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A02 - Pigeon Hill - Fallcoast


Once upon a time, pigeons were called rock doves, and people really liked them. Now, they're seen as 'rats with wings,' filthy animals who plague cities, and on Pigeon hill, their gray bodies just blend into the landscape. West of the industrial area of Moosetown, the streets stay grimy but stop being quite so industrial; they give way to broken concrete sidewalks and old, duplexes six-to-a-row townhomes interspersed with small, crowded corner stores, run-down bank branches, tiny discount drugstores and the occasional grocery store like an oasis in this food desert. Even the apartment buildings are multiple decades old. Graffiti and trash are the constant companions of foot traffic here; the bus route signs are new, but that's about it.

Streets here are lit only occasionally at night; those lights which work are often disabled intentionally by residents. Police response times are subpar at best, due both to the disrepair of streets and distance from dispatch. Despite the greasy feel in the air and the lack of afflunce, there are occasional true attempts to bring life to the area; community centers struggle but stay open, and here and there a vacant lot has been turned into a semi-clean playground.

Another reason for the low rent and low housing quality lies just to the west in the Fallcoast International Airport. The roar of planes taking off day and night, rattling windows and shelves alike.

Places of Note