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Dancer Discussions

"A major element in the successful rise of burlesque is that it is open to those who are not conventional dancers. That it offers a rather different set of experiences to 'gentlemens clubs'," Aurore explains with a smile.

Dramatis Personae

Aurore & Violet

October 13th, 2016

Violet attempts to quell Aurore's stage fright


Theatre Gancia

Violet had gained the key from the front desk. She unlocks the doors and opened them up and turned on the lights. It's clean in here, but no one uses it right now. "I think there is a trunk of costumes behind the stage.." She gestures Aurore to follow. "Come on in.."

Aurore heads in looking around with evident interest. "Costumes? Heh. I wonder if they play on staging plays and the like. It wouldn't surprise me. Though now, I'm half-dreading a staff Christmas pantomime or the like...."

Violet giggles at the thought. "I think this was used more years ago.. when you know reveues were popular." She snickers more. "A Ganica version of Christmas Carol." She glows at that cute thought.

Aurore shoots Violet an amused grin. "Have you looked into the history of the place much? I've been meaning to, but keep trying to remind myself that I should be putting that sort of academic effort into my thesis."

Violet wrinkles her nose a little bit climbing up on the stage. "you know I have been so busy with my personal stuff I haven't had a catch to really explore the hotel." She puts a hand on her hip, wearing a light purple sweater with bats on them. And matching leggings. She even had bat clips today. She must really love Halloween with the jack o lantern purse. "Honestly... I know ENzo said not ot go to the lower levels.. but I am curious."

Aurore laughs softly, shaking her head as she shoots Violet a surprised look. "You are? Hrmmm. I'd advise against nosing around down there. Not that you're likely to get too far - the security is quite impressive. But even if you get past some of it...." She shrugs slightly. "There's more once you're down there. And the unseen Management are apparently *very* much inclined to take it seriously."

Violet finds a fancy hat on top of the trunk and puts it on. She poses and twirls. "Really? You have been down there? Security? Why?" She tilts her head. "Tell me more." Now a curious kitten she sits on the edge of the stage swinging her legs.

Laughing, Aurore moves to join Violet, sitting a yard or so along from her - demurely smoothing down today's brief skirt over the portion of fishnet it's able to cover. "*Why*? I'm not sure. But I went nosing around. The... whole set-up - socially and physically - is odd. Specific security clearance is needed to get down there, and the security personnel regard anyone *going* down there with... pity. It's *not* considered a good 'gig', by any means. Oddly... when Mister Gancia discovered I'd been poking around, he was... well. I thought I'd get fired. Instead, he wanted me to clear any 'investigations' with him in advance."

Violet wrinkles her nose about that. "Weird. Like.. is the management down there or something? Enzo wasn't mad?" She swings her legs looking to Aurore with a smile. "I'm glad we could hang out today. So Sneaking is no good?"

"Disappointed, certainly." Aurore shrugs slowly. "I find him hard to read. He definitely wasn't *happy*. And I think that he *would* be mad if he found me nosing around again. But... there's definitely more than the surface 'weirdness' about this place. I *think* that he might be curious about it, too. Though I'm pretty sure he knows more than me."

Violet flushes at the thought of Enzo being dissappointed in her. She nods. And then blushes harder at the thought of Enzo. "Mhmm.. I mean .. he's worked here longer than I .. and I know nothing about it really." She turns completely red and looks at the ceiling, just trying to stay on topic. "Yeah swimming was fun yesterday.. I wonder what Itxi and Enzo were talking about."

Arching her brows at Violet, Aurore laughs softly - the sound more than a little musical, thanks to the distinctive warmth of her voice. "You blush when thinking about Enzo swimming, hmmm?", she risks teasing. "But... I honestly have no idea. He apparently wants to talk to me, too, which is rather... intimidating. *Hopefully* I'm not in belated trouble for nosing around."

Violet bites her upper lip. "I had no idea... what was under the suit is all.. Never seen him swim before." More red. She tugs her sweater up over her mouth and nose to hide her rosey face. She giggles. "He's very nice I panicked the first time in the office but he just praised me the whole time. Really flattering." She shrugs. "I think if you were in trouble he'd say so."

"I'm not sure that he would do so in front of others. 'Hiding' it in plain view with invitiations to others might well suit his style. I don't know." Aurore sighs, shrugs, then musters another smile. "I've never seen him swim before, but I'm afraid it didn't have *quite* the effect on me that it had on you. He really had an impact, huh?"

Violet hides her face in her hands. "It was a shock is all." Denial isn't just a River in Egypt. She flushes more. "I thought he'd be skinny under the suit." The more she tries not to think about it the more she blushes.

Aurore giggles, reaching over to lightly touch Violet's shoulder. "Hey, each to their own. And I doubt he'd object. If that *is* a daily ritual for him, you could probably enjoy more such views in future, so long as you don't disturb him in it."

Violet grumbles. She sighs. "I think I would get a nose bleed just watching. Possibly faint." She sighs and tugs the sweater back down but she is still red. "I don't want to have lewd thoughts about a married coworker, you know?"

