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Starting XP

  • Starting XP is 550 XP (or lower by player choice) or 50 percent of your deceased/retired PC's total earned XP.

This means:

  • There are incentives for desired concepts, but no incentives for age bonuses on Fallcoast. See your sphere's wiki for details.
  • Deceased/retired characters with less than 100 XP offer no bonus; just use the 50 XP.
  • You may transfer 50 percent of your deceased or permanently retired PC's total earned XP to a new character. This does not include special XP such as Tier, Arcane, or Practical XP.
  • If you transfer XP from a deceased or permanently retired PC, you receive only that XP and any incentives for the game as a whole, your sphere or regular character generation.
    • For example: Sonder apps a new Winter Fairest PC, and permanently retires her Acanthus to do it. Her Acanthus has 200 total XP. Her new Fairest is a local, so eligible for +2 XP, and Ozymandias is offering a +5 Winter incentive at the time. She drops her Clarity on the new PC for +10 XP. Her total starting XP on the new PC is 122, not 172. Her Acanthus is permanently frozen and may only be unfrozen with her once-per-year un-permafreeze. Un-permafreezes are per player and not per alt.
    • Hydra, on the other hand, decides that he'd rather be able to bring back his katana-wielding Obrimos whenever he wants, so when he makes his new katana-wielding Mastigos, he gets 50 XP, plus the bonus Sonder is then offering for Guardians of the Veil of +5, for a total of 55 starting XP. Later, he decides he hates playing a Mastigos, and goes back to playing his Obrimos. Since he didn't transfer XP from his Obrimos, he can go right back to playing that PC.
  • If you transfer XP from a PC in Respec, you receive the amount of XP being removed from that PC to your new alt. (+news respec)
    • The player in respec determines the amount of XP to be transferred from the current pc bit to a new alt. This XP is removed from the total XP to be given to the newly created alt. (Ex: George the PC decides to go through respec, he has 500 XP. He decides to split 200 of that XP to an alt, leaving George’s new XP total at 300 for respec while Fred his new PC bit starts off with 200 XP instead of the usual 50.)
  • Starting XP can be spent on anything or hoarded to spend after character generation, if desired.
  • Your mortal age, Durance time, super age, torpor time, etc. do not affect your starting XP in any way. Individual spheres may have limits on age, Durance length, etc.
  • Morality/Clarity/Wisdom/etc. drops offer 5 XP per point to a maximum of 10 additional XP; Immortals and Possessed, per their splatbooks, may go up to 3 points dropped for 15 XP. If you drop morality for XP, you must make a derangement check for every point dropped, as if it were lost in play.
  • If you use your ability to un-permafreeze one alt per year on an alt, you may not ever again permafreeze that alt and transfer their xp to a different PC.
    • Example: A player permafreezes their PC Grace, and transfers all their XP to their new PC Faith. Later on, they un-permafreeze Grace, while still playing Faith. This part is okay - you are allowed to un-permafreeze without freezering the alt that received transferred XP.
    • Deciding she doesn't like playing Grace after all, the player freezes Grace once more. She may not transfer that XP to her new alt Charity. Charity begins with starting XP.

How To Transfer XP

  • You will need to have already frozen the PC.
  • When the New App is complete you will CC the Frozen PC to the New App job. Example +myjob/cc ###=name_####'
  • Log in from the Frozen PC and note on the New App job that you are authorizing the XP transfer.
  • Staff will Permafreeze the Frozen PC and transfer the correct amount of XP to the New PC.
  • Profit.

Group apps

  • XP for groups is handled separately; groups get a bonus for forming or joining before and after character generation. Group bonuses are 3 XP, given to each member of the group as a one-time bonus.