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The Opposition

Dramatis Personae

April, Haywood, Lain, Kristy

11 December, 2015

OMEGA agents set off for a routine pick-up but instead have their first encounter with the opposition.


The Far North

Mission time! Kristy addressed the small squad back at HQ - "This should be a cakewalk" She announces as She strides into the briefing room. "The longest part will be the flight up there. Oh...and pack for cold weather." She looks down at her iPad before continuing. "We have intel..." She likes using buzzwords like that, "...that a psychic of great power is hiding out in a cabin in the north of Canada. Our job is to extract him. By diplomacy if possible. By zapping his ass and bringing him back if not." She looks over to April. "This guy likes his animals so we need you to convince them not to attack. Haywood is muscle." Though that does make Kristy snort...in a kind way. "Lain will be main negotiator and I'll be on overwatch. Any questions?"

"We live in Maine!" April teases to the boss lady. "We're already packed for cold weather. By default!" She says playfully while She reaches down to pat the black Labrador that always seems to follow her wherever She goes. "Should be a snap. And with Pawesome here it might be even easier!" She says. "Right boy! Be a team player!" She says and scritches the animal behind his ears which earns a happy fawning whine from the mutt. The girl herself dressed in some very form fitting old blue jeans and a black hoodie. Old black leather combat boots hugging her feet. A hint of more layers peeking under the hem and sleeves of the hoodie keeping her warm.

Haywood packed lightly for the cold weather, at the very least he's not decked out in poofy jackets and ski masks like he probably ought to without his capabilities. He seems to have made up for that with the amount of tech toys he's brought. "Do we know anything about the guy aside from having his animals?" He only smirked slightly at being labeled as muscle, but he did remember to pack a gun at the very least. "Like if he's got mind control or fireballs or something?"

"Do I have permission to run and scream like a little girl if a Kodiak bear charges at me?" Lain asks in her most diplomatic tone. She takes a deep breath and then nods once, rolling her shoulders as She does so. "That does seem fairly straightforward, truthfully. "There's a thoughtful frown on the girl's lips as She considers what She is going to say next. "I think I'm as prepared as I'll ever be." Lain is also dressed fairly lightly given the possibility of weather. Maroon sweater, skirt, heels to make her at least slightly taller than five feet while around the office. She either has other ways of keeping herself warm or She likes to freeze. "It should be interesting in any case."

"Are you supposed to run from bears?" Kristy asks rhetorically before shrugging. "We should look that up before we go. As for the target, all I know is that he's powerful and alone...and probably lonely. He may be able to do all kinds of things but there are four of us..." A glance at Pawesome. "Five. So we should be able to deal with him. He's never been aggressive...just solitary. Okay, let's get going. If you need a weapon then one will be given to you. Please make a note of all bullet expenditures."

"Or just take the cost of a box of ammunition out of our pay!" April suggests brightly. "If a bear charges us though it will totally only want to cuddle and be loved. Trust me on that!" says the girl that does a mean Doctor Doolittle. "Actually if the target isn't aggressive and likes animals our four legged friend might just be our in with this guy!" the very short young blonde points out.

"I can always try to access any security cameras or smart phones that may be on the property before we get there? Or is this one of those cabin in the woods style hermits?" Haywood tilts his head and holds out a hand for the iPad. "Unknown powerful psychics sounds like we're going up against a cranky professor X".

"If a bear charges you it might want to cuddle but if it charges me I assure you it wants my blood," Lain responds in a somewhat wry tone. She takes a deep breath and then carefully exhales, repeating the gesture a handful more times before adjusting her shirt. "Alright, well. When do we leave? May as well get things done promptly." There's Lain titling her head left as She looks around the room and eventually lets her gaze settle on Haywood. "I certainly hope he isn't Professor X. Four of us wouldn't be enough. Maybe he is just... Wolverine. Minus the adamantium. That wouldn't be as bad."

