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Aisling Nola O'Donnell

“The key to Immortality is to live a life worth remembering.” – Bruce Lee


Enigmatic. That's the word that best describes the woman going by the name of "Aisling O'Donnell". She is the newest addition to the Fallcoast Police Department, a transfer from New York City with a storied past full of tragedy, and triumph. Those in the know would have heard of this young Detective, having served with honor and distinction in New York and having been a principle player in bringing down a drug cartel. She now lives and works in Fallcoast full time. Her transfer placed her under the watch of her fellow officers for her own protection, no doubt doing so to keep her safe from retaliation.

-True Identity: IC Knowledge Only

  • Purified Immortal: Aisling Nola O'Donnell is an eight hundred year old Immortal. She was born in Northern Ireland in 1216, perhaps you are an immortal? Or a vampire? An Eternal? ( I welcome RP tie-in's with older characters from any period of history and any sphere.)
  • Real Name: Ciarrah Fiona Luighdech

-Aisling Nola O'Donnell

  • Graduated State University of New York with BS in Criminal Law.
  • Graduated NYPD Police Cadet Corps
  • Former NYPD Patrol Officer, Promoted to Detective after assisting in a successful drug bust in early 2015.
  • Decorated: NYPD Police Combat Cross, Purple Shield, Meritorious Police Duty with Commendation for Integrity and Community service.
  • Detective Fallcoast Police Department: New Transfer, General Crimes Division. Badge Number 1701
  • Youthful Appearance: Aisling does not look her age, as many people tell her, she's been gifted with a youthful appearance. This has become something of an issue with her being treated as a "young rookie"
  • Decorated Police Officer: Aisling received several awards including the NYPD Purple shield for being shot in the line of duty. This is public information.
  • Orphan: Aisling's parents were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver when she was 10. They were on vacation.
  • Irish: Born and raised, from Ireland. Has a nice accent to go with it.

-Aisling Mortal Goals

  • Continue to serve with honor and distinction in the FPD
  • Earn a promotion
  • Head a major crimes unit

-Aisling Immortal Goals

  • Protect the people of Fallcoast and defend them against the shadow and all evil.

The Beginning and the Transition Period - AD 1216 to AD 1244

  • AD 12 NOV 1216 - Ciarrah Fiona Luighdech born in Northern Ireland
  • AD 1232 - "You survive a few years alone, stealing and doing what you can to survive? You're bound to get caught.." Ciarrah is caught by her soon to be new Master. A choice given to serve or be tossed aside to the authority.
  • AD 1232 to AD 1242 - Ciarrah spends an entire decade with her Master.
  • AD 1242 - AD 1244 - The period of meditation, and reflection, the start and finish of the Inner Path. Ciarrah is now 28 years old and Officially a Purified during the ending of 1244.

The Growth Period - AD 1244 to AD 1264

  • AD 1244 to AD 1264 - Ciarrah spends these next twenty years learning to be an Immortal. Learning to become more than she was. Growing in to a new person. AD 1264 is the first Dark period of her life. Her Master, and her, part ways. Though not by choice. The Demon Hound of Caacrinolaas confronts them both, and her Master chooses to fight it, giving Ciarrah a blade and sending her running for her Immortal Life.

The Interregnum - AD 1264 to AD 1510. A period lasting 246 Years. (( Plenty of Opportunity Here ))

The European Lady - AD 1510 to AD 1720.

  • AD 1510 - Aisling becomes a lady in waiting to Catherine of Aragon, Queen Consort of England and Wife of King Henry VIII of England. Her current Identity is that of Catherine Gage.
  • AD 1533 - AD 1536 - Aisling remains a faithful servant of Catherine of Aragon until her death. At this time Aisling vanishes from society and stays on the edges of modern life.
  • AD 1545 - Aisling returns to normal life in Spain, she is now known as Isabel Cortes, a Spanish noble woman.
  • AD 1550 - Isabel Cortes (Aisling) Travels to Italy. Meets Michael Angelo
  • AD 1580 - Aisling now goes by the name, Alessandra Rosa a widow of a powerful Italian Banker. Aisling travels between Florence and Rome and meets Galileo Galilei during this time also assisting him with his financial issues due to his sisters.
  • AD 1620 - Aisling travels to France and is now going by the name Linette Allore. Linette Allore becomes a lady in waiting for Henrietta Maria of France. Linette Allore is assigned to Henrietta Maria's household. During this period, Aisling meets a seamstress that will soon become a close friend. Luci and Aisling meet when Luci is called in to Maria's household and is placed on retainer for her skills as a seamstress. The two first meet when Luci is commissioned to make a dress for her and the other girls of the household. The two become fast friends as the years pass on and discover that they are both Immortals of a different type.
  • AD 1625 - Linette Allore, Lady in waiting to Henrietta Maria, travels with Henrietta to England after her marriage to Charles the I.
  • AD 1670 to AD 1704 - A period of World traveling in which Aisling ends up in Russia. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Aisling does her best to fight off a group of raiders before being captured and then rescued by Yun She spends the next several years traveling alongside Yun as a mercenary. By 1704 Aisling has had enough of conflict and departs for the new world.

The Modern Lady - AD 1720 to Present

  • AD 1720 to AD 1800 - Aisling travels around south America, thanks to her money. She lives the life of Alexia Alves during this time.
  • AD 1800 - AD 1820 - Aisling travels through Mexico to Texas
  • AD 1835 - Texas declares independence from Mexico, Aisling leaves Mexico at this time and travels North America during this time.
  • AD 1914 - The start of World War 1, Aisling attempts to help by living the life of a Nurse and helping the soldiers that return from the war. Another meeting with Yun
  • AD 1917 - World War 1 Ends, Aisling returns to the edge of society.
  • AD 1939 - WW2 Begins, Aisling travels to England during this period, creates a new ID and joins the SOE and serves in the SOE as Faithe Hughes until the end of WW2
  • AD 1945 - WW 2 ends, Aisling retreats into hiding while returning to the USA.
  • AD 1955 - AD 1975 Aisling lives the life of an Army Nurse helping soldiers from North Korea and Vietnam, retreats into hiding after the war ends. (Goes by the name, Annette Frost)
  • AD 1989 - AD 2015 Aisling Nola O'Donnell is the current identity. Aisling is a Fallcoast City Police Officer. General Crimes Detective.

Armory and Equipment

GlockGen4-Lead.jpgGlock 27 1 312264.jpg


Rob Dougan - Speed Me Towards Death

I don't want to die slowly
I don't want to decay
I want to be chosen
I want to be made
I don't want to die lonely and weary of life
I will not be earthbound
I'm gonna fly

Rob Dougan - Left Me For Dead

And I say, I won't rest my head until Hell is your home
You'll think that you're safe, but oh, no...
You'll feel the cold of my gun hit your head
Ah, you left me for dead (left me for dead)
And you didn't stay close to me, didn't stay by my side
I was choking in blood as delight filled your eyes
You will burn for each word that you said
Cause you left me for, left me for, left me for dead


"Like two ships lost in the night, we stumble upon one another yet again."


"I've got your back partner, now and always."

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