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"As a child I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things which others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know."
― C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Overview: Wickham Xiang appears to be a psychologist coming from Vienna. Dapper, well presented, and with a calming, soothing voice, he is known for counselling the weary, assisting the suicidal, and otherwise bringing communities back together. That is one of the stories. There are quite a few others, if one happens to be Kindred.
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History: Wick is not saying much right now, but those who walk the night can sense a fellow member of the blood drinking fraternity. Vienna is a beautiful, but politically cutthroat city - it is little surprise that a young bloodsucker might head away from the complexities there. More surprise they might go to Fallcoast, however. Wick claims to be a childe of Tyrone, a well known Gangrel elder, and Tyrone's childer have certainly populated parts of Austria. The cerebral psychologist is not Tyrone's usual type, however.


Concept:Shadow Psychologist
Coterie:The Wrecking Crew
City of origin:Vienna
Striking Looks:He is so very dapper
Striking Voice:He sounds so very graceful
Merit: Patient:And he is so very calm
Brawl: Cold Rage:Until he simply isn't any more


Those in the know

AbsintheUnter dem blṻhenden Strauch liegt oft ein giftige Schlange versteckt.
AngelYou stole a book from me, you now repay it in turn, with interest - as the kids say. You can trust me.
AmadeusYou're a fascinating thing, and I do like fascinating things. You can trust me.
AvataLet's bond over being the odd ones out. You can trust me.
HadleyThe refuge of the powerless and ruthless both is the unexpected.
ImmacolataAbsolutely charming. You can trust me.
NimaiFlexibility is a virtue - but don't focus too much on the requirements of others, lest you be lost.




ArkadyPleasant enough doctor, Mr. December.
ConnorShow me these museums.
YasenSo excited by your lovers, Mr. May.




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