"Cabin in the woods" Kristy nods to Haywood before handing over the iPad. "No trace of surveillance but even if there was he isn't on the grid. No internet. Not even any wireless signals. This guy is old school...or just so old he doesn't care." A smile for Lain. "We're going now. A plane is waiting at the airport and we should be back tomorrow. Hopefully you won't have to cancel any Christmas shenanigans."

The little blonde with the black Labrador shakes her head. "From what I hear, Wolverine minus metal is worse. Like a rabid badger but with a faster healing factor." April points out as She gets up out of her seat. A little back pack picked up with her gear in it. "Well if we do get stuck out there at least we won't have to look for a tree." She adds with a chuckle.

"You'll tell me if I will be," Lain responds quietly although She nods. "This is a good time for the sat phone then," She notes, glancing around again as She does. "The sort of thing that will operate out in the wilderness. Remind me to keep that in mind. Shall we be off then?" Lain is shifting her weight from foot to foot, a sure sign of restlessness. "Might as well be home for breakfast with our new friend."

Flicking through the intel on the iPad Haywood quickly memorizes it so he can recall it later. "Good old luddites, always makes my job so much easier," he says making a face. "Ah well, at least this time I have the sat phone so we won’t have the same problem as last time..." Raising up he hands the iPad back over to Kristy and grabs his own gear selection. "Could be worse, could be a Deadpool situation. Batshit crazy is probably worse for any mind readers."

A quick trip to the airport followed by long trips in planes. A few of them. Each one getting smaller and slammer until they are flying over a white surface of snow and ice in a small seaplane. Kristy doesn't look happy. "I was promised first class not only class" She mumbles before pointing a gloved finger at a dark forest that spans the horizon. "In there. We'll land about an hour away...assuming there isn't snow drifts to disappear into. The sooner we're done, the sooner we can get home to the warmth." The plane starts to descend.

"Deadpool can totally be reasoned with. Lain flashes him and he'd totally work for free." the short stacked blonde says. Grinning playfully towards Lain. "Let alone if I kissed her or something. Hit him in his inner fourteen year old." a nine millimeter pistol is taken and stashed with some ammo before She gets going with the others. The lack of flight service getting more giggles. "You don't hear Pawesome complaining about the lack of service." She says while the animal is lapping at a bowl of water the girl had set up.

Haywood doesn't seem terribly uncomfortable but he has also been reading on an eReader for most of the flights. "Do we have to worry about filling out any forms for extradition with bringing this guy over with us? Or is it more of an ask no questions tell no lies sorta deal?" He still hasn't bothered to put on too many extra layers of protection aside from a peacoat more to hide the bulletproof vest and stun gun he put on when they got onto the smaller planes.

"Flash him? I'll do no such thing. Trust me, I don't need to..." Lain is looking over toward Kristy as She speaks, shrugging her slender shoulders delicately. "We can work him out in any case, regardless of how this works out. Magneto might be more interesting..." Lain has a gun as well, tucked neatly into her clothes where no one will find it without a very personal inspection. In the mean time She is just watching the world go by through the windows. "I never really liked flying," She murmurs before laughing softly. "This should be interesting at least. Maybe Pawesome can seduce his dogs."

"We're one of those...oh what is the word...black ops teams" Kristy smiles to Haywood. "The only person we ask permission of is the man himself. And if he says 'no', we take him anyway." The plane lands...on a frozen river and the pilot tells them they have about six hours before the machinery will freeze too much to start up again.

Kristy hops delicately down onto the ice, slips a couple of times and then steadies herself before pointing westwards. "See that smoke rising there?" And sure enough there is a faint smudge of grey against the sky. "That's his house. Keep in touch via communicators..." She taps the one in her ear. "And good luck." A warm smile for Lain as She adds softly, "Take care."

April has since added an extra jacket, a dark grey puffy parka with a fluffy lined hood. The earpiece is set in and the hood pulled up. "C'mon then. Sooner we get this done the sooner Lain can snuggle with the boss back on the plain when they think we aren't looking." She says to the group before She starts trudging off towards the column of smoke.

