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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

'Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Society'

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Mila, Aurore, Lumina, Itxaro, Violet, Piper, & Erika

October 28th, 2016

Bonfire, smores and spooky stories


Beachside Raconteur Island

The beach was set up with a tent since it was slightly rainy. There has been seating set up like logs and camping chairs. Under the tent is coco, tea and coffee and marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers for the smores. It's a simple set up for a spooky story bonfire get together. The fire is already lit and the fire is crackling green and blue, someone had used some drift wood for the fire.

Violet is already here setting up and getting arm by the fire. She usually always wears skirts but for a wet dark story night she is wearing a black cat hoodie with jeans. Because Violet has wide hips they ride a little low and her pelvis bone sticks out a bit, hence why she hates jeans and she keeps tugging her hoodie down to cover. She pops up her hood with cat ears to keep warm, her purple pinktails sticking out framing her face. She has a lantern with her battery operated but it flickers like a candle.

> Mila to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 2 3 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 >

===============================> Dexterity + Stealth + 2 [No Flags] <

> Lumina to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 3 Successes 
   < 2 3 8 9 9 >

======================================> Wits + Composure [No Flags] <

> Itxaro to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 1 2 6 6 9 >

======================================> Wits + Composure [No Flags] <

> Amanda to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 0 Success 
   < 1 2 5 6 6 6 >

======================================> Wits + Composure [No Flags] <

> Violet to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 2 Successes 
   < 3 4 5 7 7 8 10 >

======================================> Wits + Composure [No Flags] <

Lumina is rocking up shortly after the time, in a blue knitted dress, showing a whole heap of leg, but hey, it's not her hotel uniform which is a Good Thing. Elsewise she has rather little that is not a uniform. She gives a nod towards Violet, and settles down, close to the fire, because it's FUCKING COLD. "Hey Vi. Crackin' planning and organisation. I'm envious."

Itxaro is all bundled up when she arrives, bringing a blanket with her to wrap over her clothes so she stays warm. She gives a jaunty wave to those she recognizes and then finds a spot to sit down near Violet. She gives the party planner a big smile and it's clear that Itxaro has been working on her spooky story.

Aurore's pretty warmly bundled up as well - sensible boots, scarf, and woollen hat, with her hands thrust into the pockets of a long overcoat. Still, she looks cheerful enough, accompanying a guest (Amanda) from the water taxi. She has a small pack on her back for extra goodies, and nods cheerfully to those already present.

Amanda is bundled up, yet still managing to show some cleavage off, and is carrying two bags. One has her laptop and some portable speakers in, the other is closely guarded. She offers a slight wwave to the others.

Mila was trying to be sneaky as she wandered up, she was good until she forget about the ocean, her mortal nemesis. "Fucking ocean!" She grumbles out. She then looks about and nods. A little grumpy about the ocean. The turtle woman has her green sweater on. On top of her sweater is a leather jacket, and it seems like she might be wearing two maybe three shirts. She has her normal skinny jeans and boots overwise. Mila moves rather silently over to the rest of the group. Grumbling about the ocean and how evil it is.

Violet smiles to Lumina, it's a nice smile and honest because it shows the gap in the top row of her teeth. "I run a tight ship." She says with a firm nod. "Thanks for coming." She smiles when she see Itxaro making it to the beach. "Hey!" She stands and gives Itxi a hug. "You look warm." Se is a bit envious of the blanket. She makes her way to Aurore. "Hey Aurore." She gives her a hug too. Her eyes go to Amanda. "A friend?" She blinks because she is eyelevel to cleavage. She blushes and goes back to sit down. Violet looks down and admires her dragon rainboots. She wavs to all and gets warm in her spot. "Who wants to start telling the first story?"

Sneaking up is -much- easier when the angle of approach is not directly in someones field of vision. And the direction they are looking. Lumina watches Mila sneak up, only to twitch at the sudden swearing at the ocean. She gives Violet a smile, tugging her knitted dress down over her knees, all bundled up and covered and well, turtled, -really- close to the fire. It's -cold-. So super stupid cold. "I can start with the first one. Though, be careful, you might get a little ... frightened." She notes, giving a teasing grin. "That's if y'don't fall asleep, that is."

Itxaro gives Lumina a big smile when she offers to give the first one, "Oh please...I'd love to hear the story and then I can jump in and tell one too." She gives a wink to Violet, "I've been working on one that you all might enjoy." She then looks at her cold friend to see if she needs to join Itxaro under the toasty blanket.

Aurore happily returns Violet's hug, squeezing warmly for a moment, before nodding and grinning. "Violet - Amanda. Amanda, this is the lovely woman who's responsible for setting this up. She's got an amazing supply of ideas for events." She moves to claim a spot to sit, seemingly happy to let others take the lead in the tale-telling.

Amanda nods. "Yeah, we've known each other most of my time here in Fallcoast," she says with a smile. She moves to sit next to Aurore as she thinks of the story to tell.

