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If there is effort, there is always accomplishment.
~ Jigoro Kano; founder of Judo


xxxxxThe Thyrsus who calls herself Pomme was born Abbie Marriot in the spring of 1998. The Marriots were one of those new wave of hippie-granola types that proliferated towards the beginning of the New Millenium. As such it would be hard to call them necessarily 'normal'. But they weren't supernatural beyond the standard issue slew of New Age-y beliefs in things like the healing power of crystals and meditation. Abbie is the eldest of five children. She's super used to babysitting, though now that she's somewhat established in her own right those requests have come less and less frequently. It probably helps that her siblings are getting to be of the age where they can fulfill any babysitting on their own. There are some benefits to being eldest, after all! Abbie grew up on her family's property, several acres of land left more or less to nature's designs in the Hanging Hills. She was never are of the supernatural in the proper sense of the word until the day of her Awakening.

xxxxxThough she loves her family dearly, one of the most exciting moments of her life was when she went off to college at Saint John's University to study botany. Over her parents' strenuous protests that it would make just another 'mainstream drone' out of her. But to young Abbie there was no need to separate the modern way of life and something supposedly 'more meaningful' so harshly. Intent on finding a way to meld the two seamlessly in her own life, she set out to find her own path.

xxxxxAbbie's Awakening seems, in retrospect, like an act of fate more than the accident it seemed at the time. A careless mistake in the botany lab left Abbie in a delirious state. She wandered the campus as her body strove to fight off the effects of the compound that had been absorbed through her skin, seeing a brighter and more vibrant world superimposed over the world of the Sleepers. Those with long memories at the campus might still remember the 'idiot freshman who got stoned and tried to sign her Abbie on the door to the admin's office'. Thankfully it became apparent that her actions were the result of unintentional intoxication rather than recreational. For Abbie herself, her signature was nothing less than signing a piece of herself over to the watchtower of the Thyrsus. Now one of the Shaman, Abbie spent the next several years balancing and absorbing the knowledge of both Awakened and Sleeper science. The result is an admixture even she will admit is somewhat peculiar. If not downright odd. Real Luna Lovegood vibes off of this one, at times. Naturally, this well-meaning misfit found herself drawn to the Free Council.

xxxxxIt was in her early days as part of the Granite Coast Consilium that she met Candle, her Mentor in things both radical and compassionate. It was this Acanthus who inducted her into her Legacy, the Roses of Eden. Candle, for her own personal reasons, has moved on. But they are still in close and regular contact. Regular coffe-and-bitch sessions keep such bonds strong, nearly as much as that of magic. The Roses of Eden called to Abbie (now known as 'Pomme') with their attempts to blend the disparate magics of the world and their disdain for the stratification of the Atlantean Orders.

xxxxxAbbie has made a bit of a Abbie for herself in local magical circles as an open-minded person. She has yet to make some of the more frowned upon waves that some of her Legacy have made, though surely the mistrust that some of the other Orders have for the Roses probably have attached themselves to her by association. Her honest efforts to avoid unnecessary conflict and help those in need have so far garnered enough goodwill to see her left in relative peace. Who knows how long that could possibly last?


xxxxxWords will go here soon.


Bullethole.png Mage: She is one.

Bullethole.png Free Council: Welcome to the new age.

Bullethole.png Thyrsus: Reach out, touch faith.


Medic.png NAME - Will say something here at some point.

Medic.png NAME - Will say something here at some point.

Medic.png NAME - Will say something here at some point.


No logs have been posted yet.




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Vital Stats

Full Name: Abigail Elspeth Marriot
Appears As: Abbie
Birth Date: May 1st, 1998
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Holistic Healer
Virtue: Dreamer
Vice: Lust
Sphere: Mage
Order: Free Council
Path: Thyrsus
Shadowname: Pomme
Cabal: None yet.

Notable Stats

Skills Of Note
SKILL •••••
SKILL •••••
SKILL •••••
MERIT •••••
MERIT •••••
MERIT •••••


You're Gonna Go Far, Kid ~ The Offspring
Show me how to lie
You're getting better all the time
And turning all against the one
Is an art that's hard to teach
Another clever word
Sets off an unsuspecting herd
And as you step back into line
A mob jumps to their feet