Adjusting his earpiece for comfort, Haywood offers a salute when he's got it set up. "Should we sing Christmas carols along the way? An hour trudge through the frozen north, might as well keep in the Christmas spirit." He steps out of the plane and doesn't seem the least bit uncomfortable with the cold, though the trudge doesn't exactly leave him happy. "Here's hoping the guy isn't a pyro at least."

Lain is following after April, nodding as Kristy addresses the group. "We'll be okay. Just keep playing guardian angel and let us know if something goes wrong. take care." Kristy gets a similar smile and then Lain is rolling her eyes as April is chiming in. She doesn’t seem put out, however, and that exasperated expression becomes a smile as the second of the unusually small psychic women heads off toward the cabin located nearby. "Carols, hmm? I suppose I could sing," Lain starts softly. "Let's see... Silver bells?" Lain is fully prepared to sing as soon as confirmation comes along on that. "It's a way to fill an hour at least. We'll need to stop before we arrive, probably."

The snow is thick but manageable and at least it doesn't look like a new fall is coming. There is no path that can be seen but Kristy is happy to keep them going in the right direction once the tall pine trees block out any sign of the smoke. If they sing, Kristy will only stop them after about thirty minutes. "You're getting close. Try to keep the noise down" She whispers, for some reason, into her comm. The trees ahead start to thin out and the trio, and dog, feel they are walking down a slope and into a valley. A valley that is darker than the ridge despite the thinning trees and bright skies.

April whispers into her headset. "Sneaky time!" and with that slows things down a little. A look to her dog and a soft mutter of "You too!" and he seems to get the idea that they're sort of hunting. The snow crunching beneath her boots while She keeps an eye out for the terrain. And anything else that might gain a girl's attention.

After a rousing round of ‘Deck the Halls,’, Kristy's comment comes through the mic. "As you wish boss lady," replies Haywood as he looks out over the valley. "I have some flash lights at least, we may want them. I hadn't thought to bring infra red goggles out here." Tapping his ear for the comm channel "Hey boss, do we have any satellite feed for that valley?"

Stealth. Lain does her best to be veeeeery small as She starts moving now, crouching down in the snow and... Generally just being Lain. This is not her area of expertise, but at least She's no longer singing in a coloratura soprano that would echo off the snow. Small blessings are the rule.

"There's some heat registers" Kristy informs Haywood as they reach the bottom of the valley. "Lot of interference though. I take it Pawesome is about fifty feet in front of you?" Pawesome is currently quite close to April so that would be a 'no'.

Up ahead is dense foliage with...Christmas decorations intertwined within. Just beyond they can see the wooden logs of the cabin and the smoke rising lazily from the chimney. There are still carols in the air but this time they come from the house rather than the trio approaching it. April pauses once She can see the decorations and hear the carols her associates aren't singing. "Okay, so seems cheerful enough. How about we just knock? "I'm guessing the heat you're finding is just our guy?" She asks in soft whispers. "Figure play nice since he probably knows we're here already. The signing." She says with that playful little smirk on her lips.

"Might just be a clairvoyant, or precog too," Haywood whispers back. "So yeah, I guess just stick with the plan and let you guys be all friendly and nice. And I will just fill my forethoughts with the book I was reading on my flight." He wasn't just being antisocial at least. "Hopefully if he's a mind reader he enjoys James Joyce. He'll probably fall asleep trying to get past those first few chapters of portrait of an artist as a young man."

The house is about a hundred feet away. The foliage about fifty where that heat register was. "We're losing...nal..." says Kristy over the comms before they suddenly cut out. Ahead the trio can see a path start that leads to the door of the cabin. And that door is wide open as if expecting visitors. There is movement in the bush and a reindeer steps out to look over the three psychics...and dog. It doesn't seem concerned before it slowly wanders off towards the house.

"Reindeer...?" Lain half whispers into the comm only to hear Kristy's broken voice returning. "Kristy, do you copy...?" Then She shakes her head and takes a deep breath. "Well... Um. Good thousand pound cervid. We're just going to walk past." She's barely whispering as She moves forward with those careful steps. It's more for her than anyone else and probably inaudible at a range of a yard or two. She does point at the open door, however. Might as well approach it from her perspective.

