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Staff Commands for +Dir

(See +help dir for the regular user commands.)

Players cannot create or edit their own entries; staff has to do that. Thankfully, it's easy peasy to do so.

Each of the entries is stored as an attribute on the +Directory Database Object.


+dir/new <location name>
Creates a new entry in the database.
+dir/set <location>/<field>=<text>
Sets X field for the location.
+dir/remove <location name>
Removes an entry from the database.

Since the entries are attributes, their removal is permanent. Be mindful of it.

The <field> section consists of:

Coords: The grid coordinate of the location.
Name: Already filled in, by virtue of creating the entry at all.
Category: What type of location is it? Business? Public? Housing? Etc.
PC: Who owns it? Use 'NPC Owned' for staff-run businesses.
Res: What resources level does this area require?
Note: Notes about the site. Any useful information/background.

When a build's owner is frozen and the grace period has elapsed, the business' "PC" field should be manually set to "AVAILABLE" to indicate that it is up for grabs.

Category Formatting

To set a sphere-specific public location on +dir, please use @force me= before +dir/set on the category, and include the sphere-abbreviation in sphere-specific ANSI color. These colors correspond to those used on the bboards for consistency's sake.

ex. @force me=+dir/set nemo's/cat=%x<#04B45F>FAE:%xn Hedgespun Gadgets
FAE -- #04B45F
FAM -- #FA58F4
FER -- #B18904
GEI -- #00FFFF
HUN -- #81DAF5
IMM -- #FF8000
MAG -- #F3F781
POS -- #808080
PRO -- #8000FF
VAM -- #B40404
WER -- #808000

See Game_help:Dir 3 for details on categories to use.