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Notable Information

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg Physical Description: Standing at 3.5ft tall, this tiny woman is exotically beautiful. She has kind and wise eyes and a contagious smile that she wears with the soothing confidence of one that has dealt with a lot in life. Appearing to be in her mid-twenties this natural wisdom might feel a bit out of place but ultimately makes the young doctor feel very welcoming.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg Style Choices: Amala prefers to wear sensible clothing but her clothing comes in many different styles as appropriate to her whim.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg Personality: Amala is sweet and seems wise beyond her years. She seems to always be willing to help someone out even if they can't afford to pay her back. However, there is another side to Amala as well. Something dark in her that has developed with nearly a hundred years of bathing in blood to survive. She has grown to believe that she is in her own right worthy of people's worship and might very well actually be a goddess.


AmalaBlooddrop.jpgDoctor: Amala is a young but successful doctor specializing in Naturopathic Medicine (which she does part-time) and surgery (which she does part-time).

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgAlternative Medicine: Trained in holistic and alternative medical practices Amala is skilled with herbs, energy work, aromatherapy, and etc

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgKink & LGBTQ+ Safe Practice: Amala is aware of the BDSM/Kink & LGBTQ+ communities and provides safe services to both communities. She is happy to be a doctor for those within the communities.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgPanromantic/Demigirl: An active member of the LBGTQ+ community, Amala is a panromantic demigirl and is happy to interact romantically with people of any gender, sometimes even with a masculine heart. She does however shy away from sexual intimacy.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgPlants: Amala has a love for growing plants, looking at plants, cooking and eating plants, and even finding them in the wild.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgImmortal: Blood Bather: Amala is well over 100 years old due to a bad habit of bathing in people's blood.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgPsychic: At some point in her long life Amala has had a becoming.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgBlood Cult: Amala has a cult of blood donors that treat her like a goddess.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgSupernatural Safe Practice: Rumored within certain communities is that Amala is a safe person to go to if you have a supernatural medical problem on your hands. It is rumored that she is happy to treat werewolf bites just as much as spider bites.


AmalaBlooddrop.jpgMystery Nicks - Will say something here at some point.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgJayde Nicks - Will say something here at some point.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgRebel - Will say something here at some point.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpgGwydion - Will say something here at some point.




AmalaBlooddrop.jpg 2020 - Return to Fallcoast; Has a son in October named James Nicks.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg 2018 - Amala (As Amala Marri) marries Robert Nicks and rejoins the Nicks family.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg 1992 -> 2003 - Amala once again met Mystery Nicks though this time as Clara Shoemaker and (XXX). They settle down, get married, and have a couple children, and then have to leave. The children are left with trusted Nicks Family.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg 1964 - Amala (As Rebecca Flowers) met Mystery Nicks (As XXX) on Feb. 11, 1964 at the first Beatles Concert in the USA. The two started a hippy commune together consisting of their followings.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg 1944 - Going by Melanie Williams, Amala was stuck in Europe during WWII.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg 1924 - After moving to New Orleans, Amala (As Judy Cash) had married a man named Louis King. Louis King's body was stolen by Mystery Nicks. Both knowing the other was immortal they remained married for a handful of years before parting ways.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg 1915 - Death of her first husband/became a blood bather.<Event>.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg 1910 - Abducted and held captive by her soon to be first husband, Anthony Andrews. Had her becoming.

AmalaBlooddrop.jpg 1891 - Birth as Pride Emerson to Rebecca and William Emerson in California.


Vital Stats

Full Name: Amala Marri Nicks
Appears As: Amala
Birth Date: 31 Mar 1891
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Occupation: Doctor
Virtue: Patience
Vice: Sadism
Sphere: Immortal:Blood Bather; Psychic
Family: Nicks

Notable Stats

Intelligence RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Dexterity RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Presence RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Medicine: Alt. Med.(AoE), Surgery(AoE) RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Crafts: Medicine(AoE), Plants RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Survival: Wildcrafting RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Science: Bio. & Chem. RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Striking Looks: Small & Cute RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Feral Mien RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Seductive Grace RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Biokinesis RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Psychometry RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Plant Empathy RainbowAmala.jpg
Psychic Healing RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Animal Empathy RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Animal Possession RainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpgRainbowAmala.jpg
Size 4: 3.5ft tall
Intoxicating Presence


Log Link Description


Evanescence ~ All that I'm Living For
All that I'm living for,
All that I'm dying for,
All that I can't ignore alone at night.
I can feel the night beginning.
Separate me from the living.

Jessie ~ Queen
I love my body, I love my skin
I am a goddess, I am a queen
I love my body, I love my skin
I am a goddess, I am a queen

Lorde ~ Royal
Let me be your ruler (ruler)
You can call me queen Bee
And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule
Let me live that fantasy