"Okay let's knock. Be the neighborly thing to do!" April says and starts heading for the house herself. Planning to take the diplomatic route. "Just don't get too close behind the Reindeer. Biig hooves!" She says and nods to the others. "Won't be surprised to see eight more. And a sleigh." 'Tis the season and all that." She says and chuckles softly while She heads for the door.

"Really need to invest in better comms," Haywood grumbles to himself as he checks his watch to make sure at least there isn't some sorta EMP they went through. He does at least avoid reaching out electrically and keeps his brain focused on his mind reader torture algorithm. "After you ladies, best faces forward and all. And if this guy has a belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly, I am definitely going to be asking for my entire Christmas list."

"Ah! There you are!" booms a voice from inside the house before a rather rotund man appears at the doorway. Beard...check. Big belly...check. Red hued nose...check. "Come on in!" he grins, "It's freezing out here." He moves back inside where the cabin is basically one room with a roaring fireplace against one wall. A red outfit hangs on a hook behind the door. "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Is your name Klaus? I'm Elaine! Hello." There's no reason hiding further so Lain starts right for the door and the warm cabin. "Thank you for having us here. I would love something to drink. Water is fine, or... Well, anything. That would be wonderful, thank you." Lai nis the sort to establish an immediate rapport and She doesn't play the business card or any false modesty. "You have a lovely cabin. Have you been waiting for us long?"

The greeting is met with a rather happy smile for the large man. "Hello, Hi yes. Please!" She greets with acceptance of the hospitality. Even Pawesome seems happy and barks along with his mistress. "I'm April, and this is Pawesome and Hayward!" She adds brightly indicating the males. The canine sitting up and raising a paw in standard doggy handshake.

With the introduction, Haywood inclines his head. "Pleasure to meet you. Not an easy place to visit though," he smiles as he enters after the others and looks around the room. ~Rody Kickham was a decent fellow but Nasty Roche was a stink. Rody Kickham had greaves in his number and a hamper in the refectory. Nasty Roche had big hands. He called the Friday pudding dog-in-the-~ it does seem as though he is fulfilling his threat of terrible literature, in his mind.

"No, not Klaus. Nicholas" the man grins as he gets drinks for everyone. "I was expecting you all." He makes a play of counting the three of them. "I would have thought there would be a fourth...or is She staying somewhere warm?" That seems to amuse him before he closes the door to keep the cold outside and settles into a high backed seat. "Merry Christmas" he smiles, raising his drink in a toast.

"Merry Christmas," Lain agrees as She moves toward the fire in question. "The fourth is warmer than we are hopefully. Yes. So, um..." Lain is clearing her throat now as She looks over the cabin. "Do yo know why we came all the way here then? Since you were expecting us." Nicholas is flashed a dimpled smile and She turns to face the man properly as She turns on the subtle charm. "It seems like it was well worth the trip. This place is pretty amazing."

"Think the cold got to her. That or snow isn't agreeable with those shoes." April says in a little bit of a tease, knowing Kristy is on the other end of the line. A tap of her ear piece letting the man know party member number four is on the line. "So yeah She's staying back with the ride." She admits and accepts the drink with a warm. "Thank you! And Merry Christmas!" to join the toast. She also gets in on agreeing with Lain about how cool the place is. "Your friend outside is adorable!"

Letting Lain and April charm the man, Haywood takes the time to figure out the small cabin, perhaps looking for signal jamming technology that is blocking them from reaching their overwatch. He does however decline the drink, "Don't want to have to find a bathroom before heading back home and all." It's a more polite turn down at least.

"Friend? Oh...the reindeer." The man lets out a very 'ho ho ho' kind of laugh before taking a deep breath. "I know your handler can't hear you but not sure for how long so I shall get straight to the point. You are working for an evil organisation that is dedicated to the destruction of humanity and the creation of a Fascist state. I am here to offer you an alternative. A place where you can help people rather than steal or kill or kidnap. So all I ask is that you hear me out, consider, and then make your free choice."

