthropological Studies
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Wrath

Threshold: Necromancer
Archetype: Torn
Geist: The Forgotten Martyr
Krewe: Society of Crows
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