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"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear." -
C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed
Mortal Profile
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Fullname Name:
Aaron N. Abernathy
Family Affiliation:
Abernathy (Family Status *****)
Date of Birth:
September 5, 1890 / November 10, 1986
Grad Student / "Funeralist"
Virtue / Vice:
Stoicism / Apathy
Apparent Age:
Late Twenties
Height / Build:
6'0" / Lean
Hair / Eyes:
Dark-brown / Blue


Changeling: Whispers
Also Known As...
Hush, Mister Hush, Mister Snow
The Crone
Hushwight / Snowskin / Whisperwisp
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Seasonal Alignment:
The Onyx Court (Mantle *****)
Court Title:
Flowing Page
Court Role:
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Freehold Affiliation:
Sentinel Rock
Freehold Position:
Ghost Whisperer
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Wyrd Relationships (Contracts):
  • Eternal Winter ❄❄❄
  • Fleeting Winter ❄❄❄
  • Shade & Spirit ❄❄❄❄❄
  • Sorrow-Frozen Heart ❄❄
Roleplay Hooks
  • Changeling - Aaron is one of those that got taken someplace extraordinary, stayed a bit longer than anticipated, and changed (physically and mentally) by the whole ordeal. He doesn't really remember his time in Faerie. What little he recalls are in flashes from the fugue of his subconsciousness.
  • Off-Kilter Weirdo - He is a member of the Abernathy family that is best known for its more...eccentricities within Fallcoast. Some of the more recent relatives of the family say that he resembles a distant relative from some time ago.
  • Winter is coming... - He's a sworn courtier of the Onyx Court. From his time out of the Hedge, Aaron has been a long standing member to the Court of Sorrow. Perhaps the exploration of their affiliated emotion is something that he feels comfort in. Comfort in sorrow is a strange thing indeed. But he is an Abernathy, and they tend to associate themselves with strangeness. It may have something to do with understanding the importance of loss, grief, sadness, and secrecy that have intrigued him for years.
  • The Ghost Whisperer - He is a Priest to the Speakers for the Dead. To be able to speak with those that have left this mortal coil, and help them with the unfinished business they left behind, or to be able to provide them with an appropriate farewell. He sees this as a noble role within the Changeling (and mortal) world.
  • Speaking of whisperer... - Aaron is not the sort of person that carries a loud and pronounced voice. It's not overzealous, not boisterous, not louder than the sound one makes when gently rubbing two fingers together on a dry winter afternoon. He's known to be soft-spoken, speaking in a hushed whisper like he's telling a secret for your ears only.
  • Lifelong Learner (literally) - When the sun sets, you will find Aaron Abernathy attending St. John's University. He prefers night classes. Some say he's going for a degree in social services. Others think it's psychology/counseling. Others have seen him in the labs for mortuary sciences. Maybe it's all three.
  • Sorry for your loss... - You may find him walking through cemeteries, or attending the funerals of others, lending an ear and silently hearing those that have lost loved ones. Sometimes people find this a comfort. Others find this unusual. Have I mentioned he's an an Abernathy?
  • Contacts - Despite his stand offish demeanor, Aaron actually knows some people. A list of them and his opinions can be found here.
  • Logs - Aaron sometimes gets involved. Sometimes he's regularly active. Logs can be found here.

Mantle & Mein (Wyrd ❄❄❄❄)
Court winter.png

xxxxxFew people know really what lies behind the shadows that are cast. The Darkling that stands before you seems to have an intimate understanding of what the shadows and the nighttime really mean. To those that can see past his Mask, sees a gentleman that keeps something of his youthful appearance; but Wyrd has twisted and preserved it within ice and darkness.
xxxxxWhile he is still slightly above average in height, there appears to be something more exaggerated about his stature, making him look willowy and skeletal in frame--like the modern tales of slender men with no faces. His fingers spindly; with frostbitten, necrotic, blackened fingernails. Beyond the Lie that is a mortal face, his pallor is paler and haunted. His eyes are sunken far back in his head, revealing only pale orb that contain the flecks of ice-blue chips. His dark chestnut-brown hair is now a more snow-white in color. Poking out of his ghost-white and messy hair are a pair of elongated ears, which look painfully sharp at the tips of them and narrower in width.
xxxxxHis connection to the Wyrd mixes within his attire and reveals one connected to the Court of Sorrow. He is dressed in a pair of dark blue (bordering on indigo) pants, and A matching turtleneck to compliment the pants. Depending on the lighting, look to flicker with the subtle traces of snow crystals. He wears a blazer in a lighter shade of blue than his pants and shirt. His shoes are a black leather Oxford that are two-toned style about them. He finishes off his ensemble with a black leather belt with a thin silver buckle to them. As he walks by, one can feel a brief nip in the air and see the remnants of fresh-fallen snow in his wake. The scent of wintergreen is crisp, like those trees far off atop high mountains.

