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All fighters are prostitutes and all promoters are pimps. - Larry Holmes

xxxxx Fallcoast born and bred, Wendy, despite being from a wealthy family, was sent to 'common' schools to learn about the world. So she was usually bullied and beaten up. She did make some friends but being different made her a frequent target. Returning from college upstate with a degree in Marketing, she's decided to do something with it beyond getting a job at McDonalds. She's decided to take up promoting.

RP Hooks
  • Promoter - Need something organised, advertised, sold and exploited? Then give her a go! You could do worse.
  • Local - You may remember her from school. Were you a bully or a friend. Statistically, it was more likely the former.
  • Dutch - Of Dutch extraction and her family have been in Fallcoast for ages. Maybe not one of the big families but there are plenty around.
  • LONE - Doing her best to make LONE the premier wrestling organization in the United States!



Jill - It may have taken nine years but it was worth it. I hope it works out.

Drew - Thanks for the guidance...and the shoulder to hide in.

Trock - Jill's friend. He's kind and gentle but he could do with some help.

Alison - Jill's friend and fellow wrestler. Seems pretty cool to me.

Moved On



Wendy van Basten
In game as: Wendy
Date of Birth: 23 June 1992
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Height: 5'11"
Professional Training: *** Consultant
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed
Striking Looks: ** Pixieish
Played By: Allie Marie Evans

David Essex - Gonna Make You A Star

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Supremacy: LONE 10 Tag Team Classic Night 1
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Supremacy: LONE 12 The Rumble
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Supremacy: LONE 13 Power Trip
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Supremacy: LONE 14 2 Year Anniversary: Redemption
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Supremacy: LONE 17 ThanksBEATING! 2: Ungrateful
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