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I believe that mankind's destiny lies in the stars. I believe that candy really did taste better when I was a kid, that it's aerodynamically impossible for a bumble bee to fly, that light is a wave and a particle, that there's a cat in a box somewhere who's alive and dead at the same time (although if they don't ever open the box to feed it it'll eventually just be two different kinds of dead), and that there are stars in the universe billions of years older than the universe itself.
Neil Gaiman

Date of Birth: January 10, 1989
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Occupation: none
Virtue: Utopian
Vice: Envy

Shadowname: Kitsune
Path: Acanthus
Legacy: none
Order: none
Cabal: none


xxxxxAmelia Abernathy is a local girl, born and bred in the area, and she's hardly ever left. She was more than merely a bright child, falling into the category of genius, but with a matching ineptitude at social skills that left her amidst the social class of the nerdy and unpopular during her public school days, either ignored or picked on by most of her peers.

xxxxxStill, she wasn't entirely friendless, finding a small group of like-minded kids also enamored of gaming and reading, and she had the support of her family. After graduating from high school at seventeen, she promptly enrolled at the local university, where she proceeded to gain first her BA, then her Masters in Folklore, before going on to begin her doctoral studies, which she is still hard at work on.

xxxxxThings changed one year ago, when she had an unexpected Awakening, one which has done a great deal for her self-confidence, even if it hasn't erased her social awkwardness. Now, she stands on the brink of settling down and choosing an Order.

RP Hooks

  • Mage: Amelia is known to the Awakened of the area as Kitsune, an Acanthus who Awoke a year ago, and has just reached the end of her Mentorship, but has yet to choose an Order to continue her education.
  • University: Amelia is a doctoral student, in the area of folklore, with less than a year to go before completing her education. She's commonly seen at the Chelsea Dunlin Library, happily immersed in her studies, and does the TA thing, as well.
  • Geek: Gaming, scifi and fantasy books and movies, and all the usual geeky pursuits are par for the course with Amelia, as is a degree of social awkwardness. This has been a life-long thing, and it is possible you saw her being picked on (or picked on her yourself) back in high school.
  • Abernathy: She's one of those, yes, and known to her family as being extremely intelligent and a good source for help with research.
  • Serenity: Amelia lives on a houseboat. It's kind of old and kind of battered, and kind of has garden gnomes on its deck.



  • Judith: Big sister, role model, the best librarian evah.
  • Phil: Cousin. DM. Owner of my favorite gaming store.



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Team Unicorn - G33k & G4m3r Girls
Geek and gamer girls, we're unbelievable.
We all know that Han Shot first.
Anime, no dubs, we want originals.
Whoa oh oh oh, Whoa oh oh oh.
Geek and gamer girls, we're undefeatable.
RPG achievement unlocked.
Browncoats represent, we aim to misbehave.
Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh.

Owl City - Shooting Star
Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light
'cuz it's time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star
so shine no matter where you are tonight.

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