"Well, I'll listen. It doesn't mean that I believe anything you have to say about that, but... Listening? I can do that." Lain nods her head slowly. Her mirth has largely vanished and now the woman's gaze is intense as She studies the jolly fellow standing in front of her. "Alright. Tell us about your organization then... Why I should believe you're different. Your name?" Lain is offering a faint frown, one that is less judgmental than concerned.

"Well I'm all ears. Though little evidence along with things is always helpful!" April chimes in. The drink slowly sipped at while She otherwise keeps it hugged against the front of her parka. The dog curling up at her feet though he seems to be paying attention himself as much as April is.

"Had been wondering about that, what technique are you going with? Counter sweep interference? Channel rebroadcast? Or just relying on the native interference provided by the valley and material composition. Not enough in the way of generators for a proper sort anyway." Haywood it seems is more interested in the technical considerations at the moment, he can replay the conversation later after all. "I mean I'd say you're in violation of FCC guidelines, but we're out of their jurisdiction, so more along the lines of CRTC and IC regulations."

"There are no regulations out here" Nicholas smiles at Haywood. "Just like your organisation has no regulations. They do what they want to enhance their own power. I do not represent an organisation per se, I represent a group of worried individuals who fear our freedom is being taken away. Tell me the missions you have been on lately? Always taking something that was not yours? Perhaps people dying along the way? Is that really what a 'good' organisation does?"

The room around Haywood seems to flicker. Like a picture pixellating before it resumes its 'solidity'.

"Worried their freedom is being taken away...?" Lain actually hesitates there as Nicholas seems to have hit a chink in her armor. She takes a deep breath and considers the words for a moment as She does. "A group of concerned people..? But you said there was a place. That implies community. What sort of place? I mean... some sort of 'halfway house' for psychics? I am not sure I understand what you mean..." Lain's objections aren't quite as strenuous as some might expect.

This gets the blonde girl nibbling half of her lower lip. "Sometimes people dying needs to happen. People don't always seek out diplomacy. Or will just outright refuse it! It's sad but sometimes that has to happen. Also evil is totally a subjective thing." April chimes in. She doesn't actually answer the question though.

"Dammit really? You're pulling this trick?" Haywood takes his cellphone out of his pocket and closes his eyes. After a few moments, he curses but he still doesn't put the phone away, the screen showing the little red icon for record mode as he opens his eyes. "I think we're allowed to go with, That's Classified, Nothing to see here. For the most part, people try to hurt me and I try not to die. The court systems calls that self-defense." He does look to the others though, "Mental techniques guys, something is screwing with our senses."

"Screwing with your senses? Why would I do that?" Nicholas asks Haywood before smiling at Lain. "You're right. I said 'place' but I did not mean a physical place. More a spiritual and moral one. It seems that their mindwashing is in you deep." He frowns at that before leaning forward. "You must understand that they are lying to you. Have you seen any of the things or people since you got them for them? OMEGA means an end...not a beginning. Just remember that."

"...Messing with our sense?" Lain hesitates here and the shakes her head. "You've tipped your hand. I don't think I can trust anything you say if you are messing with my mind that way. We even did you the courtesy of not at all employing any of the same techniques." There's a judicious frown to follow and then Lain takes a deep breath. "Nicholas. I'm starting to think you aren't nearly as nice as you seemed to be. But I'm conflicted... You call OMEGA evil and talk of showing me a place where we'd be safe. A spiritual place? You should tell me more. Explain why I should even believe it's real. That you're not just as terrible as you are claiming my organization is. They've taken care of me and taught me. I have no reason to distrust them. So..." Lain is taking a step forward toward Nicholas now. "Stop messing with our senses and let me see what you're hiding. Otherwise I think the discussion is over."

