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“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten”
- Neil Gaiman


 Bookicon.png Overview
xxxxxRaised amidst banality, Abigail struggled with normalcy as she grew older. Seeing the dead only complicated matters, some times blending with the living at times when she couldn't quite tell the difference. Her parents disturbed, Abigail's life included, regularly, therapy for these particular issues. Otherwise, a love for books, for knowledge, developed into a career that she pursued through the medium of education. Eventually, she would earn a place as a public librarian, securing her vocation.
 Bookicon.png Hooks

A Sort-of Tale of Two Cities - Born and raised in the nearby Hanging Hills, Abigail (like many natives to that area) doesn't agree that the Hanging Hills is merely a suburb of Fallcoast. It has its own history, its own beating heart. Yet the proximity alone of the metropolitan monster next door insured that not only did Abigail get a helping of insular small town upbringing, but a very, very large influence of the big city too. She moves between both comfortably and easily with familiarity.

Public Work - Abigail serves her community by working as a librarian in the public library of Hanging Hills. When she isn't getting herself into trouble, she's working a (sort of) nine to five buried in the stacks. Do you like books? Read much? Or are you just looking for information. She knows, and does, all of these things.

Occultism - Although appearing very down to earth with a sense of style from some weird bygone era, Abigail doesn't seem at first glance to be terribly abnormal. And yet. Within small occult circles, she's well known about her hometown for her interest in occult. Not only an interest, but a growing wealth of knowledge. She might even be classed as an expert in some niches of the topic.

The Dead and Me - From earliest childhood, Abigail has been acquainted with the restless dead. Or the dead. Or ghosts. Ghosts is the term she herself will use to refer to these spectres of the departed. Some are benign, some are boring, some are downright dangerous. She has always been able to see them and, in her adolescence, developed a knack to summon them to her person. More troubling, Abigail has the ability to open gates to the underworld itself--a terrible talent for a mere mortal to have.

Just Mortal - No, really. Abigail is no supernatural entity save for an unusual amount of psychic ability that she herself is aware of, and largely in control of. Due to this, her experience with the truly supernatural (beyond the dead) is vastly limited. She might know a rumor or two about magery, or heard something of werewolves, but she isn't quite sure she believes it. That would be really weird!

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Full Name: Abigail Sarah Marsh
Apparent-Age: Early Thirties
Occupation: Librarian
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Epicurean

Height: 5'8"
Hair/Eyes: Auburn/Mahogany

Template: Mortal+
Defining Merit: Death-Sight
Group:  ???

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