Mila smiles to Violet and gives her a nod. She looks about and sighs. "Guess Arlene couldn't make it." She seems slightly disappointed. "Oh well, I'll just syphon warmth from my favorite Mini Enzo." She grins as she plops next to Lumina and starts syphoning heat via a hug. "Ahhh, much better."

There's a smile from Lumina, and she starts with well, a question; "What is the first fear you have?" She asks softly, "When you were small, what were you afraid of the most? What is the fear that all children share, the first one that lingers and requests a cracked door, a lamp, a light, reassurance that there is nothing under the bed, or in the cupboard?" She pauses for a few moments, to let people settle in, and well, notice. "It's the fear of dark places. That primal, neck crawling terror of the dark, for the night is dark and full of terrors, it is a hungry dark of teeth and eyes and ravenous appetite, and when you are small, when you think more with the back of your brain than the front, you -know- that. You are most scared by that which you can't see."

And now she is hugged by a turtle and it Ruins The Atmosphere.

Violet giggle-snorts at Aurore. "I can't take credit for this one, this was Lumina's idea." She tugs her hoodie closer. She puts another log or two on the fire to bring it to a greater roar and to keep them warm. She snickers at Mila. "Did you just call her Mini Enzo?" She finds that highly amusing, "She needs a tiny mustache for that." She listens and gets up to make herself a cup of tea in a paper cup.

Itxaro gives a little snort when the hug interrupts her story and then gets up quickly during the interruption to get herself hot chocolate before getting bundled down again. She looks so content as she settles back down. In some ways it's one of the few times she's been comfortable. She puts the blanket around herself again.

"Nix, they called her, Nacht, Nox, Night, the Dark Mother. The Night Terror, they say on the mainland, that there's this one stretch of road, that y'don't travel down at night. Happenchance y'meet someone on th'road, happenchance y'stop and give them a lift. A ride home." Lumina continues, leaning against Mila with the hug, because warmth is a nice thing and ...the Mini Enzo is damn near sitting -in- the fire. "Now, I heard this from an' old guy, and I believe it t'be true. So I'll repeat it t'you guys as I heard it. There were a few folks that argued with the guy, but it were a pub an' ev'ryone were gettin' thoroughly sloshed."

The ripeness of her accent, thick on the tongue with severed letters and truncated syllables rolls through the story, smoothing out to wisp in with the wind and the night, the guttering of that fire.

"I was a young'un of a sparse twenty three, I'd gotten through my teen years mostly unscathed, came out the other side with an apprenticeship and a career well on the way to making me a very rich and fine grandaddy for the kids that I'd yet to find the wife to make. I had the world on my shoulders and the head to know what to do with it, all pomp and class and ceremony and ego that you young'uns wouldn't recognise, but anyone who's seen more'n three score of years would know exactly what all I'm talking 'bout. I thought I was the all that, back then, the man of mans, a somebody, an important somebody goin' places. But I weren't. She knew that, and so's she told me, one night while I were driving through a crystal clear night along the old Birch Road -- you know the one, the one what that's boarded up, with 'no through road' signs peppered across the entrance and exit, where the teens and kids dare each other to run up to, to touch a sign and run off else the witch'll getcha. Or some-such silly nonsense.

"Back in the day, when no one knew of Nacht, it were a road free to travel, smooth as anything you see today, but it weren't done by the robots and the machines and everythin' done to quite close parameters, math telling each one how much to put where and how to shape it so that it fits, nope. This were a road that was made by man and with rolling pins with motors, flattening everything out. This were the road where Nacht lingered, where she walked and was first seen, not even a month after the last wheel rolled away and the first car touched rubber to surface. You aint never sure where she came from, or why she chose that one road to wander beside, stories abound, she were a bride, widowed before her marriage day, her husband comin' to a mishap on his way to the church, something to do with the buildin' of Birch. Others say she ran away from home, and Birch was the road she met her end at, hitch hikin', only to run afoul of some unsavory sorts. Another tale I heard tell, she weren't never anything, she was just a little girl who got orphaned from a crash, and she walks the road lookin' for help, or her parents, and you cain't ever leave till you've done one or the other.

"It don't really matter where she came from, or why she's where she is now. All that matters is that her bonny brown eyes hold the very fires of hell to burn any who think of scorning her. It's why you don't ever leave, not walkin' beside her, and old Birch was the fastest way from town towards the living houses for the lads who had got themselves a bit more ineberated than would be purely safe for them to drive. Course, now you got to go back around the other end of town, takin' the long way. Old Birch is closed to traffic, even foot traffic, and any'un with a sane bone in their head'll know you don't walk down Birch, not with only the night as company. No sirree, that's one sure fire fast way to get yourself a widow of a wife."

