William Abernathy

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William Abernathy

"Be pitiful; for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
Ian Maclaren

Records show that William Abernathy was apparently born to a European offshoot of the Abernathy family tree in the late 1970s. In 2010, he came to Fallcoast to study at the local university and to study some of his family's resources. He has a doctorate in anthropology, and returned home several years ago. He's a post-doctoral fellow at the university who runs a book shop by day. He teaches the odd course at night, though his schedule keeps him from becoming a duly recognized professor.

Of course, the reality is a little more complicated...

RP Hooks

Hooks for Non-Vampires:

  • St. John's University: William owns and runs the Unofficial Campus Bookstore, a new and used bookstore located in the basement of the student center at he university. It's not just for students, as it also is home to a wide range of obscure titles. It is notoriously disorganized, and people often have to speak to William himself to find what they're looking for. William is known to make time for students as well - he's brilliant, by all accounts, and is beloved by the student body for being willing to sit down over (free!) coffee with those who are stuck on a point of research.
  • Social Life: William isn't only a student of the human condition, he tries to immerse himself in it. He can often be found at night, out on the town. He even maintains a circle of human friends. Oddball.
  • Abernathy: William is an Abernathy. Secret and weird and all that... though he seems friendly and nice enough. He puts a bit of a lustre on the turd that is the family reputation.

Hooks for Vampires:

  • Lord: William's a Lord... just not a very good one, by most measures. He doesn't have a massive amount of accumulated wealth. He has a humble bookstore at the University with a small staff. He has some measure of influence on campus, born out of the love he has garnered among students and teachers alike. He dresses comfortably, in human styles of dress, and he's casual and laid-back.
  • Defiant: William is a Dragon, and is apparently a good one. He's open and kindly, a Phildelphian, and has accomplished some advancement, transcending his curse to a degree - obviously, judging by the company he keeps and his general good nature. His research paradigm lies in the mystical/occult bent or the academic bent - he has a powerful mind and great ability in those areas.
Contact List
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Date of Birth: April 1, 1978
Apparent Age: 30s
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Associate Professor
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Gluttony

Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Clan: Ventrue
Coterie: None
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