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Deed Names

This is our list our Werewolf Deed Name. These tables are dynamically generated from a template on character pages; see Template:Deed Name for more information on how to to add yourself here.

Active PC's

Login Name Deed Name Translation
Augustine Ninna'uth Hunts the Storm
Cheyenne Mekhar Ariah Silent Desert
Judah Kigiriuz Hikaon Walks in Shadow
Kharn Ghaz-Ur Slayer Wolf
Nadja Wagner Tips-The-Scales
Roman Girabis Ragecow(Moose)
Soren Wagner Ease-The-Storms
Tamara Ki'i Ningla Below the Belt
Weylan And'hianum Shade-caller

Inactive/Gone PC's

Login Name Deed Name Translation
Adon Ur'thakh The Wandering Wolf
Caleb Ghurah Ngeshbara Howler in Darkness
Desmond Kal Muhil Kasha
Jackson Gizulla'Hala Laughing Crow
Jacobus Sag-Ges-Ra-Kiggia-Sedu Killer of Angels
Frank Jericho When The Walls Fell
Kaleb Ĝeš La Ūmu Silent Storm
Levi Uth'Hala Storm Crow
Morana Zatharzu Mirror
Spencer Banû Nigsisa Bringer of Justice