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Mystery Cult Initiation

Merit: Mystery Cult Initiation (• to •••••)

This Merit is a blanket term for family cults, religious organizations, secret societies, deviant denomination, doomsday cults, cabals of occultists, splinter groups, subversive groups, and suicide cults. The common thread of these cults come from some manner of esoteric belief that cultists share. They may include everything from abuse to brainwashing, crime and mass suicide. Mystery Cult Initiation can be used to represent mundane organizations as well as supernatural ones. If you feel your group would like to be a part of such an organization, or have a Mystery Cult you'd like to join, contact us!

+req/sphere Cults/MCI=Your message.

Joining, Belonging

At present, all Mystery Cults are player-ran organizations. In order to join a Mystery Cult, you will need to get the approval of the Mystery Cult leadership. Once you have gained approval, put in a request as above, and tag the cult leadership to the job. You will need to have the necessary XP for the one-dot merit.

Your Merit reflects your membership. The dot rating dictates your standing. Climbing the ranks will require some time (we'd like a week between MCI increases).

Multiple Cults: Membership in a Mystery Cult takes time, energy, resources, or any combination of those three. Being involved in more than one Mystery Cult is a strain on those things. Accordingly, if a character is a member of more than one Mystery Cult, she is limited to 3 dots of the MCI merit, total. He can be in 3 cults at rank 1, or one cult at rank 2 and one cult at rank 1.

Leaving, Quitting, Rejection: If a character is no longer part of a Mystery Cult, he or she will have several options for handling the MCI merit, and we will be handling this on a case by case basis. Options include XP refunds, rebuying merits at a 'justified' cost, etc.

Sustaining Membership: We require 3 members to have a Mystery Cult be approved for use. We would like Mystery Cults to be sustained at 3 members. That being said, you can write up an idea for a Mystery Cult and have it pre-approved prior to finding the players for it, but you will not be able to buy the Mystery Cult Initiation merit until you have at least three players.

Creating a Cult

xxxxxSubmitting a Mystery Cult requires:

  • Three members. As with all our other groups, you need at least three members in a Mystery Cult to create it.
  • Purpose: an outline of the group's purpose and stated goals, along with the reason the group exists.
  • Relic: this is more accurately an artifact and may not even be magical in nature. Staff must approve your relic for you to continue. It is best to be thinking about the precise stats and nature of the relic, saving the approval of it for the final piece of your job.
  • Doctrine: the rules and traditions of your cult.
  • Bonuses: the 1 to 5 bonuses of the Merit.
    • It is best to think of one or two alternatives for every level, especially Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5.


xxxxxYour Merit should resemble:

  • Level 1: A Skill Specialty OR 1-dot Merit
    • Level 1 costs 2xp, but has a value of 3 xp OR 2 xp
    • When choosing either, have alternatives: A Skill Specialty OR a Skill Specialty. A 1-dot Merit OR a 1-dot Merit, A Skill Specialty OR A 1-Dot Merit
  • Level 2: A 1-dot Merit OR a 1-dot Merit
    • Level 2 costs 4xp, and has a value of 2 xp OR 2 xp
  • Level 3: A Skill dot OR a 2-dot Merit
    • Level 3 costs 6xp, but has a value of 3/6/9/12/15 xp depending on character OR 6 xp
  • Level 4: A 3-dot Merit OR a 3-dot Merit, often supernatural
    • Level 4 costs 8xp, and has a value of 12 xp OR 12 xp
  • Level 5: A 3-dot Merit OR a 3-dot Merit, often supernatural
    • Level 5 costs 10xp, but has a value of 12 xp OR a major advantage

Please remember:

  • Balance: Every MCI is basically being compared to every other MCI for a somewhat universal design. If Staff asks you to change something it is only out of balance reasons.
  • CGen: Traits that can only be taken in Character Creation cannot be purchased through this Merit.
  • Drawbacks: If the Merit you choose has a Drawback or similar Cost, it must be kept intact.
  • Fighting Styles: No Fighting Style may be used as a Merit inside of an MCI.
  • Initiation: Each initiation should be outlined, along with all Prerequisites (in addition to any Prerequisites that the Merits themselves have). Initiations should include things like Flaws for ritual scarification or loss of ear, eye, finger, or so forth. In general, the closer to 31 xp the Merit becomes, the less need for things like a Flaw to appear in the Initiations somewhere.
  • Major Advantages: Your Major Advantage should be contained somewhere in the game books. This is not an opportunity to create home-brew house ruled mischief.
  • Prerequisites: All Prerequisites must be met, so Initiation to a level containing a Trait with a Prerequisite must contain that Prerequisite.
  • Skills vs. Major Advantages or the Supernatural: Your Mystery Cult Initiation should be worth approximately 44 xp, but can range in value as low as 31 xp when Skill dots are involved. In general, if you include major advantages or supernatural merits, you may not take Skill dots.
  • Template: If a Trait requires a Prerequisite, such as Astral Projection, the initiation for that level must contain as a Prerequisite the proper Template, such as only Psychics or only Vampires.
    • You may not use the Mystery Cult Initiation to force someone to do a Becoming. Players may not have slots open and may not want to force their character to freeze. Bear that in mind when level 3 or level 4 requires being a Ghoul or Vampire.
  • Variable: Any Trait that has a variable component, such as Relic or Familiar must be outlined as a choice between two varieties and must be approved by Staff in their respective department before the MCI is approved. Retainers, Staff, Allies, Contacts and similar, having only minor variation, remain the prevue of the player requesting that level and should be listed as Allies (Cultists) or Retainer (Member Of The Cult).
    • Relic or Relic, for example, might be Relic (Knife of Zuul) or Relic (Buckler of Ziin)
    • Animal Retainer, for example, might be Owls or Toads are allowed at Hogwarts.
    • Skill dot or Skill dot, for example, might be Brawl or Weaponry.

xxxxxWe want you to enjoy your project. These can be tough to navigate and negotiate. But please understand that the criteria we are using is being kept as universal as possible so that each Mystery Cult Initiation somewhat equals every other Mystery Cult Initiation in overall value.

Active Mystery Cults

To have your cult appear on this list, please add the Group Template to your wiki. Make sure to add Category:Mystery Cults to the wiki.

No Cults yet, better add yours!