"Be kinda dumb to keep everyone in the same spot wouldn't it?" April asks in counter. "I would imagine your people don't all stay in the one place." She adds with a index finger making a point gesture. The drink in hand finished and set down just out of the way. "There's plenty of groups out there that aren't like us and wouldn't be happy with any of us. We'd stand a much better chance of protecting each other if both your people and OMEGA cooperated!"

"Plenty of reasons. One, it's a trap. Two, we're trying to be reached through comms and you're shutting out that sense. Three, you don't trust us to not cause you harm so you can do the full meeting as a projected image safely," Haywood taps off the reasons by raising the fingers on his non recording hand. "Drawback, you can't fool electronics." His eyes flicker then, taking on the glassy stare of a television screen as his senses depart from his own body to the phone he holds. As he speaks again he seems more distant, "Now, if you would like us to believe you, I recommend you do as the ladies say. We have little reason to believe you, whether we trust our own shadow organization or not."

The camera reveals a metal box rather than a warm, wooden room. The man is not rotund and Santa like but rather thin and hawkish. He also carries a gun.

The man sighs at the words being sent his way. "You do what you wish but at least we can give you that choice. OMEGA does not work with anyone, Miss, that is why you spend so much time destroying the work of others." He frowns at Haywood and his use of the phone. "Very clever" he smirks, rising to his feet and drawing a twig from his belt...a twig that he points at Haywood. "All of you drop your weapons. It is time for you to feel what it is like to...disappear.

"So we're looking at an illusion who is now giving orders?" Lain asks Haywood as he is speaking and Nicholas is busy threatening the group with disappearance. 'That makes weapons less useful, i guess. But given I rather like ignoring people who give unsolicited orders and you're apparently a projection I think I would rather search the cabin. I'll take the suggestion to disarm myself under advisement." Lain is moving now but Nicholas has much of her attention as She furrows her brow. Perhaps trying to see past the projection.

The diminutive young woman has no intention of giving up her weapon. At least not yet. Realising that there might not be a jolly looking fat man She looks down at her four legged friend. "Okay, wanna sniff him out. Gotta get close to see us for him to do that stuff so I bet you'll have no trouble!" She says to Pawesome to get him in on the action.

"Santa is a sad little hawkish man, the stick is a gun, and the room is metal," Haywood's somewhat distant voice provides to the others. He also isn't moving since the gun is pointed at him. At the very least his hands are empty aside from the phone, so dropping his weapons would be more problematic. He does however think it's wise to make sure he doesn't fry himself in the upcoming altercation. "I recommend not getting him to shoot me, it would not be fun."

Pawesome trots forward and sniffs at the man before seeming to agree with Haywood's appraisal. Someone is definitely standing there. "Turn it off" says Nicholas and suddenly the cabin is gone and the trio are now standing in a metal box and a hawkish man is pointing a pistol at Haywood. "No sudden movements...and I have no problem with shooting a dog. I'll asks again, for the last time, drop your weapons and that damnable phone!"

"You hadn't included the phone in the previous list of requirements," Haywood says still somewhat distantly as he drops the phone. The rubber encased life proofed case lets it bounce before flopping safely over. He sparks slightly, but nothing happens. Obviously must have been twitchy >.> yep.

Pawesome doesn't even need to be told, just as April is drawing her Beretta the dog is at Nick's ankles, biting down while staying low. Using that extra training to know when a gun is out to stay low so the animal is in a better chance to not get hit.

April for her part has no intention of letting Pawesome get shot by the man. Her pistol leveled and the shot rings out. Enough range to get a hit but in a metal box that sound is going to ring in every one's ears for a while.

Lain grimaces and raises the Glock 21 She's brought along for the ride. She turns her gaze away for a split second but then looks back to her target and pulls the trigger. "Why would you pull a gun on four people...?" She asks, shaking her head as She does. But that doesn’t stop her pulling the trigger. The sound is cacophonous in a small, echoing space. Louder than the other shot this once gets Lain really grimacing. She isn't used to shooting anyone.

