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Played By: Chloe Nørgaard
Template: Thaumaturge
Tradition: Shaman
Date of Birth: June 25, 1996
Apparent Age: 20s
Occupation: Urban Shaman
Virtue: Mettle
Vice: Addictive Personality

Zoey Trope probably isn't a real name, unless maybe her parents hated her. Any question on this subject is met with a blank look. Lots of questions are met with a blank look. Zoey doesn't always like questions, but sometimes she does, and sometimes she can elucidate at great length on a subject. If she feels like it. If you seem nice. If something tells her to share.

RP Hooks
Medium: Zoey can see and hear ghosts and they know she can and they never really leave her alone.
Thaumaturge: Zoey is a shaman, which means she can see and hear spirits and they know she can and they never really leave her alone.
Weird: They kind of always have, and that's made her a little weird. Of course, there's more...
Dreams and Visions: She gets these. They're often incredibly realistic, and sometimes it's hard to remember if something actually happened or will happen or what.
Easy Ride: Not like that. Otherworldly entities find it easier to slip into her skin.
Esteemed: Ghosts know her. Spirits know her. They also expect her to help.
Ephemerals: Ghosts, spirits, demons... Zoey can talk to them all. Dragon's Tongue is unpleasant, however.
Cash Only: Dishwasher, bartender, seasonal labour, janitorial work, housecleaning, mechanical Turk work - these are the jobs she's prone to pick up at places where people don't ask questions and social security numbers aren't required. She's not really an office work type of girl. Which generally leads to...
Notable Stats
Automatic Writing ••
Dragon's Tongue ••
Dream •••••
Easy Ride ••
Eye for the Strange ••
Lucid Dreamer ••
Medium •••••
Occult ••••
Pleasing Aura •••
Relic Analyst
Residual Spirit Energy ••
Sacrifice (Ghosts)
Sacrifice (Spirits)
See Spirits ••
Supernatural Esteem (Ghosts) ••
Supernatural Esteem (Spirits) ••
Unseen Sense •••
  Awakened Magic
  Psychic Powers
  Sin-Eater Manifestations
  Thaumaturge Powers
Visionary Trances ••••
Warding •••
Street: She's around. Small things. And you'd be surprised what you can learn from trash spirits.
Drugs: Got pot? Peyote or magic mushrooms also work.
Vegetarian: But meat doesn't so much work. You can only see so many sad little slaughtered cow spirit eyes before you get a bit reluctant to make more.
Forgetful: Don't take it personally. Things can get a little... confusing.
Meta: Zoey can get kind of meta and, due to her advanced 'sensing stuff' settings, can also be a little talky when it comes to what she can see and sense. Don't want her to mention it? No worries, she doesn't have to meta all up in there.
Manic Pixie Dream Girl: No. Talking to things other people can't see and letting ghosts ride around in you is less charming than you might think.
Manic Panic: But her hair is colourful! And the colours change from time to time. Her hair is also damaged as shit, but that's the price you pay for having cool hair.


I remember when
I remember
I remember when
I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant
About that place
Even your emotions had an echo
In so much space
And when you're out there
Without care
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because
I didn't know enough
I just knew too much
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?

Prithee, my dear
Why are we here?
Nobody knows
We go to sleep
As breathing flows
My mind secedes
I bleed
I bleed

Aurore: Someone Zoey can talk to pretty freely. That's very rare.
Denny: His shop doesn't have any spirits or ghosts in it. It's too quiet. That's weird.
Dominique: Zoey is okay with not talking about the Bound thing, but she can put two and two together.
Jake: Bears watching. Way too casual about wanting to run experiments on people.
Tara: Neonatal surgery is interesting-interesting.
Tabitha: Another thaumaturge, though ghost flavoured rather than spirit flavoured.
Warren: Finally met one of her best future friends. Hopefully the period where they don't talk happens later than sooner.


Zoey probably wouldn't be terribly noteworthy if she wasn't super into colourful hair dye. She has blue eyes, an oval face, and is 5'7". The hair's what changes - purple fading to blue one month, green and yellow and turquoise for the next three months. Her roots expose her as a dark blonde.

Zoey dresses casually as a rule. Colourfully, most days.
Her style is hard to pin down, if she even has one. She'll mix just about anything with anything else. Thrift shops and secondhand stores likely supply a considerable portion of her wardrobe. Usually her clothes are appropriate for the weather, but not always. An old army jacket covered with various iron-on patches and buttons is a staple. Every nail is painted a different colour, and it's not unusual to see various doodles or words inked onto her skin, some permanently, some not. She's also fond of jewelry, especially multitudes of bracelets and rings; the more colourful, the better. It makes her a bit jingly, though.


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