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Here's a brief guide on using the command...

To start a new equipment request, you need to input one item that you're looking to buy. The command is: +eqreq/add <item name> or +eqreq/add <item name>=<note>

Once an item is added, you can do +eqreq/view to view your current list. Keep using the add command until your list is complete!

Please consult the equipment list to make sure you have the proper name/spelling of an item.

Once the list is complete, +eqreq/submit will submit your new job.

If you make a mistake, you can remove a single item from your list by first viewing your list: +eqreq/view and then removing the item: +eqreq/rem <num>

If you want to trash the whole list, use: +eqreq/clear

If you'd like to see the stats an item you find on the master equipment list, you can use +equip/view <item name>.

NOTE: Please do not submit an equipment request until you're approved. Also keep in mind that you have to be able to to afford the things that you're requesting. Starting equipment has a little bit of leeway, but still, a Resources 1 character can't have a Cost 5 Helicopter for their starting equipment.

A complete list of commands is here:

Equipment Request List Commands

  • +eqreq/view - Shows your current equipment request list.
  • +eqreq/add <item name> - Add an item to your equipment request list.
    • Please check the equipment list for valid item names.
  • +eqreq/add <item name>=<note> - Add an item to your list with an additional note.
  • +eqreq/rem <num> - Remove an item from the list by its number in the list.
    • Be careful! Numbers will shift down as things are removed. Remove the highest first.
  • +eqreq/clear - Clear the entire list and start over.
  • +eqreq/submit - Submit your list to Equipment Staff. A job will be created for you.