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On Wings Burnt Black
"This trembling, adored, tousled, bird-mad girl..."
– Burn: The Cure

Full Name: Zillah Skinner
Birthdate: November 01 1993
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Occupation: Stripper
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Gluttony

Breed: Wing-Folk
Species: Corvian
Accord: Sun-Chaser
Band: Red Right Hand
Family: Skinner

Still Every Night I Burn

The Girl
Those Damn Skinners - Zillah's pretty much exactly what you'd expect out of a Skinner. She at least managed to make it through all of high school, though that seems to have done her little good, considering she's now a stripper. But she's always been clever, rather than book-smart. Always been a party girl, rather than a jock or an academic. She fits in well with her clan, but especially so with her older half-sister, Dahlia. Skinners are as thick as thieves, after all - especially when one of them is an actual thief.

Stripper and CamGirl - If there's a dive with a stripper pole or a go-go box, Zillah's probably danced there. She's done a few webshows, though she's far from a well-known sensation. These days, she's gone legit and owns The Lion's Den.

Don't Like The Drugs, But The Drugs Like Me - Zillah's tried to clean up her act more than once. But when so many are willing to give you the good stuff for free, it's not an easy ride. Want to help her kick the habit again? Or maybe give her that gentle push back off the wagon?

Infamous - She's a Skinner, so she's bound to be no good. Such is the lot in life they're dealt, right? But whispers of homewrecker,tramp, and cokewhore tend to follow in Zillah's wake. True or not, sometimes you just can't shake a bad rep.

The Feathered Fiend
Crow - Zillah's one of the Feral, and so is her big sister. They've been in Hanging Hills all of their lives, and making the change wasn't something that altered that. She's been a crow for just about 6 years, now, and tends to show up just about anywhere.

Bird of Ill-Omen - Possible bad-luck charm.


Dirty Little Secrets - My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult

She Rides - Danzig

Pursuit of Happiness - Lissie

People told me slow my roll, I'm screaming out: "Fuck that"
I'mma do just what I want, looking ahead no turning back
If I fall, if I die, know I lived it to the fullest
If I fall, if I die, know I lived and missed some bullets
I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know
Everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold.
Hey, I'll be fine once I get it, I'll be good...


Yas - Doctor Bear. Mine, above all else.

Odie - Favorite cousin. Provider of beer, moonshine thief, helper with bad life choices. The sweetest venom.

Dottie - Hunger is something I can understand, all too well. Favorite Cousin. The other side of Odie's coin.

Bailey - My, how the months have changed you. Welcome home, lovely.

Rafael - Murderbirdie. Temper. Surprising.

Desmond - Maybe you're right, and I am an illusion. But you are not made of stone.

Roman - That's more like it, wolf. We were not made to mourn forever.

Wiley - I recognize the Trickster when I see him, and he's bright in your eyes. But you're right about the darkness and depths, coyote. They'll swallow you whole.

Claire - Party girl, laughter, and a touch of needed light.

Missy - See above.

Free - I see you, wolf. And I'll never forget.

Mason - All of my favorite angels are devils. I miss you, my friend.

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