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"Only when we face the impossible, and experience the unbearable, do we find out who we truly are."

- Vironika Tugaleva

Alessa Ombretta
Date of Birth: November 1, 1804
Nationality: Italian/Spanish
Occupation: Occult Investigator
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Sphere: Vampire the requiem.png Vampire
Covenant: Covenant invictus.png The Invictus
Clan: Clan mekhet.png Mekhet
Bloodline: Bloodline mekhet khaibit.png Khaibit
Vampire Titles: Soldier of the Invictus; Interpreter of Aramaic, Hindi, Italian and Spanish

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber: Music Of The Night (sung by Michael Crawford)
  • Chiasm: Isolated
  • Danny Elfman: Fate (Wanted OST), Sleepy Hollow OST, The Wolfman OST
  • Enigma: MCMXC a.D.
  • Evanescence: Bring Me To Life, Haunted, My Immortal, Tourniquet
  • Falco: Rock Me Amadeus (Salieri Mix)
  • Genesis: Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
  • Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard: Batman Begins OST, The Dark Knight OST
  • Hans Zimmer: The Dark Knight Rises OST
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  • Sevendust: My Ruin
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  • Steven Sharp Nelson: Beethoven's Five Secrets, Moonlight
  • Two Steps From Hell: After the Fall, Black Blade, Enigmatic Soul, Forces of Destiny, Freedom Fighters, Heart of Courage, Infinite Legends, Master of Shadows, To Glory
  • Train: Ordinary

Tatiana and Alessandra Ombretta were born identical twins in Monteriggioni, Italy just after midnight on November 1, 1804. They were inseparable growing up, and it was almost impossible to tell them apart, thanks in no small part to their parents dressing them the same. As toddlers, they had developed their own secret “twin language” (in current scientific parlance, cryptophasia) to communicate so that others couldn’t understand. Their family moved to Florence just before the twins entered their teens, and came of age there. Everything seemed to be going just fine, up until a little after the twins turned twenty-five.

Despite Carnevale being outlawed in Venice thirty years previous, it didn’t stop some people from continuing to celebrate it illicitly behind closed doors. It was to one such celebration, on March 1, 1830 (Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday), that Alessa’s life would forever be changed: during the celebration, Tatiana was murdered by an unknown assailant. Alessa would spend most of the next six months locked away in her room, rarely making an appearance with her parents.

In August of 1830, Alessa suddenly did an about-face, seemingly getting herself straightened out after the loss of her twin. But her parents’ concern only grew when Alessa left Florence for Venice, even though they didn’t realize what was really happening: Alessa’s grief had given way to a desire to discover the truth, even if no one else seemed interested. And so, for another six months, she was out and about every night, conducting her own investigation.

Sometimes, though, deciding to find your twin sister’s killer can lead to the most unexpected things...

Kindred Requiem

The murderer of Tatiana Ombretta turned out to be a Khaibit Mekhet vampire of the First Estate named Luisa Allegri. Luisa was contemporaries with at least one Invictus Kindred who was secretly a member of the Ordo Dracul back when they were effectively a secret society, and had learned of the Dragon concept of "following the Dragon's tail". Luisa, however, twisted the concept towards a different purpose: killing Tatiana was nothing more than a test to find a worthy potential childe. Alessa had initially been disqualified from that test, given her initial reaction and subsequent return to Florence. However, when Alessa returned to investigate Tatiana's murder, Luisa was surprised -- and intrigued. She proceeded to test Alessa with all manner of false leads that went nowhere, setting up further trials and tribulations to push her limits and see whether Alessa would break and prove herself unworthy after all. Yet, Alessa’s perseverance and fortitude proved enough to convince Luisa that she had found a worthy childe.

Meeting Alessa on the anniversary of Tatiana’s death on Shrove Tuesday, 1831 at another illicit and private Carnevale celebration, Luisa Embraced Alessa, only to learn that the Embrace opened Alessa’s eyes to a medium ability she’d latently possessed from her mother -– from all indications, Alessa was reunited with Tatiana at that point, and never again were they parted. In the following years, Alessa would become her own Kindred through the ceremony of Manumission, and began a new journey – discovering the truth of her lineage, as she longed to better understand her Khaibit bloodline better.