Simone Otto - Death In Winter

A dark cold bites at my soul,
Beckoning me to join it.
I recognize the feeling,
I tear away it’s claws from my throat.

I look up to a light,
And see your face.
So angelic, so pure.
It brings tears to my eyes.

Though I know it’s an illusion.
I know by the cold, crystal air.
It bites into my soul.
I let it take me,
I let myself fall.
Fall into the Abyss,
To join you and Winters dark death.

To sleep, perchance to dream (Dream Cheat Sheet)


The Plunge: 1 Glamour allows the oneirophysic to plunge immediately into a lucid dream state, entering the dreams of a sleeper she is in physical contact with.

  • If contact is broken or the oneiropomp's body disturbed, roll res + comp + wyrd at the beginning of each turn to maintain the dream
  • Exceptional success = dream maintained for full scene
  • Failure = she awakens and is at -2 for all actions for the remainder of the scene due to disorientation

Dream Invading - The old fashioned way.

  • 1 Glamour (with an active dreamwork pledge)
  • Extended res + comp roll (16 succs needed)
  • Res + Comp again to awaken (for oneiropomp)
  • Lucid Dreamers can try to awaken (their Res + Comp VS my Wits + Emp + Wyrd)
  • Non-lucud dreamers are stuck for it.

Dream Intensity

  • Dreamer's wits + resolve
  • 9/again on Recurring & Memory dreams
  • 8/again Recurring Memory dreams
  • Wits + Occult + Wyrd + Intensity to determine if prophetic (only an exceptional grants knowledge of how likely it is to happened and how to avoid it. Changes to a prophetic dream end it immediately; considered unlucky by dreamworkers).
  • Scouring intensity is wits + emp + wyrd - intensity. Dropping below 1 ends the dream (oneiropomp can spend a WP to maintain)


  • If the Intensity is higher than the dreamer's WP, no WP regain upon awakening/wake screaming.
  • The # of Derangements subtract from WP requirement (2 derangements = 5WP dreamer needing only a 3 Intensity dream) and nightmares generally focus on aspects of their derangements.

Dream Analysis

  • Wits + emp - intensity

Implant Subliminals

  • Wits + emp + intensity
  • 1 succ = 1 trigger.
  • 1 week effect
  • For that week, oneiropomp has total succs as bonus dice to all manip rolls against dreamer.

Learn the Dreamer

  • Wits + Emp + Wyrd
  • Extended, 1 roll per night.
  • Each five succs = learning 1 detail about the dreamer (virtue, vice, derangement, WP, mental/social merit, mental/social flaw)

Dream Therapy

  • Wits + emp + wyrd
  • Each night of dream work = 1 week of psychotherapy


  • 1 Glamour, Wits + Emp + Wyrd VS dreamer's Wits + Resolve
  • Intensity of resulting dream is net succs of contested roll
  • Or lazy way is scour to 0, pay 2 Glamour.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this wiki page
Please Note: The content on this page is provided for Out of Character reading pleasure only, and is not to be used In Character without reasonably-justified knowledge of the events or information provided. If you have questions about using this information In Character, Be Excellent and contact the player or staff.
Notable Stats
  • Intelligence •••
  • Wits •••
  • Resolved •••
  • Composure •••

  • Academics ••• - Research
  • Investigation •••• - Autopsy Diagnoses, Rumors
  • Subterfuge ••• - Spotting lies
  • Stealth ••• - Hiding in shadows
  • Medicine ••• - Goblin fruits
  • Occult ••• - Funeral rites, Ghosts, Underworld Lore
  • Science ••
  • Emnpathy •••
  • Expression •••
  • Intimidation ••

  • Ghost Ally (Emily) •••••
  • Mythologist •••
  • Supernatural Esteem - Ghosts
  • Emotional Detachment •
  • Tolerance for Biology •
  • Rigid Mask ••
  • Harvest - Sorrow
  • Indomitable •
  • Trained Observer •
  • Resources •••
  • Language(s) - Mourning Cant, French

  • Aloof
  • Lost Love
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