"Now, as I said, I weren't walkin' down Old Birch, I had better things to do with my time than walk along some road in the middle of a crystal clear night, I was goin' places, had things to do and was in a damn fine hurry to get there. And even then, with the road only a few years old, still as sparse and shiny as the day it were laid, there were rumours. Of folks walkin' home along its smooth edges after havin' a few too many and sent home without their car, never to be seen again, though folks thought that were drunken idiots not knowin' which way was north and lacking the damn fool sense to stay on the road rather'n wander off into the scrublands and get hisself stupid lost. So there weren't no way I was goin' to be walkin' down that fool road.

Not even halfway down did I see her, she were a damn fine beauty, skin the rich luxury of chocolate, a dress as white as snow, flutterin' in the slight breeze, long black curls of hair tangling behind her. She were a damn fine sight from the angle I saw her, it weren't the best of nights, crystal clear and as cold as the flute of a champagne glass, and she looked to be a wee bit cold, you'd be too, wearin' what she was. No shoes nor anythin' to keep the heat in, nothing at all. Against what woulda been sense if I had the mind to think it, I stopped beside her, just a little ways ahead, and opened up the passenger door of me car.

"Hey there Miss, you headed someplace?" I leant over to ask her, the door was open, blocking her way. She stopped and turned to look at me, and somewhere in the back of my head I started screamin', something was screamin' up a storm, but I weren't listening to that, I were looking at her. With the dark pools of her eyes, the slight parting of her dark lips and the flash of white, white teeth as she hesitated.

"No place special." She eventually replied, rubbing her arms as though still chilled, walkin' against the press of the wind on this crystal cold night.

Violet has a hard time understanding Lumina from the accent and her excitment level. She sort of catches most of it. Violet skin is crawling but she is unsure why. She sips her tea and huddles.

Mila seems to get it all and the small framed woman almost seems to grow smaller as she listens. Her head and arms pulling back into her.

"I figure that I'm heading someplace special, or even a little bit more ordinary than that, if you'd like to get a lift, so your no place is a little closer?" She was captivating, sweet and fascinating, I couldn't get enough of lookin' at her, and not in the way you'd all be thinkin', there weren't any leerin' involved, like the young lads are wont to do when facin' a pretty fine slice of lady. She were almost precious, I could no more refuse her a lift than I could refuse to breathe.

"Sure." She said to me, still hesitating, her hands stop the endless rubbing of her slender arms, to tuck her long skirt underneath her, to slip into my car and pull the door shut behind her. I admit I sat staring at her, damn fool that I was, mouth open, stunned and amazed beyond all ken or even thinkin' that she actually took up my offer. A pretty thing like her, no, more than pretty, perfect. Beautiful. Not in the way that the actors and models are, with the high cheekbones and slender bodies and rail thin frames, no, she were beautiful in a more earthy way, not an angel, not somethin' unknowable, in just a way where you could get to thinkin' mighty indecent things about her, all bundled up in a near nothin' bit of white cloth, thinkin' that maybe, if I played my cards right, I might get a little kiss at the end of the road, where I left her, and maybe a way to contact this beauty of the night. That ought to've warned me, a little, but course, I were ignoring such common sense things, like the screaming warnin' crawling up the nape of my neck.

"I put the car in gear, finally managin' to stop staring at her, to drive down old Birch, which was just Birch then. "You come from somewhere? It's a bit of a cold night, for a girl like you to be walking down the road a ways on their own." Strikin' up conversation I was, just to get her talkin', distracted from bein' in a car with a stranger, and maybe she'd get distracted enough to relax, so I didn't feel like I had a damn jumpin' jack in the passenger seat, rather'n an ebony beauty of such lush perfection.

Amanda lifts her legs up, and hugs them against her body as she listens to the story.

Itxaro is quiet through the ghost story, listening with attention as she continues the tale.

Again she looked at me, it were almost like she was lookin' into me, knowin' and hearing the screaming that I ignored, listenin' to each and every little part of me, to see who I was, who I thought I was, and just how safe she is to be in a car with me. "Some place a distance away. Just felt like walking." That's what she said to me, that's all she ever said regardin' where she came from, it weren't some story, it weren't some tragedy, she just took to the road one night, feeling like a walk, and here she is, going no where special, in no particular hurry, just walking along the road for the walk. Course, now I figure she aint limited to just walkin' old Birch, but all roads, all nights, have felt the press of the bare soles of her feet, but Birch is just one of many places, lucky or otherwise, where she could meet folks, get a bit of company along in her walk. Perhaps a ride to the nowhere, making the distance a little closer, just for that one night.

Now time had passed, and I were noticin', in amongst our talk about nothin' special, that Birch weren't ending. It was a short road, five minutes at most, end to end, and I should've come up onto the end of it by now, twice over in fact, yet from the land marks, I couldn't have gone more than thirty yards from the start of it. Just as I started noticin' this she started starin' at me, watchin' me like a hawk, or a predator about to take the silly little rabbit in its jaws and crack the life out. As though waitin' for me to make the connection, and demand that she get out again, and walk along the damn fool road on her own, to be so rude. I nearly did too, nearly made comment about it, but my fuel weren't goin' nowhere, and she weren't such unpleasant company that it were any bother to me.

By and by, with the road growing no shorter, and nothin' changing but my awareness of the passage of time, and her watching me so close like, as though almost impatient for... well, I'm sure you can figure it. Finally, I made a comment "I've noticed something odd here, no matter how far I take you, the road doesn't seem to be getting any shorter."

"Its the way things are, when you're going nowhere special." She replies, almost instantly, as though she had the answer prepared hours, days in advance, knowin' what I'd say.

"You in any particular rush to get there?" The passage of time felt as though it were days, hours, long enough for my wearisome lookin' forward to my home and warm bed, had turned into a burnin' ache behind my eyes, a headache in my head and a tremble findin' its way down my fingers. She shook her head, still watching me closely, her eyes widening as I slowed down, and pulled the car over to the side. "You have my apologies, but I fear I haven't gotten you any closer to where you were going, it's been a very, very long day. This road is endless and I'll be needing to get myself some sleep, though I would love to take you the distance, just for your company, I fear if I drive any longer, I'll forget where the road is."

She looked surprised at that. More surprised than you'd think, I made no move to get out of the car, nor to ask her to leave, just undid my seatbelt and laid my seat back, flattening it as far back as it could go. "I am mighty sorry, I can't keep my eyes open."

Silence, she was just watching me, staring, I could feel her eyes on me, watchin',starin'. It was a long, long night, for both of us I like to think. When I finally fell asleep, it were a sleep of angels, as though I were on the softest down, held in the warm, lovin' arms of the wife I'd yet to find, and she were the sweetest thing on this side of the moon. "Nacht." I heard whispered in my ear, a soft, warm palm stroking over my head, the sensations weaving through my dreams, sweetness and sound and it was so very warm. "You can call me Nacht." <->

The dream faded, as it is normal for them to do, and I found myself in my car, condensation on the windshield, and a still warm passenger seat as the sun rose and warmed the cold chill on the metal. I weren't on Birch road, I were a mere stones throw away from my house, parked out front of my drive way. It were three days after I picked up Nacht, on old Birch road, judgin' by the number of calls on my phone, missed messages of folks bein' worried about why I hadn't done my projects that were due, in danger of bein' fired, which were a great worry when you're young, not havin' a job and no way to pay things. But I couldn't find it in my heart to be worried about it, course, I was still flushed with the sweet memory of Nacht. So mayhap I weren't in my right mind, but I couldn't much care.

Used to be, before they closed the road, from folk's disappearin' far too often for it to be coincidence, nigh on one a week, I'd go drivin' down there. Sometimes I found myself a sweet dark thing to keep me company on the long dark road, till I had to sleep, sometimes I didn't. She seemed to remember me, time came about that when I stopped and opened the door, she'd run up to it, to me, and I'd get that sweet kiss I dreamt of on that long ago first trip. Sometime, a little bit more. Nights we didn't really go anywhere, just sit in that one little patch of road, talkin' till my eyes grew heavy and I couldn't keep them up no more. Yup, Natch, Nox, the Night Mistress, she's one sweet lady, warm and soft and willing and oh so very beautiful. Never seen her like before, nor have I since, do her a disservice, tryin' to express with my old words, just how lovely she were, though I gave it a fair try."

Lumina shifts, glancing from one face to the other, "Th'guy'd tell his story, according to th'other patrons, nigh on once a week." She comments softly, "An' just so happens, that I followed him out, this time. He walked a ways from the pub, with his cane and a limp, walkin' can't be a comfortable, or easy thing t'do, y'know? But, he walked to this road, blocked off by road signs. He patted one, and on th'other side, were this tall dark-skinned lass, in a white dress. I couldn't hear -him- clearly, but I could hear -her-, clear as you hear me now. "You have come back to me" She said, "You forgot your car this time." And as he were walkin' closer, he stood straighter, needed t'use the cane less. Like the years fell off of him, like bark from an old tree. Leavin' young and good wood behind. "Walk with me?" She asked him, as she took his offered arm, "Always and forever," He said, and though I weren't any closer to -either- of them, I could hear him like I could hear her. "Always and forever my dear Nacht." His voice were like honey."

She pauses again, and looks around at the faces, "As they walked away, lookin' like newlyweds, young and straight and bright in the night, like it were the first night of the honeymoon, I heard her say, "Tell me a story. You always had such wonderful tales to tell..."

Mila stays still. she nods to the ending of the tale. Her gaze going between all the people before looking at Lumina. "Nice story Lumina." She grins.

Violet had her tea cupped in her hands and she all forgot about it listening. Her mouth was a little open from shock, big brown eyes like saucers. Streams of tears running down her cheeks and she quickly rubs her face clean. She had the biggest puppy pout ever. She is just having an emotional reaction to the story.

Itxaro loves the story and claps her hands because it's a happy ending. The two of them ended up together. She finishes her cup of hot chocolate, "I like it! It was spooky but had a happy ending."

Mila gets a one-armed hug from Lumina, and the Fair- er, pretty human person, rubs one of her eyes absently. She glances around at the people, her cheeks tinting as she waits for reactions or... whatever. "Um. So. ...Maybe I like sharin' stories a little bit. Sometimes."

Mila then rises. She stretches as she goes to get something to drink. "Whoever's next, don't mind me, I'll be quiet." She flips the ocean the bird as she walks.

Violet rubs her sleeve of her hoodie over her cheeks and face again sniffling. Poor kid, completely lost it. She sniffles and whimpers a bit and keep rubbing her face over and over to keep in clean. "E-e-ex-excuse me." She says, almost sounds like hyperventaling and stands up and walks passed the tent out of sight from everyone until she can compose herself again.

"I ... Sorry Violet." Lumina calls quietly to the departing back, scrunchign down into her knitted dress and staring into the fire. "...I didn't mean to make y'cry..."

"My mother used to tell me cautionary tales of little girls that would leave their mother's side and be 'taken' away. Not like in the Disney movies, but to slave at the feet of Babi Yeh, an old spiteful witch with needles for teeth, blackness that seeped from her eyes and skin like rotted parchment that would flake and crack when she moved. She lived by the crossroads deep in the forest on a road that could take you many places that didn't involve you arriving on the other side," Itxaro gives a deep smile as she speaks of the tale her mother told her, "She had a two headed cat, Yipsih, who spoke any tongue and would sit outside the children's windows and call to them while Babi Yeh waited with her bag that went up to her knee but was as deep as the darkest abyss."

"Marie was a foolish, selfish child that wouldn't listen to her mother so she didn't heed her warnings. One night, the girl heard a voice from outside in the rain, asking her to open the window and let him in. She looked outside and there was a cat's tail just out of focus that she could only see if Marie looked sideways. She knew that she shouldn't open the window but something inside of her couldn't resist undoing the lock." She gives a grin and lowers her voice to get a spooky tone, "The cat's tail twitched at her...the voice continued to tempt her to just open the window and reach out to pet the soft fur. Marie slipped the window open just a crack...just enough to reach out to pet the cat and not leave the safety of her room. But evil like all things only needs a crack to find it's way into your soul and when she reached out into the rain it was not soft fur that she found but the hard, cracked talons of a witch who reached in and yanked Marie out!"

Mila notices Violet slip out and she nods to Lumina and slips out behind her.

Amanda watches Violet leave, hoping she's ok.

There's a brief twitch from Lumina at Ixtaro's story, and she watches her intently, giving her her full focus, well, most of it. She did also glance to where Violet had gone, feeling bad about upsetting the party planner.

Quiet whispers can be heard beyond the tent between Mila and Violet, while the story is going on. They seem to be okay.

"The rain poured down her nightgown, showing that Marie was round and plump, just like the way Babi Yeh likes," Itxaro tells them as she holds up her arm almost as if she's in the grip again, "And her demon cat with two heads laughed at her situation, knowing that he'd be well rewarded with tips of children's fingers for getting such a prize for his master." She gives a shudder and lowers her hands, "But Babi Yeh didn't know her secret...her special gift that could allow her to escape from the witch's clutches."

She goes silent as she waits for people to guess what it could be.

Lumina tilts her head at the pause, "She could scream really loudly?" Probably not, "Or bad gas?"

The girls are all huddled around the fire. Itxaro is telling the scary tale currently. Mila and Violet are beyond the tent talking quietly in a private conversation.

"Marie could change, adjust and mold her body to slip out of any hold. She made the bones in her arm soft like butter, twisted so she could slide her arm out of Babi Yeh's talons. And she fell on the ground with a big plop!" Itxaro tells them with a smile, "Her cat grew angry, his tail twitching as the witch scrambled to grab the flexible girl." She gives a big smile, "Babi Yeh wasn't about to let her quarry get away, she dug her nails into the soil and unhinged her jaw to let her tongue roll out of her head. She lifted her neck into the air and then jerked her head, causing her scaley tongue to whip around the girl's body like a lasso, squeezing her tighter than her talons ever could."

Marie was trapped, the tongue was too tight, wrapped along her entire torso so she couldn't use her abilities to slip out of the tongue. But the skin on the tongue was more sensitive than the calloused talons so the girl raised her body temperature...making it hotter and hotter to burn the witch that was holding her.

Babi Yeh let out a horrifying screech," Itxaro screams into the air and it's almost inhuman the way she does it, "And retracted her tongue back into her body, the burns causing the witch to twitch in anger. Marie scrambled up, her nightgown cleaning to her body as the rain came down harder. She tried to scramble to the window but the evil cat slips between her legs and causes her to trip, hitting her head against the ledge and it cuts her open, causing her blood down her face."

The darkness hovered around her, trying to pull her to unsconsciousness but she fights against the pull, knowing if she goes to sleep she will be pulled forever from this world. She starts to climb back into the windown as the talons grab into her legs, digging in as she cries out for her mother that's laying on the bed."

Erika heard about the bonfire in town and thought it might be fun to attend. The world has been goodd to her lately, so she doesn't scream vagrant when she approaches the fire and deposits herself on one of the logs so she can hear the story. She also thought it would be polite to bring something, so she begins to unload a little pile of potatoes from her bag and fishes out a roll of tinfoil and starts to wrap them, ready for the fire. <->

"Her mother is risen from her bed out of a dead sleep and lets out a scream when she sees the creature trying to take her daughter. She grabs ashes from the hearth and blows it into the witches face, obscuring her vision. The witch screeches and rubs her eyes, letting go of the girl so her mother can grab her, pull her into the window and lock the door." Itxaro breathes deeply as if in relief as she comes to the end of the tale, "Once they were safely locked inside there was nothing more that the witch could do to get them but the tale has stayed in my family for generations warning little girls the dangers of opening your window to the cat's tail."

Lumina whistles softly, clapping lightly, muffled by wool, at the end of Itxaro... Ixtaro? ... her story! "Lucky."

Aurore inclines her head and smiles to Itxaro while she applauds, the sound somewhat muffled by the gloves on her hands. Peeking around, she sees if anyone else is eager to take up the baton of tale-telling, or wants to comment on her fellow dancer's story.

Violet had gone from heartbroken to ugly cry pretty quick, but had since calm down, regardless of her eye rimmed eyes. When she comes back to comes around to pat Lumina on the back and whispers in her ear. 'I'm fine.' She is good at being reassuring. She goes and grabs the tray of Smores stuff. "Who wants Smores?" She calls.

Mila enters in behind Violet but not before she stares down the ocean. What is with this woman and the ocean. She grins looking at the group. "Sorry I missed that one, so ya guys want Violet's awesome story, or my shitty one?" She asks with a smirk.

Erika quietly moves around the fire, poking tifoil wrapped potatoes into the glowing ashes before returning to her seat. "Help youselves when they're cooked" she says, softly. "Smores?" She asks, "they sound nice." indicating that yes, she'd like some.

Lumina -clearly- is not entirely certain of the 'I'm fine' whisper, judging by the way she watches Violet, but otherwise her face is blank, a complete absence of expression. Kinda creepy really -- or maybe it's just resting bitch face. Whichever. She just returns to hugging her knees inside her knitted jumper because it is cold. And she is nice and lightly roasted this close to the fire. "I've never had s'mores." Not an Aussie thing, really. "Not particularly fond of toasted marshmellows. ...Or untoasted either."

Violet brings the tray around to Erika. "Oh hey. Nice to meet you I'm Violet. You must have snuck in while I was.. busy." She smiles casually. When she sets the tray down she covers her mouth when she smiles to cover the gap in the top row of her teeth. "Also there is coffee, tea and coco in the tent." She adds another log to the fire. "I can tell one. I found a book for local folklore in the library.."

Aurore nods approvingly to Violet. "And I could go after you, if you liked," the native says encouragingly.

Erika smiles at Violet when the woman speaks to her and bobs her head. Now tea is a nice idea, so that's Erikas next destination. She scampers into the tent and goes about the business of tea making. Tea with lots of sugar, that's Erika. All this she does with as little noise as possible, so as not to disturb the atmosphere.

Violet goes back to her seat and tugs out the book and opens it. She clears her throat. "It's the story about the Hunter of the Hanging Hills." She says then makes a spooky sound. "ooOoooOoooo oooOooOo.." She goes back to the book. "It is said the reason the Hanging Hills have that name is that back in the day that's where they would hang the outlaws by the neck until they hung dead."

"Cheesy." Lumina teases the oooOoooOoooing, before she shifts, shivering again, and covering a yawn, rising to stand. "Sorry guys, I gotta head off. I've got a shift in a few hours and -some- sleep would be grand." She adds softly, giving Mila a hug. And a ruffle over her head. Violet also gets a shoulder-squeeze and "I really am sorry." Before she's off and into the darkness!

"Go get some rest Mini Enzo. If ya need I'll come up and wake ya up."She hugs Mila and pats her head.

Aurore flashes Violet another smile, clearly amused by the 'spooky' introduction... before looking intrigued, lifting a brow as Hanging Hills proves to be the focus of the tale.

Erika cups the mug of tea in her hands for the warmth - not that she seems very cold. To be honest, there is something odd about the young woman that is hard to put your finger on, an otherness that is a little bit disturbing. She smiles at everyone around the campfire and readies for the next story.

Violet smiles as she reads along. "So.. the Hunter of Hanging hill is said to be a disembodied spirit of an outlaw who died there. He still haunts the place. He is know for his love of whiskey and pretty women. It says he stalks the woods along the Hanging Hills and other areas, murdering good men and absconding with pretty ladies. There is a tale from over a century ago where this lady's brother was turned into a moose where the hunter hunted him down and was never seen again."

Itxaro smiled as some of the folks complimented on her tale and gets herself another hot chocolate. She does tear herself away from the treats when Violet starts up her story. She is very happy to listen to another's tale.

Mila moves to the side, standing perfectly still. Smirking and watching. She waits for hte next story.

Late once more, Piper trudges her way across the sands toward the bonfire. Dressed up in her usual attire, exchanging jeans for leather pants, the woman shoves gloved hands deep into jacket pockets as she looks around, brows furrowed quietly and lips pursed in thought as she catches the tale end of that story.

> Mila to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 5 Successes for an exceptional success.
   < 2 4 5 6 6 6 6 7 8 8 9 10 10 >

===============================> Dexterity + Stealth + 4 [No Flags] <

Aurore looks surprised upon spotting Piper, then raises a hand in greeting, offering her fellow half-Passamaquoddy a warm smile and a wave, before gesturing an invitation to take a spot beside her. She then looks back to Violet, to see if there is any more to the event-organiser's story.

Violet shrugs as she has no big scare. "It's just fun scary folklore. The end." Oh God Vi is so lame. But she tried. She goes to toasting herself a marshmellow with the sticks provided.

Itxaro raises her glass to Violet to toast the storyteller, wanting to give her support since she was nice enough to tell her tale. Then she takes a sip of her drink and snuggles in the blanket so more.

Erika picks up a stick from the fire and pokes one of the potatoes she planted there, out of the ashes. She carefully unwraps it to see if it is cooked. Satified that it is, she juggles it from hand to hand until it cools.

Catching sight of Aurore, Piper blinks before a faint smile spreads over her lips for the sight of the other native woman. She mouths a simple 'Hey!' and lifts her hand in a wave, making her way over to settle in next to Aurore, making herself comfortable as she casts a glance around the fire. "Didn't miss much, did I?" she quietly asks Aurore.

> Aurore to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 3 Successes 
   < 2 4 8 8 8 >

======================================> Wits + Composure [No Flags] <

> Itxaro to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 2 3 4 5 8 >

======================================> Wits + Composure [No Flags] <

> Erika to Here <=====================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 3 3 4 6 9 >

======================================> Wits + Composure [No Flags] <

> Mila to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 4 Successes 
   < 5 8 8 8 9 >

===========================> Presence + Intimidation + 2 [No Flags] <

"A few stories," Aurore answers quietly, slipping an arm around Piper as she grins again. She delivers a squeeze, then reclaims her hand and leans forward. "I suppose that I can go next," she volunteers, her richly musical voice tinged with a little hesitation. "I'll take you into folklore as well, though not one to be found in many books hereabouts."

"Now... as everyone knows, a meduelin - a shaman - can be a force for good or ill in the world. One such individual lived not too far from here, a few hundred years ago. His guide to the worlds of spirit and animal was Ki-won-ik, the Otter: the river-trickster. Playful, but predatory. And he took the mood of Ki-won-ik to heart more than he should, and treated his fellow humans as playthings for his talents and his desires. His particular favourite was to win away each new bride from the local village, keeping her in the forest with him for as much as a month, before allowing her to return home and start her life with her husband. But by then, of course, she was no longer a stranger to men... and the first child might not even be that of the man she wed. Thus, the young men and women of the village came to be scared to wed, and some spoke of leaving the village entirely to be free of the fear, and the 'play' of the trickster threatened to wound his tribe most deeply."

> Itxaro to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 3 Successes 
   < 2 3 4 8 9 10 >

================================> Composure + Subterfuge [No Flags] <

> Itxaro to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 2 3 6 6 10 >

==============================> Intelligence + Composure [No Flags] <

> Itxaro to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 0 Success 
   < 2 3 5 7 7 >

==================================> Strength + Brawl + 1 [No Flags] <

> Itxaro to Here <====================================================

   Rolled a chance die for a success
   < 9 10 >

==============================> Strength + Brawl + 1 - 9 [No Flags] <

"But one day a young traveller came to the village. He was himself a meduelin, but like so many of his kind he kept it secret. For if someone knows you are a shaman, then they might watch you, and spy on you, and learn what your animal-guide is. And then they might harm you. And even if you are known to be wise in the hidden ways of the world, you might still strive to keep your guide a secret. So this young man, he hid his skills, and concealed his knowledge, and presented himself as brash and bold with nothing more than the arrogance of youth. For he proclaimed that he was *not* afraid to wed. And he wooed and won a maiden who felt she had already waited too long, and was impressed with his courage and kindness. And, of course, she was the most beautiful and hardest to win of all the tribe, who had held herself aloof until the bravest of souls might come to win her."