Aurore giggles, shaking her head. "And did your, ahhh, nosebleed risk come up at all while you were talking to him? Or have you not spoken since we saw each other yesterday?"

Violet shakes her head. "I have been avoiding him." She admits, "I was not expecting that at all." She sighs. "I guess I must have been staring, was it obvious?"

Another giggle precedes Aurore shooting Violet a sympathetic look. "Probably not, but I admit that I find it very hard to tell how much Enzo himself might read in people. He didn't *seem* to be paying much attention to us, for the most part. But... I dunno. I think it's safe to say that there's more to him than meets the eye."

Violet flushes all over again, just thinking about. "Oh.. damn my eyes." She giggles. "Sorry.. probably because I haven't been laid in forever.. you know? I just.. get a tiny peek and I turn into a horn dog. Bad Violet.." She scolds herself. She gets up and takes the hat off and puts in on Aurore. "But we are here for you remember.. Work out that Stage fright."

"Hey, no." Aurore offers Violet another sympathetic look. "If you want to talk, I'm game. Honestly. You were kind enough to describe me as a friend, so... I can certainly try to be one."

Violet sits on the trunk now. "I mean.. I .. what should we talk about to get Enzo's rippling musclulars out of my mind?" She snarks a bit and opens up the trunk. "Wow this stuff is old but still looks new."

Aurore chuckles. "Sorry. And... I'm not surprised. I have the impression there's a good bit of history to this place. Both mundane and... odd. I probably should take a long weekend off from the dissertation, and see what I can turn up on it. But it wouldn't surprise me if they'd run a variety of things here in the past. Both put on for the guests, and as an activity for the guests to participate in."

Violet sighs looking around the eaves. "This place has an eccentric charm I have fallen in love with, but yes I am dreadfully curious. Let's look to the events of the future. Breathe life back into this place." She holds up a beaded bodice too herself. "Ohh lalala.. If I didn't have a costume picked out for the costume dinner, I would look in here."

Aurore giggles, cocking her head. "I could see you enjoying that as a costume, yes," she agrees. "And... it's a very strange place. Very, very odd. On my first trip, I was polite to the 'lobby boy' - which horrified both him and Enzo. Apparently I'm supposed to pretend that he doesn't exist. And when I was noticed sparing a glance for the nearest 'Indian chief' pillar, I was told that the intention was to preserve the existing design and feel for it. Both the people initially responsible for it, and the new operation now in place, seem to be very keen on the... 'Neverland' sort of style."

Violet blinks a little bit. She doesn't quite understand for a second. "Come here and play dress up." Her eyebrows furrow. "What Lobby boy?" She is confused. "It took me a moment to realize the decor was a Neverland theme. It's rather.. interesting."

Aurore nods. "The evidently-fantastic nature of it does soothe my native fury," she says dryly, before winking. "And... hrmmm." She shoots Violet an odd look. "I have no idea if you're teasing me or not. But dress-up? Heh. I can give it a go. Do you want to pick something out for me?"

Violet tilts her head to the side. "teasing you about what?" She pulls up a feather boa and wraps it around Aurore neck. "Come on.. we have a reveue to set up. " She fluffs the feathers. "There. Don't you look darling?" She nudges her to the trunk. "You pick something out.. it's half the fun."

Aurore laughs softly, peering at the boa, before flashing a grin at her companion. "I have a few ideas for things to try. Though I do want to talk to people and find out how much we'll be doing collectively, and how much individually. The hiring of a bellydancer who has a snake act does confirm that we're certainly going to have some variety in there... so my having odd ideas about things like dancing with a cello might work. Tempted to do steampunkery, too, if I can figure out a good routine for it."

Violet smirks at that and thinks. "Smoke machine and some fun music. Steampunky..." She goes back to rummaging in the trunk. "Ooo.. what.. /is/ this?!" She tugs up a fan and opens it up and it's a feather fan. "I wonder who used these.." She reaches down and grabs another. She covers her body with the fan and wiggles. "Hey Boys.." She attempts at a sultry voice and snickers.

Aurore giggles, shaking her head. "A fan dance could suit both of us, potentially. Broad hips can help rather a lot with being suggestive without being overtly explicit.... Could be fun to try to learn how to do one properly."

Violet giggles and makes it like she's a peacock and shakes her tail feather. Woo! Woo!" She shimmies with more laughing like a little kid.

Aurore laughs, flashing a bright grin. "I'm serious. Would you like to try learning more than bellydancing? You look like you've got the hips for *that*, to be sure, but why not branch out?"

Violet giggles some, flattered. "I am a party planner.. I couldn't possibly.. I only dance at parties.. I couldn't possibly perform." She flushes and hides behind the giant fan with a tither. Aw Violet is shy!

"A major element in the successful rise of burlesque is that it is open to those who are not conventional dancers. That it offers a rather different set of experiences to 'gentlemens clubs'," Aurore explains with a smile.

Violet giggles " Well maybe I can be convinced to shake my tail feather." She winks "As long as you are doing it with me Cutie."