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Memories of this Generation

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Burning Skies
Name Dominic Walker
Apparent Age Mid Thirties
Occupation Private Investigator (Fire)
Sphere Werewolf
Auspice Rahu
Tribe Hunters in Darkness
Lodge Lodge of the Firestick
Said by the Campfire

Werewolf: First changed under the Full Moon of the Rahu, this Hunter in the Darkness is renown in Purity (4), Cunning (3), and Glory (3). Rumors has it that his ancestors bestowed upon him the ability to find anything, grant protection from ghosts, and grant one a second chance by cleansing one's sins with fire (allow purchasing harmony with rite).

Walker Fire Investigation: In Maine, he operates an investigation firm out of a private airstrip off County Road 213. Currently, it is just him and his secretary but he has contracts with the city's fire department both in Fallcoast, Hanging Hills, and the Greater County Area. He specializes in wild forest fires.

Pilot: Dominic learned to fly from his father's family back in Australia, crop duster pilots and farmers turn into firefighters back in the day during an Australian drought. Out of his airstrip in Maine, he flies an [Aermacchi F-260] tracking smoke in the wilderness.

Sins: His inspiration to be vigilant did not come without a price. The screaming of victims as they died burning alive and the vision of their charred corpses imbedded into Dominic's mind eye was what Dominic was left with. Still, it was the smell he could never check off. Every night, troubled by nightmare, Dominic has no option but numb his conscious with alcohol. The poor man suffering from addiction to alcohol, mild pyromania, and nightmares as a result from his experiences.

Those Still Holding On

Seva -


Rag'n'Bone Man - Hard Came The Rain

Oh, my love, we almost had it all
Oh, so high we rose, we were bound to fall
Through all this, I never noticed
I never noticed the clouds gather round
Oh, how fast we fall, how slow we drown

[ Song ] — Band


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