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Peruvian Excursion - Prelude
Dramatis Personae

Haywood, Kristy

30 April, 2017

Kristy sends Haywood on an international work trip - he may come back alive.



Hidden in the bowels of the Human Potential Network is a rather snazzy looking office that Kristy loves to use. Plush leather seats. Liquor cabinet - hell yeah! OMEGA symbols on everything. It's the kind of thing that /looks/ like a secret HQ rather than her public face office upstairs. Kristy even likes to dress up for the part when down here - so she's wearing a leather catsuit. Shame it squeaks so much.

"Send Haywood straight in when he gets here" Kristy informs the secretary sitting outside before sipping on a glass of wine. "Mmm...the good stuff." With a Megaman branded energy drink clutched in hand, Haywood makes his way through the OMEGA offices. Secret agent stuff? Time for black cargo pants, and a plain black t-shirt instead of anything witty and nerdy upon his shirt, after all he should be professional. The text on his phone draws his attention, ah yes, good old secretary knowing how to properly use technology. When he makes his way to Kristy's office though, he smirks slightly at the cat suit. "I'm...hoping that isn't the new mission suit for men as well? I don't know where I'd put any of my stuff in something like that."

"No" Kristy sighs, "Male operatives do not have to wear this uniform. Let's face it, Haywood, you don't have the body for it." A sweet smile sent his way, as well a shake of her hips to prove the point, before she gestures to a chair. "Have a seat. This is a briefing." A pause. "Would you like a drink? We have the good stuff down here."

"Oh I know, but bureaucracy can cause all sorts of mishaps," Haywood shrugs and nods with the hip shake as he settles into the chair, holding up his energy drink. "Nah I'm good. Alcohol and electricity go together poorly I'm afraid." Nodding a tad he readjusts in his chair, and tilts his head at one of the squeaks from her suit. "You should get mink oil rubbed in that. It should make it less squeaky."

"Are you volunteering to oil me up?" Kristy asks with a raised eyebrow. "I'm afraid I was thinking about someone with a little more muscles that you for that job" she smiles as she settles down in her chair...squeaking as she does so. Kristy opens up a folder on her desk; very old school. "We're sending you overseas, Haywood. How cool is that? Except for all the danger and stuff. That could get pretty sucky."

"Nah, besides, pretty sure there's rules against that sorta behaviour. I remember watching a sexual harassment video once?" Haywood chuckles as he takes a sip from the tiny can. "Where this time? I mean, Morocco wasn't terrible, but France? Ehhh, I try not to remember how that one ended." He does sit up more to glance to the folder. "Any particular languages I should download to learn? Or can I pretend to be a stupid American and just speak English loud and slow?"

The mention of France makes Kristy frown. "We lost some good agents on that mission. Damn Salamander. Just knowing he's still out there, laughing at us, makes my skin crawl." A shiver before a casual wave of her hand. "I wouldn't worry too much about the video." She peers over the papers of the folder in front of her. "Ah...here it is. Peru, Haywood. So, what's that...Peruvian?" She didn't get her job by being brainy. "Think you can learn Peruvian? But a loud American will do. You'll be going undercover as a dam technician. That's a water dam not a curse word."

Nodding to himself, Haywood tosses his can into the trash can making the noise. "Peru's official language is Spanish, so I should be fine. Unless I have to deal with any direct native descendants and need Quechua, but that's not terribly likely?" He hrms but shakes his head anyway. "I can do dam technician. It's mostly mechanical and electrical engineering, so no big deal there in knowledge factors." He drums his fingers against his thigh in thought. "So, who're we chasing? Another ALPHA situation down there? Hunting Salamander? Or is this just an info hunt?"

Kristy sighs and rolls her eyes. "Peru...not Spain" she insists before deciding that Haywood will get the right idea once he gets the info bundle. "It's a dam deep in the jungle. Just being built. We have reason to suspect that it will be used to flood an old temple that one of our precogs was having lots of visions about...info is in the folder. So we want you to go down there, preferably before it is flooded, and see what you can see. Easy."

"Boss? You do know that the Spanish conquistadors went to South America, spreading language and culture while looting and pillaging, about five hundred years ago give or take?" Haywood raises his brow, not exactly sure how this conversation got to this point. Shaking his head and letting out a sigh, he starts glancing through the folder. "I'll pack a drone see what I can see. Maybe see if I can adjust their maps so they don't end up flooding that temple area even on purpose."

"The temple is underground so not sure what your drone will do" Kristy points out. "Of course I knew the conq...conqui...those people went to South America." A sniff at the mere suggestion she could be so ignorant...though she's still not sure why people in Peru don't speak Peruvian. Closing the folder she slides it over the table for Haywood. "All the info is in there. Should be able to go in 'unarmed'. But if you do need assistance, then the contact codes are in there too."

"Always nice. I prefer not to have bullet holes in and around me," Haywood nods severely at that. "And I was figuring it was like the temples most other places in South America. So, guess I get to be Indiana Jones instead. Never been particularly good at a whip." He pauses realizing what he just said and looks to Kristy, "That isn't an invitation for lessons."

"What a shame" Kristy replies with a rather wicked smile on her face about the lessons. "With luck, no one else will even know the temple is there so you'll be able to be Indiana Jones to your heart's content. Though I suggest you keep an eye out for booby traps. The precog mentioned something about poison arrows." She points at the folder. "It's all in there. Your plane leaves on Wednesday. Good luck, Haywood."

"Poison Arrows? Really? I'd be more surprised that any purely mechanical system of that age would still be able to function in that regards. Like sinew will have been eaten by bugs or rats long before now, and there's no way that they could have a viable pneumatic system that long ago that would survive this long." Haywood seems grumpy about this. "Ah well, genre savviness should protect me at least. Avoid holes in the wall, check for pit traps and activation levers and the like. My first dungeon crawl, my DM would be so proud." He seems to perk back up at least. "Want anything while I'm down there? Peru has some lovely textiles."

"Well I won't say 'no' to a present or two" Kristy smiles sweetly. "Surprise me." Which usually means it better be expensive. "Do stay safe, Haywood. I'm not sure I want to fly down to get your body. And though you may be surprised at poison arrows, even more would be surprised by electricity from fingertips. You're a clever man, Haywood, but try not to be too clever."

"Yeah I know. The more I think I know what's about to happen, the more likely I am to end up on the sharp end of something surprising," Haywood shakes his head. "Would be nice if the precogs could be more specific." Raising up out of his seat he finishes memorizing the folder and passes it back to her. "Not enough time to build any more toys, so I'll just have to hope I've got enough prepared to bring me home safely. Shame we've never seen anything like a terrakinetic out there. Would make things so much easier for these old style temple runs." He offers a salute as he starts making his way out the door. "Time to invent a new story to tell my friends and family. Let’s say it's a consultation job on network infrastructure."