Damn that dog!! And damn those bitches with their guns. He has no idea what Haywood was trying to do but it just made him look silly. As two bullets hit him, he raises his own gun to shoot the dog gnawing at him. But Pawesome is moving too fast, too erratically, and the bullet slams into the floor.

With the puppy too close to avoid getting fried in combat, Haywood draws his luger from beneath his peacoat and points it at Nick, portraying a calm look as much as he is able to. "Give up now. You are outnumbered and outgunned, if you get bandaged now, you may not bleed to death. Otherwise, we have no choice but to take you out in self-defense." He does seem to be waiting on Nick to make a decision before he pulls the trigger.

Between the girl and her dog there's not much left of Nicholas. The dog nipping hard and drawing blood in some places that aren't fun while the distraction is enough for one last shot taken by the blonde girl. Again in the enclosed space it's rough on everyone, though with the ear pieces in it does soften it only a little. Once Nick is down the Beretta is lowered and a thigh is patted through jeans to call back the dog. "That's it, good boy!" She beams at the animal. Someone's getting the good treats when he gets home!

Nicholas goes stiff as the bullet hits, tearing a hole in his chest before he wobbles backwards. "You fools...you will be punished...we will have our...revenge..." he breathes before he breathes no more and collapses to the ground. As the echo of the gunshot slowly dissipates they are left standing in a metal box in the middle of the Arctic.

Lain is holstering her pistol and then moving forward a little shakily to kneel down beside Nicholas. She's checking for a pulse, at least. The brunette looks somewhat pale at this point, her expression somewhere between nausea and concern. But that doesn't stop her from at least being sure he isn't alive.

Lain is destined for disappointment.

"He probably has backup on the way, or at least some sort of recording equipment. Grab any useful clues you can find, and we should probably bring him with us, there may be something we can still get from him," Haywood frowns looking to the body and glances around the metal shed for any sort of electronics or surveillance equipment as he picks up his phone."

No pulse from the man and not much in the way of furniture. What was once a plush seat is now a metal box. The fireplace a vent in the wall. The open wooden door now a closed steel one that they hope is not locked. There doesn't seem to be any sign of surveillance equipment. No cameras. No computer. No microphones.

"Yeah, cause swearing revenge is totally the mark of a benevolent group." April points out to the freshly minted body. "Gotta be something in there that will help us find his associates. And a key, be pretty dumb to lock himself in if we didn't show up." She suggests to Lain while the woman is checking for a pulse. "Grab his gun and any ammo too! One less shooting at us." Looking down at the dog, April beams a smile. "Ready to high tail it boy!" She asks and gets a bark in response. Lots of exercise today!

On the body Lain manages to find a key to the door, a microphone of some kind and a packet of cigarettes that, on closer inspection, reveal a business card inside - 'Rocco's Bar, Tangiers'.

Lain still looks queasy but She's going through the process of frisking the man quite thoroughly. He can't object and She's going to take... Well, anything. At least Lain is wearing gloves while She goes through this. it's obviously distasteful but She doesn’t hesitate from where She is kneeling beside her victim. "I found the key. And a few other things. A microphone, business card. Um, lucky strikes? Who smokes those?" She's coming to her feet now and taking a deep breath. "Let's go find Kristy... Think he was transmitting the whole conversation?"

"Possible. It’s also possible that he couldn't broadcast out if we couldn't get reception in. We'll know when we look into it more," Haywood offers a shrug and gestures to the door. "Time to get back home. Not a big fan of waiting here for any of his friends to show up and decide we weren't in the right."

April ewws on the smokes but otherwise nods her head. "Why not, we were. Or trying too. Figure we get out of the box we get signal back!" She supposes and heads for the door to the box. "Let's go boy. ready to hear Boss lady be all I'm so worried. What happened, etcetera!" Pawesome just shakes his head and lets out an exacerbated whine as everyone heads back for the plane and heating.

The key opens the door and the trio, plus dog, are able to get back to the plane without further misadventure...though they did seem to be trailed by a reindeer. Kristy is rubbing her arms when they appear. "What happened? We lost touch with you? Tell me on the way back. It's fucking cold!!"