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Venue Status: open

Vampire Staff Coterie

  • Team Leaders: Sonder
  • General Admins: Firefly, Hamster
  • Wiki Admin: One slot open!
  • Primacy Admin: One slot open!
  • Storytellers: Three slots open!

Subject Matter Experts

  • Blood Sorcery: Coming Soon!
  • Devotions: Coming Soon!
  • Wyrm's Nests: Coming Soon!
  • Bloodlines: Coming Soon!
  • Torpor: Coming Soon!


Welcome to Fallcoast, an urban landscape of mystery and horror set in the New World of Darkness (1e). Beneath the glittering skyscrapers the Moon reflects the Danse Macabre and its never ending feuds. The hills and valleys ring with the echo of wolves and the rustling of prey. Somewhere in the city, an even older horror gazes upon the denizens of the city and plots byzantine webs of intrigue and betrayal in a gloriously never ending dance as Cults raise benedictions to powers beyond the veil.

Unaligned, or with one of the Covenants, everyone can feel it. Something is coming. A crumbling Princedom has left a vaccuum that has been left unattended for too long and the Creatures of the Night can sense easy prey. Prince Coin chummed the waters and left all Kindred vulnerable - and now the time has come to react - or succumb.

Current Events

Death of Oz
The prince has been killed and various positions and domains remain open. It's the perfect time to help out and make your claim to a title, but who will take Prince?

Player Resources

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Player Characters

To be listed here, these four tags MUST exist somewhere on your page:
[[Category:Vampire/Ghoul]] [[Category:Active PCs]] [[Category:Clan]][[Category:Covenant]].
For more possible categories, see the Categories page.

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