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"If you hurt me, I wouldn't cry. I would hurt you back."
~ Holly Black; The Cruel Prince


xxxxxAlong with her cohort from the opposite side, Thomas King, Aileen Robinson recently escaped the Thorns and is here now, settling into the Fallcoast area. A member of the Winter Court, she is quiet until she has something to say. Hope she doesn't open her mouth in your direction--this White Queen is anything but meek.

The White Queen, Looking Pretty

xxxxx Moderately tall, this pale woman is leeched of color. Her skin is literally alabaster, and her eyes are diamonds in a way it's hard to tell where she's looking. Her hair sparkles without color as well. The only bit of color she comes by naturally is on her lips--the color of garnets. Despite her strange, albino appearance, she's lovely all the same.

xxxxx Her regal bearing is natural, her curves moderate on a toned, but not muscular, body. She has the legs of a runner. She usually wears jeans and t-shirts or sweaters that have seen hard work.

xxxxx A bit of a chill follows her wherever she goes, no matter the weather, and the occasional snowflake drifts into view when looking at her.


Sun-snowflake.pngChangeling: She is one.

Sun-snowflake.pngWinter: Onyx Arrow, represent.

Sun-snowflake.pngFemme Fatale: She's not looking for a fight, but if you start it, she'll finish it.

Sun-snowflake.pngParkour: She keeps fit by free-running.

Sun-snowflake.png Armor & Armor Accessories: She makes armor and the accessories that go with armor.


Court summer.pngKing - Tom's my oldest friend as a Lost. A bit of a bastard. My kinda bastard though.

Court winter.pngLillith - My writer, my love, my goth princess. Don't tell her I called her that last one.

Court autumn.pngKatya ~ Lillith's twin and her delightful opposite. A good friend.

Geist the sin-eaters.pngBoyd - The twins' little brother and a darling, to boot. I appreciate him and his friendship. And his view of the world.

Court autumn.pngMae - A bit odd. I want to dig deeper and see what's under the odd.

Court summer.pngTessa - Homeless, and naturally wary. But I think I can get to like her. Offered to work off the cost of a blade, so.

Breed bastet.pngSaparra - B&E novice, feisty. Cute. Perhaps apprentice.






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Vital Stats

Full Name: Aileen Robinson
Appears As: Aileen
Birth Date: January 5th
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Chainmail Creator
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust
Sphere: Changeling
Court: Winter
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Treasured
Keeper: The True Self
Motley: The Cavalry

Notable Stats

Crafts Metalworking
Empathy Detecting Lies
Expression Jewelrymaking
Athletics Dodging
Mantle (Winter) ••
Striking Looks
Fame (Armorsmith)


Emilie Autumn - Fight Like a Girl
There is no such thing as justice
All the best that we can hope for is revenge
A hostile takeover
An absolute rebellion to the end
This is our battle cry
I'm giving you a head start
You're going to need it