Andre Nicks

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xxxxxA subsistence hunter and trapper, Andre helps feed his extended Nicks family.

RP Hooks
  • He's recently started frequenting biker and dive bars.
  • He's looking for pack mates.


  • Andre has not had the opportunity to join a Tribe, but is a good fit for the Hunters in Darkness.


xxxxxAndre grew up on his family's commune. He has taken a wolfblooded mate, Birdy, but his Vice often gets the better of him.


Birdy, his wolfblood mate:Birdy.jpg Joy, his favorite cousin:Joy4.jpg Destiny, an acquaintance:Destiny005.jpg

Andre Nicks
Date of Birth: November 14, 1995
Apparent Age: mid-20s
Occupation: Subsistence hunter / trapper
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust

Pack: None

In the works!

  • (2017.11.22)
Andre First Change
  • (2018.02.08)
Wolfblooded Wake
  • (2018.02.22)
Pack Talks
  • (2020.09.22)
Spirit Lamps Are Lit, Fam