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Zeth.jpg Zeth is a musician in his early twenties, haunting the Fallcoast area pretty much his entire life. Not a lot is known about his early life, and he's not one to speak much of it. He can most often be found working his way through the club circuit with his band, or doing the occasional solo gig. Really, whoever will pay him for music. He's been called eclectic, energetic, manic, narcissistic, a rogue and a paladin... and that's just this week!


  • Musician: Zeth is the front man for a small-time rock band. He can be found at establishments of various repute, so long as they need live music.
  • Down on his Luck: Zeth definitely qualifies as a starving artist. He lives in a bad apartment in a worse part of town. Chances are, he may have even served you dinner one night!
  • Life is Short: Bungie Jumping? Skydiving? Bullriding? Bullfighting? How about hiding under a bridge? In a lot of ways, anything can be a new experience... and Zeth is looking for all of them. As crazy as jumping onto a moving train, and as mundane as waiting in line at the DMV, he'll do it all... once.
  • Movement: Oddly enough, Zeth finds himself here regularly. Something about the acoustics, he told someone once...
Name: Zeth Whitman
DOB: October 11th
Apparent Age: Late 20s

Notable Stats

Resolve: *****
Expression: *****
Athletics: *****
Common Sense: *