For most of the following century or more, Alessa did exactly that, traveling from Italy to Egypt, through the Middle East and onwards to India and Tibet. Then back she came, through Rome and Venice before moving on to Madrid, then to London (where she met and subsequently ghouled her assistant, Camilla Pierce), and finally across the Atlantic to New York City, where she remained for more than twenty years.

It is only recently that Alessa heard the rumors of Fallcoast and its seeming plenty. Curious, Alessa and her "entourage" packed their things and moved to Fallcoast. What might happen next is anyone's guess...

RP Hooks
First Estate: Madame Alessandra Ombretta (Soldier of the Invictus / Interpreter of Aramaic, Hindi, Italian and Spanish), childe of Madame Luisa Allegri of Venice. Alessa has been a member of the Invictus in good standing pretty much since her Embrace and later Ceremony of Manumission. However, she has charted her own course more often than not, due in no small part to her travels (more on that below).

Khaibit: Alessa, like her sire, is a member of the Khaibit bloodline. She can sense spirits and has a good working knowledge of many of the shadowy arts of Obtenebration; however, Alessa has taken things much farther than even Obtenebration, and has gone to great lengths to explore alternative means to further hone those advantages granted by her Khaibit lineage.

Kindred Medium: Alessa sees dead people: specifically, she can sense the restless dead who have died at the hands of the Kindred, and can communicate with them (so long as she knows their language -- see her Interpreter rank above in the First Estate for her currently known languages).

Moirai: While Alessa keeps quiet about this particular matter (it is a Shadow Cult, after all), she is ranked as a Seer of the Moirai. As such, it’s not much of a surprise to see her in possession of a tarot deck and performing the occasional readings.

Occult Investigator: A natural result of her particular lineage as a Khaibit bloodline Mekhet, Alessa is someone who will stick her nose into any business that piques her interest. One of her specialties of study is the lore surrounding her bloodline, as their history has been mostly lost to the ages. She is always working on further specializing her knowledge, particularly when it comes to lore surrounding ghosts (perhaps, assuming there can be a peaceful sort of contact, meeting with a Geist to develop an insight into how they relate to ghosts), or spirit lore (understanding animism as the Forsaken do, for instance, is something Alessa is greatly interested in).

Spirit Tongue: Not only can Alessa sense ghosts and spirits through various means and methods, she can also communicate with them as well. Ghosts, she can use normal languages she knows (see Kindred Medium above for details); spirits, on the other hand, she can speak with using the First Tongue. She isn't a "fluent" speaker of the First Tongue the way the Forsaken are, but the Werewolves might be surprised and intrigued by meeting someone who can potentially understand what they're saying, or happens upon her while she's dealing with spirits.

Twin Sister: Alessa has an identical twin sister named Tatiana; however, as Tatiana was the first to enter life, she was also the first to enter death, drained and left for dead by Alessa’s sire as a test to determine worthiness to be her childe. Tatiana was the first ghost Alessa saw upon her awakening from her Embrace (see Kindred Medium above for details), and is never far away from Alessa. If one happens to overhear Alessa murmuring to herself in cryptophasia (a language specifically created by twins that only they can communicate in; this also includes mirrored actions like twin-walk and identical mannerisms, although in Alessa's case those mirrored actions and identical mannerisms can be lost unless Tatiana is Materialized), it is highly likely that she’s in conversation with her twin.

Vampire: Yep, she is one. She likes blood. Yum, blood.

Well-Traveled: Alessa has traveled extensively during her Requiem; in addition to her familiarity with Florence, Venice and the Tuscany region of Italy, Alessa has been through northern Africa (especially Egypt), through the Middle East as far as India and Tibet, back to Spain and then England, and finally to North America, spending a little more than twenty years in New York City before moving to Fallcoast.

Close Contacts

Tatiana (NPC/Ghost Ally): My sister, my twin. The year we were parted was almost more than I could bear. Now that we are together again, let us never be torn asunder.

Camilla Pierce (NPC Ghoul): You have seen much more than you ever imagined since we first met in London, and have proven yourself loyal time and again. Once more unto the breach.


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