Allegra Rhodes

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Architect - Student - Professional Snowboarder - Nanuq

Don't go around tonight,
Well its bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise



Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Family: Ravenwood
Vice: Greed
Virtue: Justice
Occupation: Architecture Student
Professional Snowboarder (fame 3)
Species: Nanuq
Accord: Root Weaver

Metalica - Of Wolf and Man

Bright is the moon high in starlight
Chill is the air cold as steel tonight
We shift
Call of the wild
Fear in your eyes
It's later than you realized
Shape shift nose to the wind
Shape shift feeling I've been
Move swift all sense clean
Earth's gift back to the meaning of life!



xxxxxBorn originally in Fallcoast as the daughter of two prominent lawyers, Allegra soon moved off with her mother to Perth, Australia as they separated. Growing up from the age of 4, she knew little of her supernatural background, her parents more focused on mundane and worldly endeavors. It was not until she had her first change at 15 that they realized the mistake in this and brought her back to the states, unable to deal with her expressed side. In Vermont, she attended a private school and separate private studies with her Grandfather and cousin, learning the connection to the Bear. A rebel in school, she still did well. Being in Vermont, she took up ski boarding in place of surfing, becoming well recognized as a top performer in the sport. She won the World Championships in 2013. She almost did not finish the qualification round, but a late accident by one of the other boarders left room. Now she moves back to Fallcoast once again to study Architecture. As she tries to find harmony in these two sides of her life, she tries to do best in both, not always succeeding.


  • University Student - She has finished her undergrad work and currently focused on her BA in College of Architecture focus. Maybe you have seen her around campus?
  • Ravenwood - She has just started looking into her mother's family, finding it expansive and interesting.
  • Woodland jogger - She often goes for a jog along the shore our out in the woods around midday. Maybe you've been left in her wake as she flies by.
  • Bears - Much interest in the white furred variety.
  • Snowboarder(fame3) - World Champion 2013 - Gold. Winter Olympics (Sochi)- Gold & Silver medals - There was some drama about her run. Her fame has waned on this since there was rumor about her retiring.
  • Chocolate - The girl is a freak for chocolate of any kind and any form. Friendships and enemies have been driven from this obsession. She is kidding, right?
  • Motorcycles - In the past year, she has taken great interest in riding, having joined a club back in Alaska. Its a good way to get her adrenaline rush in the warm months. Perhaps catch her on the road?


  • Caden - Great with animals, better with me
  • Sean - Politico with a building empire
  • Payton - Perfect college roommate
  • Absinthe - I've got your Six O'Clock, always. Blood sings.
  • Nate - Many things in common. Some links in our past. Need to learn more

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  • (2015.08.11)
Haunted Homestead on the Hill
  • (2015.08.13)
Humera in the Woods