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Current Events

Violet June has arranged for: Holiday Tree Lighting Event at the Albergo Gancia. Get into the spirit with an outdoor tree lighting event. Be sure to dress warm. Hot cocoa, peppermint and a bonfire to follow.
Holiday Tree Lighting - Sat Dec 03 16:00 EST. Sanctioned by Management. +Event 3814

Scenic Vistas

xxxxxIt's a gorgeous, rundown hotel on its last legs, but renovations have improved it considerably. It might survive another decade of bookings, but it will need some real tender, loving care to do so. What it's got, it flaunts: beautiful views of the Maine coast out of the majority of rooms and a vista of old-growth trees for the remainder. None overlook the parking lot and nobody is stuck staring at a brick wall.

xxxxxIt's a monolithic reminder of the days of yesteryear when a hotel could be booked all summer long and empty for its winter, yet it continues to move forward through time. the paint endures like the obdurate stone it is shaded like, the floors are original and will outlast most of the generations that will walk on them. Even the chandeliers look timeless and ageless. It's a quaint, somewhat creepy place and the rates are affordable.


xxxxxTo acquire lodging on a temporary basis, a +temproom will suffice. For longer duration stays, requesting permission to join the main build is a requirement. We appreciate your patronage and hope to continue providing in-house delights as well as consummate professional care.

xxxxxThe penthouse and top-most floor is off-limited to guests, vendors, and associates. For all inquiries regarding it, contact Enzo or Maureen for further details. No, it is not for rent, loan, or sale.

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

To join our crew or arrange a room, addcom ag=Albergo Gancia, and once you're aboard, comtitle ag=%xgGuest%xn for those only visiting, and comtitle ag=%xmJob Title%xn for those hired on as employees. To see a list of employees, guests, and staff, check +Faction Albergo Gancia.

Pokemon Go

There is a Pokemon Go gym on the island and a Pokestop at the south and west ends of the hotel grounds. The gym is currently held by Enzo's 3,460 Dragonite. It remains undefeated. The gym is Team Valor, as is the majority of the staff of the Albergo Gancia.


xxxxxThere are plots available for both residents and visitors to the hotel. To get involved, contact the STs. A list of current and resolved plots is located HERE.

Now Hiring

xxxxxThere are opportunities for other players to become involved in the goings-on of the Albergo Gancia and join the family. A hotel caters to all guests, provided there is room enough for them, and misbehaving guests will find the doors open on the way but closed for the way in, per the custom. Some of the job opportunities and guest engagements are listed below.
Note: If you expect a sales pitch offering you a job, you will be disappointed. Someone who wishes to work for the Albergo Gancia must ask for the opportunity. Interview scenes can be arranged. Zero offers will be made, going forward.

  • Bellhops: ferrying luggage to and from clients' rooms and providing car services. Tips forthcoming, as a rule.
  • Cleaning Crew: maids and housekeepers have obvious duties, and sometimes figure out other means of earning. That's their prerogative, so long as the house gets a cut.
  • Bartenders: handling drink orders, maintaining the Marple Lounge, possibly working on private junkets on the hotel's personal fleet of sailing vessels.
  • Groundskeeper: keeping the place looking nice, from the outside. Includes painting, roofing, and road repair.
  • Security: keeping our clients safe and sound. May also include special cleaning duties. Tips forthcoming, as a rule.
  • Regular Guests: clients who book rooms frequently. Get to know the employees and be known by them.
  • Stage Acts: there is a stage area in the ballroom. The planned theme is burlesque and musical groups suitable for the guests.

The Marple Lounge

xxxxxSituated equidistant from the front doors to the ballroom, the lounge is arranged with enough chairs and small tables to allow almost any size group to converse privately among themselves, or for individuals to make a quiet place to recuperate without being fully reclusive. The bar boasts a living saltwater fish tank with unique aquatic life not found easily. The wine list is impressive, as is the house rum, and they can arrange for liquors to suit all tastes to be delivered by day's end. All in all, it's a cozy, comfortable place to unwind. The waitstaff are diligent and understand privacy.


The outside of the Albergo GanciaOne of the more unique corridors
The lobby and front desk areaA typical suite for the usual guest The Marple LoungeMaureen and Enzo's personal golf cart

We Believe In Hospitality.


Location: Raconteur Island
Contact: Enzo Gancia
Maureen Gancia
Hours: 24/7
Unofficial Song You've Heard This Song


Marple Lounge:
Grounds Team:
Front Desk:
Training Program: