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There are no wild animals until man makes them so.
~ Mark Twain


xxxxx Greer was born in Fallcoast, but she doesn't remember all that much about the place aside from snow and trees and ocean breezes. The air was always scented with salt water. The majority of her childhood was spent in the desert of Nevada where the days were scorching and the nights were frigid. It was, minus a father, a pretty normal upbringing. She went to school, played sports, and hung out with her friends. She even joined debate and track. Life was good.

xxxxx The winter of Greer's senior year everything changed when she and her mother were forced off the road by a drunken driver. While the driver survived, Sally, Greer's mother, was killed when the car slide off the side of the mountain and into a gully filled with snow and ice. For two days the car went unnoticed with Greer and Sally trapped inside. Greer watched her mother pass with no ability to help. Life was horrific.

xxxxx What began in that car concluded with Greer going through the Change three months later. Suddenly alone, she took to the desert, trying to outrun this madness that was descending upon her. This was, in fact, just where she needed to be. This is where she would come face to face with her fate - Coyote. Her first Change was brutal and for the next two years, she survived as the animal did. Eventually, she made her way back to the world of the living. A lawyer awaited her arrival and with him an inheritance that included a letter from her mother.

xxxxx The contents of that letter, along with that small inheritance, helped to give her direction and bring her back into the world. She finished high school and went on to college. She learned how to control her abilities and sought out those who could give her answers. And then she set out to get answers of another kind - this journey has brought her full circle. Time for a new life in Fallcoast.


Dot black.png Ravenwood: The family she didn't even know she had.

Dot black.png Mistai: Coyote

Dot black.png Accord: Sun-Chaser

Dot black.png City of Fallcoast: Employed by the City of Fallcoast.

Dot black.png Special Languages: ACL is her bread and butter.

Dot black.png Fame: She's the ACL translator for the Mayor. You've likely seen her on tv.

Dot black.png Prankster: It goes hand in hand with her breed. She'd apologize, but she wouldn't mean it. Oops.

Dot black.png Fitness: She's a gym rat.

Dot black.png Cooking: She could give a few chef's a run for their money.


Dot black.png Galvyn - Heya, Pops. Guess what? It's a girl!


Breed laughing strangers.pngRavenwood alpha.pngSunchaserIcon.png

Vital Stats

Full Name: Greer Ravenwood
Appears As: Greer
Birth Date: April Fools!
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Vice: Impetuousness
Virtue: Dreamer
Occupation: ACL Interpreter
Sphere: Feral
Accord: Sun-Chaser
Breed: Laughing Strangers
Species: Mistai (Coyote)
Family: Ravenwood Family
Band: None yet.

Notable Stats

Skills Of Note
SKILL •••••
SKILL •••••
SKILL •••••
MERIT •••••
MERIT •••••
MERIT •••••


Sleigh Bells ~ Where Did You Sleep Last Night
My girl, my girl, don't lie to me
Tell me where did you sleep last night
In the pines, in the pines where the sun don't ever shine
I would shiver the whole night through
My girl, my girl, where will you go
I'm going where the cold wind blows
In the pines, in the pines where the sun don't ever shine
I would shiver the whole night through