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Wendell’s an odd young man who seems relatively polite and amiable despite numerous quirks. For one he eats a lot. He seems to have a near insatiable sweet tooth and often mulls around bakeries or candy shops. For his age he seems to have a level of childlike naivety. Despite this, he does not seem entirely uneducated and unrefined despite his paltry minimum wage temp jobs. He's been concert security, a tattoo parlor guard, a dockworker, an investigator, bodyguard, and sometimes even a farmer. Besides that he's just an ordinary, modern working class American boy from a nice college town nearby as far as normal people are concerned.

To the Lost Wendell is a Claviger. A defender of Spring and one of its most passionate adherents. After losing his family he became part of the Spring family. He's fought a number of notable battles but he doesn't like to talk about it. Rather than fights, the yeti-like creature prefers to just sit around and have a big big meal.

RP Hooks

  • Local: He claims to be a local. Even though he’s not always up to new events. He always dismisses it when confronted with these facts. Saying he hasn’t been following the news or was ‘away’ for a while. Where was he all this time?
  • Changeling: There’s just a hint of a Spring mantle on the man.
  • Sweet Tooth: Wendell loves sweet things. If there’s a new bakery or confectionary or even a restaurant there’s a good chance he’ll mull around and ogle some desserts. He’s got a frighteningly big appetite for them too.
  • Spring: His court. He’s expressed interest in taking up arms for his season if necessary.
  • Claviger: Wendell is now an established Claviger or a knight of Spring. If any Spring needs anybody to watch their back the young ogre will oblige.
  • The Docks: Where he works. Usually moving around boxes around odd hours and helping out the fork lift man. Occasionally sleeps on an abandoned houseboat.



This man is in his early twenties, appearing Caucasian at least in part. His appearance hints at some kind of possible mixed ancestry. He looks rather lanky and tends to wear very baggy clothes such as hooded sweatshirts. He’s slightly under 6ft and his hunched over posture makes him look even shorter. From all that candy he’s got just a hint of a gut and looks rather doughy and pale from a lack of sun exposure. Beneath his clothes he actually seems to have rather broad shoulders and strong looking arms if somewhat hidden behind a layer of fat; being honed from physical labor rather than any exercise or formal training. His hair is dark and a little mousy. His eyes are a dull dark brown color.


He often hides his appearance but around him one can detect a faint Spring Mantle made up of a cool breeze, ozone, and the sounds of birds in the springtime. In his mien he appears as a beast, with a broad, monstrous looking build which is always hunched over and appearing a good bit larger than his mask. His arms appear longer, almost like a gorilla. This Ogre is completely covered in thick, shaggy snow white fur for the frigid environments of his durance. His eyes are big but black like a doll’s eyes. His face is largely flat but with some animalistic features, including black slightly ursine nose. His mouth is overly wide. As he opens his gigantic maw it’s filled with sharp and jagged teeth as long as a grown man’s thumb and as sharp as knives.




Name: Wendell
DOB: February 10th
Apparent Age: 24
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Sloth

Seeming: Ogre
Kiths: Gristlegrinder/Cyclopean
Court: Spring
Keeper: The Storm Hag
Entitlement: None
Motley: none

Junip - Line of Fire

Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal TV On the Radio-Heroes


RP Logs

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