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“"Death can come at any age, but the pride of life fools a person into thinking that day is far away..”

– John Buttrick


xxxxx Veronique is not so much confused as she is under some odd assumptions. The Bargain she made brought her back from an early and final destination. It was her fate to die young and be discarded. Due to a particular secret Veronique has, a Geist recognized an intensely powerful anchor within the young soul to tie themselves onto. A bond that could only be strengthened through effort and nurturing. Now, the gestalt that she has become is now completely dominated by a sense that she is an avatar of celebrating life and taking care of those she loves.

RP Hooks
  • I love to RP with all manner of characters. The good, the bad and the unfortunate.
  • After the Bargain, Veronique has fully embraced the idea of living an entertaining life
  • I love to sing. It's a shame I have a penchant for misheard lyrics.
  • Take me to the Club to dance, sing and maybe a passionate fling
  • Take me to those haunted nooks and I'll find friends and stories with hooks
Frequently misheard lyrics coming soon

xxxxxI have secrets. Maybe we can share a few.

xxxxxThe more mistakes I make, the more I'll learn. The more I learn, the more I can help. Where there is hope, there is life.


[[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Date of Birth: None
Apparent Age: 21
Occupation: Drifter. Indie Rock singer.
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust

Clan: None
Order: None
Geist: Torn
Pack: None
Entitlement: None

[Tove Lo - Habits]

[We are Scientists - Buckle]

[The Moth & The Flame - Young & Unafraid]

[888 - Critical Mistakes]

[Bleached - Wednesday Night Melody]

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