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xxxxxBorn in Fallcoast, Maine and raised by his mother. Kept to himself growing up, and joined the military after an incident in his 20's. Fresh back to Fallcoast and working on fixing up his family's old home while kicking around for some old acquaintances.

Weylan Couthan
Biker, Ex-marine
Apparent Age: 31
Approx. Height: 6'2"
Approx. Weight: 280 lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Virtue: Stoicism
Vice: Arrogance

Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Storm Lords
Lodge: The Kshatriyas
Pack: None
Deedname: And'hianum - Shade-caller

xxxxxBorn in Fallcoast Weylan lived with his mother while his father drove truck to support them. His mother died when he was 16, and he got in with the wrong crowd. For several years he was part of a biker gang until one day after a robbery he had a change of heart. He had caused the death of a man and had a hard time spiritually after that. He signed up for the military and shipped overseas to Afghanistan after basic. He had a few brushes with death himself, and after he finished his tour there he came back State-side. Spent a lot of time down South between Florida and Tennessee, running with a group that seemed a lot like his old gang. Went completely off the radar for a year, and has recently come back home to Fallcoast where he has been working on fixing up his family's old house.

RP Hooks
  • Biker — Weylan used to belong to a local gang a little over a decade ago. He still rides often and has met with local vets and ridden with them from time to time.

  • Family — Weylan's family hasn't been in Fallcoast for a while. His mother died almost 15 years ago, and neither him or his dad have been around their property. Who knows what sort of people or things may have made it their home while he was away.

  • Spirituality — Has a deeply spiritual outlook on life since his involvement in the death of a man when he was in his twenties. Has been known to mentor troubled people that seek him out.

  • Lodge — As a member of The Kshatriyas Weylan takes very seriously weakness found in other packs. As such he gets to know those around him and makes sure they are able to defend their territory. If he feels they aren't strong enough then he is honor bound to teach them. Through words and example if willing, or by fang and claw if not.
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