"But in secret, the young shaman gave his bride-to-be instructions, so that she was ready for what would follow the wedding ceremony. He told her that she *would* be taken by the old trickster. And that she should play along, and flirt and flatter and praise him... so that she could make demands. Empty-headed ones for the finest of wedding gifts, that no one - especially not her new young husband - could ever give for her. For she was to ask for the pelt of a white beast: specifically, white otter-fur. Silken-soft, and infused with the best of fortune, there could be no finer present."

"But to a shaman, white is the sign of magic. Of power. A white beast is younger brother to Kloskap, He Who Was Made By Speech. A white beast is elder brother to all its mundane kin. It is, in short, a creature of spirit. And the one white otter in the forest, well... that would be the guide of evil old trickster."

"But blinded by the shimmer of sunlight on her dark hair, by the grace of her long limbs, by the mystery of her smile... and crippled by the flighty pursuit of pleasure to which he had foolishly dedicated his life, he was unable to resist. So he slew the white otter she pointed out to him. She claimed its hide. And he lost his power forever more. While the young meduelin, he reclaimed his bride unharmed and unmolested - and now with the finest, most fortunate, head-dress in all the land."

Mila just simply vanish. One moment she was standing on the edge of the tent, the next gone. A moment or two later she appears next to Itxaro, almost out of nowhere and she grabs the other woman and yells out. "I'm the Undertoad and I'm gonna dronw ya!!" She laughs manically. Hey she's afraid of the ocean you should be too. She grins as she steps back.

Itxaro was into the story, not focusing on what others were doing, but all of a sudden someone is grabbing her and screaming at her. The dancer reacts purely from instinct. Mila can feel the muscles tense, get denser under her touch and the girl lets out a cry of surprise and punches back, managing to connect with the stealthy Mila who has so surprised her. The fist connects but strangely does nothing to the girl even though there's a lot more power than there should be behind that punch.

Violet just because there is screaming, she gives a loud girly shriek! "Ahhh!" She tumbles out of her chair, chocolate still rimmed around her lips from eating her smore earilier. And she watches as Mila get punched. She gasps "Oh My GOd! Guys!" <->

Arm sliding around Aurore's waist, Piper gives her an affectionate squeeze in return and nods once. "Damn," she utters, before offering a wry smile. "Least I didn't miss yours." She'll give the hesitating woman a brief, encouraging pat on the back before pulling her arm away entirely and leaning back in her seat, hands planting to either side of her body as she listens to Aurore's story, brows lifting faintly with a curious uptick at the tale. Engrossed in the story, Piper slowly leans forward, her head tilting. "Is that..." she begins, slowly, a fond smile on her lips -- before that screaming cuts her off. Her dark eyes widen in surprise, and her hand seems to fall toward her hip as if to grab something that isn't there -- only to see the sight of someone getting startled and... punching the hell out of someone else. "... guess this is a proper ghost story bonfire now," she notes, wryly, her hand slowly falling away from her side as she gradually untenses. "God damn, that startled the shit outta me."

Erika jumps out of her skin when Mila jumps on Itxaro and tosses her hot potato into there air before juggling to catch it nack. She sees Itxaro throw a punch and lets out a breath of air in a big "Oh". <->

Aurore doesn't quite leap out of her skin in response to the sudden attack... but she's left wide-eyed and speechless for a few moments. Then she manages a rather shaky laugh. "I, ahhh... Undertoad? Really? That sounds rather close to something I considered as an option for a story, actually...." Looking back to Piper, she ventures a slightly bashful smile and shrug. "Passamaquoddy story," she says. "If that's what you were about to ask. One my mother told me."

Mila is giggling and for some reason the punch doesn't even seem to bother her. "Ya alright?" She grins. She waves dissmissively to Violet. "I'm fine, remeber my work on the mainland sometimes involves getting hit by guys twice Enzo's size." She looks about. "Sorry, couldn't help myself, everyone alright?" She asks with a smirk on her face, her face where she just got decked, but it seems the woman is completely unaffected by the punch.

Itxaro is shaking a little as she releases her ability and her heart starts to slow down. She looks amazed that she didn't hurt the other woman because she did solidly connect with her, "Oh...oh...sorry." She gets up and then starts to gathered her things, a little freaked out that she just went off like that. Normally Itxaro has better control and doesn't pop off her abilities like that but Mila did scare her and when she's scared, she just starts hitting.

Violet because Mila looks fine. She sighs and holds her hands over her heart, it's going a mile a minute. That is enough excitement for Violet. "I need to get inside to get warm. I'll come back to clean up later and put out the fire." She trudges back to the hotel, hugging herself and tugging down her hoodie over her hips.